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Ann. For. Sci. Vol. 53 No. 1

Annales des Sciences Forestières

Vol. 53 No. 1 (1996)

  • A model of even-aged beech stands productivity with process-based interpretations     p. 1
    JF Dhôte
    Abstract | PDF file (1.145 MB)

  • Modélisation géométrique d'une bille de bois     p. 21
    I Bindzi, M Samson and LM Kamoso
    Abstract | PDF file (583.7 KB)

  • Ring shake and structural characteristics of a chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) coppice stand in northern Piedmont (northwest Italy)     p. 31
    N Macchioni and M Pividori
    Abstract | PDF file (1.038 MB)

  • Variabilité naturelle du mélèze. I. Mélèze d'Europe : bilan de 34 ans de test comparatif de provenances     p. 51
    LE Pâques
    Abstract | PDF file (913.7 KB)

  • Variabilité naturelle du mélèze. II. Mélèze du Japon : bilan de 36 ans de test comparatif de provenances     p. 69
    LE Pâques
    Abstract | PDF file (560.1 KB)

  • Comparison of morphological characters and molecular markers for the analysis of hybridization in sessile and pedunculate oak     p. 79
    R Bacilieri, A Ducousso and A Kremer
    Abstract | PDF file (744.6 KB)

  • Ajustement d'un modèle hauteur-circonférence pour l'épicéa commun. Effet de la densité     p. 93
    C Deleuze, D Blaudez and JC Hervé
    Abstract | PDF file (965.3 KB)

  • Water relations of adult Norway spruce (Picea abies (L) Karst) under soil drought in the Vosges mountains: whole-tree hydraulic conductance, xylem embolism and water loss regulation     p. 113
    P Lu, P Biron, A Granier and H Cochard
    Abstract | PDF file (541.4 KB)

  • Nombre optimal de ramets par clone dans deux tests clonaux     p. 123
    H Muranty, F Santi, LE Pâques and J Dufour
    Abstract | PDF file (815.5 KB)

  • Effects of watering after lifting and exposure before planting on plant quality and performance in Oriental spruce     p. 139
    M Genç
    Abstract | PDF file (261.5 KB)

  • Découverte en Corse de Matsucoccus feytaudi Duc (Homoptera: Margarodidae), cochenille du pin maritime     p. 145
    H Jactel, P Ménassieu and C Burban
    Abstract | PDF file (422.8 KB)

  • Insect damage to cones and other mortality factors limiting natural regeneration potential of Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra L) in the northern French Alps     p. 153
    L Dormont, A Roques and L Trosset
    Abstract | PDF file (289.9 KB)