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Important notice from the editor of Annals of Forest Science to authors (September 2010)

Dear author

You probably are aware that the peer-review system has trouble keeping up with the number of manuscript submissions. This is also the case for AFS. Our referees are overloaded with manuscripts. Each takes quite some time to answer.

In parallel, we observe that an increasing number of submitted manuscripts are not at a stage where they have reasonable chances to be accepted.
Major shortcomings often include:

  1. English language has not been thoroughly revised;
  2. the text does not follow the guidelines provided by the instructions to authors;
  3. the manuscript has not been carefully proofread and contains mistakes, inconsistencies, etc;
  4. the aims of the paper have not been clearly formulated
  5. etc.

To avoid an overload of work to our editors and referees, we decided to decline publication of such manuscripts without external review. This happened, unfortunately, quite frequently in the last months. To improve the chances that your manuscript will acceptable to AFS,
please make sure before submitting:

  1. Your manuscript was read and possibly criticised by your supervisor and/or some colleagues.
  2. Your manuscript was proofread several times by yourself and by the co-authors;
  3. The language was revised by a professional science editor or a native English speaking colleague (see the Web for addresses of usually reliable editors);
  4. The structure of the manuscript follows the guidelines of AFS (line numbering, sections, reference presentation, quality of the figures, etc.). These guidelines are easy to find on our website;
  5. Your abstract provides a clear view of the content of the paper and attracts potential readers (and citers!);
  6. Your manuscript complies with the rules for length, and indicates the number of characters, of figures and of tables. Please be aware that lengthy papers are costly to publish and are less likely to be read and cited.
  7. The number of cited references complies with the limits set by AFS (around 30 for research papers).

In addition, we expect you to prepare a cover letter outlining the novelty and significance of your work, and providing arguments why you believe your paper is important and relevant for the readership of AFS. Please be convincing!

Taking these suggestions into account will contribute to a smooth, efficient and fast handling of your manuscript.

AFS thanks you for your contribution to the quality of the journal, and looks forward having the pleasure to consider your manuscripts for publication.

Erwin DREYER, Editor.

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