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Dead wood distributed in different‐sized habitat patches enhances diversity of saproxylic beetles in a landscape experiment

Elena Haeler, Jonas Stillhard, Karin Hindenlang Clerc, Loïc Pellissier and Thibault Lachat
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Recording tree-related microhabitats to assess riparian forest contribution to biodiversity in landscapes dominated by conifer plantations

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Habitat heterogeneity is a good predictor of boreal forest biodiversity

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Quantity is foremost but quality matters: A global meta-analysis of correlations of dead wood volume and biodiversity in forest ecosystems

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People’s perceptions and willingness to pay to protect saproxylic species in Alpine production forests

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Small-scale spontaneous dynamics in temperate beech stands as an importance driver for beetle species richness

Václav Zumr, Jiří Remeš and Oto Nakládal
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Challenging assumptions about burial ground biodiversity using flying beetles as indicators in urban areas

Margaret Cathcart-James, Chris Foster and Brian J Pickles
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Rapid assessment of feeding traces enables detection of drivers of saproxylic insects across spatial scales

Janine Oettel, Martin Braun, Gernot Hoch, James Connell, Thomas Gschwantner, Katharina Lapin, Stefan Schöttl, Katrin Windisch-Ettenauer, Franz Essl and Martin M Gossner
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Forest stand structure and coarse woody debris determine the biodiversity of beetle communities in Mediterranean mountain beech forests

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Forest management and conservation of faunal diversity in Italy: a review

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Availability and Structure of Coarse Woody Debris in Hemiboreal Mature to Old-Growth Aspen Stands and Its Implications for Forest Carbon Pool

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Animal diversity in beech forests – An analysis of 30 years of intense faunistic research in Hessian strict forest reserves

Alexander Schneider, Theo Blick, Frank Köhler, Steffen U. Pauls, Jörg Römbke, Petra Zub and Wolfgang H.O. Dorow
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How to Increase Biodiversity of Saproxylic Beetles in Commercial Stands through Integrated Forest Management in Central Europe

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Diversity patterns of Coleoptera and saproxylic communities in unmanaged forests of Mediterranean mountains

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E Micó, E Galante, D Pérez-Sánchez and Shannon Murphy
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Effects of Environmental Traits and Landscape Management on the Biodiversity of Saproxylic Beetles in Mediterranean Oak Forests

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The importance of being random! Taking full account of random effects in nonlinear sigmoid hierarchical Bayesian models reveals the relationship between deadwood and the species richness of saproxylic beetles

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Method for the rapid assessment and potential mitigation of the environmental effects of development actions in riparian zone

DI Maiolo Pascal, Curt Corinne, Meriaux Patrice, Vennetier Michel, Le Coarer Yann, Gourhand Antoine, Gand Clémentine, Prouteau-Hoffmann Jocelyne, Ruhl Cyril and Vassas Carolyne
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Jiří Procházka and Jiří Schlaghamerský
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Long-term experimental management in Swedish mixed oak-rich forests has a positive effect on saproxylic beetles after 10 years

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The indicator side of tree microhabitats: A multi‐taxon approach based on bats, birds and saproxylic beetles

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Influence of Traditional Management and Environmental Variables on Mediterranean Saproxylic Beetle Assemblages

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Effects of partial cutting on logging productivity, economic returns and dead wood in boreal pine forest

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Reviewing the strength of evidence of biodiversity indicators for forest ecosystems in Europe

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Capacity of older plantations to host bird assemblages of naturally-regenerated conifer forests: A test at stand and landscape levels

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Deadwood as a surrogate for forest biodiversity: Meta-analysis of correlations between deadwood volume and species richness of saproxylic organisms

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Assessing carbon balance trade-offs between bioenergy and carbon sequestration of stumps at varying time scales and harvest intensities

Ylva Melin, Hans Petersson and Gustaf Egnell
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