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Diel and seasonal stem growth responses to climatic variation are consistent across species in a subtropical tree community

Bo Zhou, Frank Sterck, Bart Kruijt, Ze‐Xin Fan and Pieter A. Zuidema
New Phytologist 240 (6) 2253 (2023)

Climate Overrides the Influence of Microsite Conditions on Radial Growth of the Tall Multi-Stemmed Shrub Alnus alnobetula at Treeline

Walter Oberhuber, Anna-Lena Dobler, Tamara Heinzle, Francesca Scandurra, Andreas Gruber and Gerhard Wieser
Plants 12 (8) 1708 (2023)

Cambial phenology and wood formation of Korean pine in response to climate change in Changbai Mountain, Northeast China

Nipeng Qian, Haoxin Gao, Zhenzhao Xu, Chaojie Song, Chunchao Dong, Wei Zeng, Zhen Sun, Bilige Siqing and Qijing Liu
Dendrochronologia 77 126045 (2023)

Time Lag of Stem Water Deficit in Response to Increased Vapor Pressure Deficit

Yuan Tian, Xuan Liu, Xin Zhang, Sa Rula, Zhibing Wan, Hanqing Zhao and Qiuliang Zhang
Forest Science 69 (3) 311 (2023)

Interaction of age and elevation on xylogenesis in Juniperus przewalskii in a cold and arid region

Junzhou Zhang, Xiaohua Gou, Tim Rademacher, Lijuan Wang, Yulin Li, Qipeng Sun, Fang Wang and Zongying Cao
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 337 109480 (2023)

Effects of nitrogen addition and increased precipitation on xylem growth of Quercus acutissima Caruth. in central China

Biyun Yu, Sergio Rossi, Hanxue Liang, Xiali Guo, Qianqian Ma, Shaokang Zhang, Jian Kang, Ping Zhao, Wei Zhang, Yuxi Ju, Jian-Guo Huang and Maurizio Mencuccini
Tree Physiology 42 (4) 754 (2022)

A multi-scale dendroclimatological analysis of four common species in the southern Canadian boreal forest

Jason Maillet, Magali F. Nehemy, Bryan Mood, Christoforos Pappas, Barrie Bonsal and Colin Laroque
Dendrochronologia 72 125936 (2022)

Dynamics Changes in Basal Area Increment, Carbon Isotopes Composition and Water Use Efficiency in Pine as Response to Water and Heat Stress in Silesia, Poland

Barbara Sensuła and Sławomir Wilczyński
Plants 11 (24) 3569 (2022)

Genomic vulnerability to rapid climate warming in a tree species with a long generation time

Benjamin Dauphin, Christian Rellstab, Max Schmid, Stefan Zoller, Dirk N. Karger, Sabine Brodbeck, Frédéric Guillaume and Felix Gugerli
Global Change Biology 27 (6) 1181 (2021)

Intra-annual dynamics of cambial and xylem phenology in subalpine conifers at Deogyusan National Park in the Republic of Korea

Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Na-Yeon Lee and Jeong-Wook Seo
Journal of Wood Science 67 (1) (2021)

Four-decadal series of dendrometric measurements reveals trends in Pinus sylvestris inter- and intra-annual growth response to climatic conditions

Rūtilė Pukienė, Adomas Vitas, Justas Kažys and Egidijus Rimkus
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 51 (3) 445 (2021)

Drought limits wood production of Juniperus przewalskii even as growing seasons lengthens in a cold and arid environment

Junzhou Zhang, Xiaohua Gou, M. Ross Alexander, et al.
CATENA 196 104936 (2021)

Assessing Yield, Growth and Climate Traits in Agroforestry Systems in Southern Brazil

Felipe Schwerz, Braulio O. Caron, Maicon Nardino, et al.
Journal of Sustainable Forestry 40 (2) 168 (2021)

Summer temperature variability since 1730 CE across the low-to-mid latitudes of western North America from a tree ring blue intensity network

Karen J. Heeter, Grant L. Harley, Justin T. Maxwell, Rob J. Wilson, John T. Abatzoglou, Shelly A. Rayback, Maegen L. Rochner and Katherine A. Kitchens
Quaternary Science Reviews 267 107064 (2021)

Effect of Climate Change on the Growth of Endangered Scree Forests in Krkonoše National Park (Czech Republic)

Vojtěch Hájek, Stanislav Vacek, Zdeněk Vacek, Jan Cukor, Václav Šimůnek, Michaela Šimková, Anna Prokůpková, Ivo Králíček and Daniel Bulušek
Forests 12 (8) 1127 (2021)

Seasonal pattern of stem radial growth of Salix matsudana and its response to climatic and soil factors in a semi-arid area of North China

Xiaodong Ma, Zhuo Pang, Juying Wu, Guofang Zhang, Yunchuan Dai, Junliang Zou and Haiming Kan
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Seasonal Pattern of Stem Diameter Growth of Qinghai Spruce in the Qilian Mountains, Northwestern China

Yanfang Wan, Pengtao Yu, Xiaoqing Li, et al.
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Identifying the best plant water status indicator for bio‐energy poplar genotypes

Alejandra Navarro, Miguel Portillo‐Estrada and Reinhart Ceulemans
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Seasonal, medium-term and daily patterns of tree diameter growth in response to climate

Sonja Vospernik, Arne Nothdurft and Lauri Mehtätalo
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Jiani Gao, Bao Yang, Minhui He and Vladimir Shishov
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Artificial Top Soil Drought Hardly Affects Water Use of Picea abies and Larix decidua Saplings at the Treeline in the Austrian Alps

Wieser, Oberhuber, Gruber, et al.
Forests 10 (9) 777 (2019)

Effects of Climate Change at Treeline: Lessons from Space-for-Time Studies, Manipulative Experiments, and Long-Term Observational Records in the Central Austrian Alps

Gerhard Wieser, Walter Oberhuber and Andreas Gruber
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Intra-Annual Radial Growth of Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis Is Mainly Controlled by Moisture Availability in the Ailao Mountains, Southwestern China

Fan, Bräuning, Fu, et al.
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Effects of artificial warming on stem radial changes in Qinghai spruce saplings in the Qilian Mountains of China

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Stem Radius Variation in Response to Hydro-Thermal Factors in Larch

Yuan Tian, Qiuliang Zhang, Xuan Liu and Meng Meng
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Distinct growth phenology but similar daily stem dynamics in three co-occurring broadleaved tree species

Ernst van der Maaten, Jonas Pape, Marieke van der Maaten-Theunissen, et al.
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Temporal changes in the relationship between tree‐ring growth and net primary production in northern Japan: a novel approach to the estimation of seasonal photosynthate allocation to the stem

Dai Koide and Akihiko Ito
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Relationships between Wood Formation and Cambium Phenology on the Tibetan Plateau during 1960–2014

Minhui He, Bao Yang, Vladimir Shishov, et al.
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Can trees at high elevations compensate for growth reductions at low elevations due to climate warming?

Sonja Vospernik and Arne Nothdurft
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Cambial phenology and xylogenesis of Juniperus przewalskii over a climatic gradient is influenced by both temperature and drought

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Intra-Annual Variation of Stem Radius of Larix principis-rupprechtii and Its Response to Environmental Factors in Liupan Mountains of Northwest China

Zebin Liu, Yanhui Wang, Ao Tian, et al.
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Among‐tree variability and feedback effects result in different growth responses to climate change at the upper treeline in the Swiss Alps

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Nine-year monitoring of cambial seasonality and cell production in Norway spruce

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Response of daily stem radial growth of Platycladus orientalis to environmental factors in a semi-arid area of North China

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Environmental correlates of stem radius change in the endangered Fitzroya cupressoides forests of southern Chile

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Tree water status and growth of saplings and mature Norway spruce (Picea abies) at a dry distribution limit

Walter Oberhuber, Albin Hammerle and Werner Kofler
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Intra-Annual Xylem Growth of Larix principis-rupprechtii at Its Upper and Lower Distribution Limits on the Luyashan Mountain in North-Central China

Yuan Jiang, Yiping Zhang, Yuanyuan Guo, et al.
Forests 6 (12) 3809 (2015)

Radial stem growth in response to microclimate and soil moisture in a drought-prone mixed coniferous forest at an inner Alpine site

Walter Oberhuber, Andreas Gruber, Werner Kofler and Irene Swidrak
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Influence of Meteorological Conditions on Changes in the Volume of the Pine Stem at the End of Vegetation Using High Resolution Dendrometers

Marija Tamkevičiūtė, Julius Taminskas, Virmantas Šmatas and Rūtilė Pukienė
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Are neighboring trees in tune? Wood formation in Pinus pinaster

Joana Vieira, Sergio Rossi, Filipe Campelo and Cristina Nabais
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Sap flow characteristics and whole-tree water use of Pinus cembra across the treeline ecotone of the central Tyrolean Alps

Gerhard Wieser, Andreas Gruber and Walter Oberhuber
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CO2 enrichment alters diurnal stem radius fluctuations of 36‐yr‐old Larix decidua growing at the alpine tree line

Melissa A. Dawes, Roman Zweifel, Nicholas Dawes, Christian Rixen and Frank Hagedorn
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Climatic drivers of hourly to yearly tree radius variations along a 6°C natural warming gradient

Gregory King, Patrick Fonti, Daniel Nievergelt, Ulf Büntgen and David Frank
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Meteorological forcing of day-to-day stem radius variations of beech is highly synchronic on opposing aspects of a valley

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Comparing growth phenology of co-occurring deciduous and evergreen conifers exposed to drought

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Effects of nutrient optimization on intra-annual wood formation in Norway spruce

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On the influence of tree size on the climate–growth relationship of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis): insights from annual, monthly and daily growth patterns

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Fingerprints of extreme climate events in Pinus sylvestris tree rings from Bulgaria

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Forward modeling analysis of regional scale tree-ring patterns around the northeastern Tibetan Plateau, Northwest China

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Dynamics of stem radial growth of Picea meyeri during the growing season at the treeline of Luya Mountain, China

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Environmental control of daily stem growth patterns in five temperate broad-leaved tree species

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Cambial activity of Pinus elliottii var. densa reveals influence of seasonal insolation on growth dynamics in the Florida Keys

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Instability of climate signal in tree-ring width in Mediterranean mountains: a multi-species analysis

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Responses of wood anatomy and carbon isotope composition of Quercus pubescens saplings subjected to two consecutive years of summer drought

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