Aims and scope

The study of such complex objects as trees and forest ecosystems requires highly multidisciplinary scientific approaches. Annals of Forest Science publishes every year eight issues with original research articles and review papers. The journal covers a broad scope including ecology and ecophysiology, genetics and improvement, tree physiology, damages to forests, wood quality, and silviculture. The biological and ecological bases of a sustainable forest management are an important topic for the journal. All forest ecosystems of the world under boreal, temperate and tropical climates may be addressed. The journal is also highly interested by the impact of climate change on these ecosystems. The journal contributes to worldwide result dissemination among scientists and hopes to answer needs and expectations of professional foresters.

Annals of Forest Science is therefore a source of information about current developments and trends in forest research and forestry. The journal is mostly English although papers in French may be considered for publication in some cases. All papers are peer-reviewed with the help and contribution of a well established network of scientists around the world.