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Biological nitrogen fixation in young and old tropical forests under five contrasting edaphoclimatic conditions

Tânia L. Costa, Everardo V. S. B. Sampaio, Ana D. S. Freitas, Elcida L. Araújo, Plínio B. Camargo and Raquel M. B. Sampaio
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Species-specific responses of C and N allocation to N addition: evidence from dual 13C and 15N labeling in three tree species

Xiaoqian Zhou, Shengnan Ouyang, Matthias Saurer, Mei Feng, Arun K. Bose, Honglang Duan, Liehua Tie, Weijun Shen and Arthur Gessler
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Large investment of stored nitrogen and phosphorus in female cones is consistent with infrequent reproduction events of Pinus koraiensis, a high value woody oil crop in Northeast Asia

Haibo Wu, Jianying Zhang, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Roberto L. Salomón, Dongsheng Yin, Peng Zhang and Hailong Shen
Frontiers in Plant Science 13 (2023)

Effects of competition reduction on intra-annual radial growth of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) at stem base and crown base

Laura Somenguem Donfack, Peter Schall, Martina Mund, Alexander Knohl and Christian Ammer
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Temporal dynamics of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in Shorea siamensis forest fragments

Pawara Pachit, Jittra Piapukiew and Nipada Ruankaew Disyatat
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Combining in-situ monitoring and remote sensing to detect spatial patterns of volcanic sulphur impact on pine needles

Frank Weiser, Anna Walentowitz, Esther Baumann, Christopher Shatto, María Guerrero-Campos, Anke Jentsch, Manuel Nogales, Félix Manuel Medina, Ole Reidar Vetaas and Carl Beierkuhnlein
Forest Ecology and Management 549 121468 (2023)

Plant height determines phenological variation in Quercus suber L.

Clara de Assunção Pinto, Alexandra C. Correia, Maria da Conceição Caldeira, Teresa Soares David and Filipe Costa e Silva
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Phenology explains different storage remobilization in two congeneric temperate tree species with contrasting leaf habit

Sidonie Löiez, Frida I Piper and Annikki Mäkelä
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Recently absorbed nitrogen incorporates into new and old tissues: evidence from a 15 N-labelling experiment in deciduous oaks

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Selection and functional identification of Dof genes expressed in response to nitrogen in Populus simonii × Populus nigra

Shenmeng Wang, Ruoning Wang and Chengjun Yang
Open Life Sciences 17 (1) 756 (2022)

Understanding Effects of Competition and Shade Tolerance on Carbon Allocation with a Carbon Balance Model

Venceslas Goudiaby, Robert Schneider, Suzanne Brais, Frédéric Raulier and Frank Berninger
Forests 13 (4) 572 (2022)

Resource Remobilization Efficiency Varies With Plant Growth Form but Not Between Fens and Bogs

Yu Cong, Zhongsheng Zhang, Bo Liu, Yingyi Chen, Xiao Li, Ming Jiang and Mai-He Li
Frontiers in Earth Science 9 (2022)

Modeling seasonal branch carbon dynamics in pistachio as a function of crop load

Giulia Marino, Paula Guzmán-Delgado, Tiziano Caruso and Francesco Paolo Marra
Scientia Horticulturae 296 110875 (2022)

Radial growth and non-structural carbohydrate partitioning response to resin tapping of slash pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm. var. elliottii)

Baoguo Du, Qifu Luan, Zhanglin Ni, Honggang Sun and Jingmin Jiang
Journal of Forestry Research 33 (2) 423 (2022)

A test of the photoprotection hypothesis for the evolution of autumn colours: Chlorophyll resorption, not anthocyanin production, is correlated with nitrogen translocation

Ines Pena‐Novas and Marco Archetti
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 34 (9) 1423 (2021)

Overexpression of Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase in Guard Cells Enhances Light-Induced Stomatal Opening, Photosynthesis, and Plant Growth in Hybrid Aspen

Shigeo Toh, Naoki Takata, Eigo Ando, Yosuke Toda, Yin Wang, Yuki Hayashi, Nobutaka Mitsuda, Soichiro Nagano, Toru Taniguchi and Toshinori Kinoshita
Frontiers in Plant Science 12 (2021)

Allocation of photoassimilated carbon of radiata pine (Pinus radiata) seedlings as affected by soil water stress

J. Jeong, N. S. Bolan and C. Kim
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Soil Effects on Stem Growth and Wood Anatomy of Tamboril Are Mediated by Tree Age

Talita dos Santos Angélico, Carmen Regina Marcati, Sergio Rossi, Magali Ribeiro da Silva and Júlia Sonsin-Oliveira
Forests 12 (8) 1058 (2021)

Nitrogen acquisition strategies of mature Douglas‐fir: a case study in the northern Rocky Mountains

Claire A. Qubain, Yuriko Yano and Jia Hu
Ecosphere 12 (1) (2021)

Application of Hyperspectral LiDAR on 3-D Chlorophyll-Nitrogen Mapping of Rohdea Japonica in Laboratory

Lin Du, Zhili Jin, Bowen Chen, Biwu Chen, Wei Gao, Jian Yang, Shuo Shi, Shalei Song, Mengmeng Wang, Wei Gong and Wei Wang
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 14 9667 (2021)

Woody Plant Declines. What’s Wrong with the Microbiome?

Pauline Bettenfeld, Florence Fontaine, Sophie Trouvelot, Olivier Fernandez and Pierre-Emmanuel Courty
Trends in Plant Science 25 (4) 381 (2020)

Phenology matters: Extended spring and autumn canopy cover increases biotic resistance of forests to invasion by common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica)

Michael J. Schuster, Peter D. Wragg, Laura J. Williams, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 464 118067 (2020)

Genome-wide identification of BXL genes in Populus trichocarpa and their expression under different nitrogen treatments

Jinyuan Chen, Chunpu Qu, Ruhui Chang, et al.
3 Biotech 10 (2) (2020)

In situ fate of mineral N in the tree-soil-microorganism system before and after budburst in 20-year-old Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.

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Estimation of phloem carbon translocation belowground at stand level in a hinoki cypress stand

Daniel Epron, Masako Dannoura, Atsushi Ishida, Yoshiko Kosugi and Teemu Holtta
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Short-term nitrogen dynamics are impacted by defoliation and drought in Fagus sylvatica L. branches

Pierre-Antoine Chuste, Catherine Massonnet, Dominique Gérant, et al.
Tree Physiology 39 (5) 792 (2019)

Timing of Nitrogen Resorption-Related Processes during Fall Senescence in Southern Oak Species

Benjamin A Babst and Richard Sample
Forest Science 65 (3) 245 (2019)

Moderate water stress does not inhibit nitrogen remobilization, allowing fast growth in high nitrogen content Quercus variabilis seedlings under dry conditions

Jiaxi Wang, Pedro Villar-Salvador, Guolei Li, Yong Liu and Peter Millard
Tree Physiology 39 (4) 650 (2019)

Extent and severity of damages caused to spruce roundwood by harvesting heads in standard versus debarking configurations

Eric R. Labelle, Lorenz Breinig and Raffaele Spinelli
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Whole‐tree nonstructural carbohydrate storage and seasonal dynamics in five temperate species

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Interaction between grapevines and trees: effects on water relations, nitrogen nutrition, and wine

Carina P. Lang, Nikolaus Merkt, Christoph-Martin Geilfus, et al.
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Improved photosynthesis and growth of poplar during nitrogen fertilization is accompanied by phosphorus depletion that indicates phosphorus remobilization from older stem tissues

Florian Netzer, Lorenza Pozzi, David Dubbert and Cornelia Herschbach
Environmental and Experimental Botany 162 421 (2019)

Carbon dynamics in the deciduous broadleaf tree Erman's birch (Betula ermanii) at the subalpine treeline on Changbai Mountain, Northeast China

Qing‐Wei Wang, Lin Qi, Wangming Zhou, Cheng‐Gang Liu, Dapao Yu and Limin Dai
American Journal of Botany 105 (1) 42 (2018)

Modeling the compensatory response of an invasive tree to specialist insect herbivory

Bo Zhang, Xin Liu, D.L. DeAngelis, Lu Zhai, Min B. Rayamajhi and Shu Ju
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In Vivo Isotopic Labeling of Symbiotic Bacteria Involved in Cellulose Degradation and Nitrogen Recycling within the Gut of the Forest Cockchafer (Melolontha hippocastani)

Pol Alonso-Pernas, Stefan Bartram, Erika M. Arias-Cordero, et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology 8 (2017)

Males and females of Juniperus communis L. and Taxus baccata L. show different seasonal patterns of nitrogen and carbon content in needles

Kinga Nowak-Dyjeta, M. J. Giertych, P. Thomas and G. Iszkuło
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 39 (8) (2017)

Seasonality of nitrogen partitioning (non-structural vs structural) in the leaves and woody tissues of tropical eucalypts experiencing a marked dry season

Dominique Gérant, Morgane Pluchon, Louis Mareschal, Lydie Stella Koutika and Daniel Epron
Tree Physiology 37 (6) 790 (2017)

Competition for nitrogen between trees in a mixed-species plantation in the Solomon Islands

V. W. Vigulu, T. J. Blumfield, F. Reverchon, Z. H. Xu and S. S. Tutua
Australian Forestry 80 (3) 135 (2017)

Phosphorus-nutrition of European beech ( Fagus sylvatica L.) during annual growth depends on tree age and P-availability in the soil

Florian Netzer, Cora Schmid, Cornelia Herschbach and Heinz Rennenberg
Environmental and Experimental Botany 137 194 (2017)

Country and regional carbon stock in forest cover – estimates based on the first cycle of the Czech National Forest Inventory data (2001–2004)

Ján Merganič, Katarína Merganičová, Bohdan Konôpka and Miloš Kučera
Central European Forestry Journal 63 (2-3) 113 (2017)

Sapling white pine (Pinus strobus L.) exhibits growth response following selective release from competition with glossy buckthorn (Frangula alnus P. Mill) and associated vegetation

Nicholas B. Lanzer, Thomas D. Lee, Mark J. Ducey and Stephen E. Eisenhaure
Forest Ecology and Management 404 280 (2017)

Electrical capacitance as a predictor of root dry weight in shrub willow (Salix; Salicaceae) parents and progeny

Craig H. Carlson and Lawrence B. Smart
Applications in Plant Sciences 4 (8) (2016)

Legacy effects of drought in the southwestern United States: A multi‐species synthesis

Drew M. P. Peltier, Michael Fell and Kiona Ogle
Ecological Monographs 86 (3) 312 (2016)

Contribution of previous year's leaf N and soil N uptake to current year's leaf growth in sessile oak

Stephane Bazot, Chantal Fresneau, Claire Damesin and Laure Barthes
Biogeosciences 13 (11) 3475 (2016)

Emissions of nitrogen‐containing organic compounds from the burning of herbaceous and arboraceous biomass: Fuel composition dependence and the variability of commonly used nitrile tracers

Matthew M. Coggon, Patrick R. Veres, Bin Yuan, Abigail Koss, Carsten Warneke, Jessica B. Gilman, Brian M. Lerner, Jeff Peischl, Kenneth C. Aikin, Chelsea E. Stockwell, Lindsay E. Hatch, Thomas B. Ryerson, James M. Roberts, Robert J. Yokelson and Joost A. de Gouw
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Foliar chemical composition of two oak species grown in a free-air enrichment system with elevated O3 and CO2

Cong SHI, Mitsutoshi KITAO, Evgenios AGATHOKLEOUS, et al.
Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 72 (1) 50 (2016)

Short-term growth and morphological responses to nitrogen availability and plant density in hybrid poplars and willows

Takamitsu Mamashita, Guy R. Larocque, Annie DesRochers, et al.
Biomass and Bioenergy 81 88 (2015)

Escape of spring frost and disease through phenological variations in oak populations along elevation gradients

Cécile Françoise Dantec, Hugo Ducasse, Xavier Capdevielle, Olivier Fabreguettes, Sylvain Delzon, Marie‐Laure Desprez‐Loustau and Peter Thrall
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Effects of an extremely dry winter on net ecosystem carbon exchange and tree phenology at a cork oak woodland

Filipe Costa-e-Silva, Alexandra C. Correia, Arndt Piayda, et al.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 204 48 (2015)

Extreme defoliation reduces tree growth but not C and N storage in a winter-deciduous species

Frida I. Piper, Michael J. Gundale and Alex Fajardo
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Nutrient resorption of Castanopsis eyrei varies at the defoliation peaks in spring and autumn in a subtropical forest, Anhui, China

Peng Li, Wenxuan Han, Chi Zhang, Di Tian, Xiaoniu Xu and Jingyun Fang
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Horizontal gene transfer and gene dosage drives adaptation to wood colonization in a tree pathogen

Braham Dhillon, Nicolas Feau, Andrea L. Aerts, Stéphanie Beauseigle, Louis Bernier, Alex Copeland, Adam Foster, Navdeep Gill, Bernard Henrissat, Padmini Herath, Kurt M. LaButti, Anthony Levasseur, Erika A. Lindquist, Eline Majoor, Robin A. Ohm, Jasmyn L. Pangilinan, Amadeus Pribowo, John N. Saddler, Monique L. Sakalidis, Ronald P. de Vries, Igor V. Grigoriev, Stephen B. Goodwin, Philippe Tanguay and Richard C. Hamelin
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Seasonal changes in carbon and nitrogen compound concentrations in a Quercus petraea chronosequence

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Characterization of engineered biochar for soil management

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Sweets for the foe – effects of nonstructural carbohydrates on the susceptibility of Quercus robur against Phytophthora quercina

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Similar variation in carbon storage between deciduous and evergreen treeline species across elevational gradients

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Distribution of non-structural nitrogen and carbohydrate compounds in mature oak trees in a temperate forest at four key phenological stages

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Supplying nitrate before bud break induces pronounced changes in nitrogen nutrition and growth of young poplars

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Carbon allocation and carbon isotope fluxes in the plant-soil-atmosphere continuum: a review

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Modelling phloem transport within a pruned dwarf bean: a 2-source-3-sink system

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Effects of partial defoliation on closed canopy Eucalyptus globulus Labilladière: Growth, biomass allocation and carbohydrates

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Bud Necrosis of Green Ash Nursery Trees Is Influenced by Nitrogen Availability and Fertilizer Type

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Cold Tolerance of Container-grown Green Ash Trees Is Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilizer Type and Rate

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Nitrogen budgeting and quality of exponentially fertilized Quercus robur seedlings in Ireland

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Fertilization of lodgepole pine trees increased diameter growth but reduced root carbohydrate concentrations

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Distribution of Recent Photosynthates in Saplings of Two Hybrid Poplar Clones

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Differential impact of chronic ozone exposure on expanding and fully expanded poplar leaves

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Nursery Nitrogen Loading Improves Field Performance of Bareroot Oak Seedlings Planted on Abandoned Mine Lands

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Posttransplant Root and Shoot Growth Periodicity of Sugar Maple

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Biomass expansion factors for Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.) in Ireland

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Interannual climatic variation mediates elevated CO2 and O3 effects on forest growth

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Modified exponential nitrogen loading to promote morphological quality and nutrient storage of bareroot-cultured Quercus rubra and Quercus alba seedlings

Zonda K. D. Birge, K. Francis Salifu and Douglass F. Jacobs
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Genetic variation in foliar nutrient concentration in relation to foliar carbon isotope composition and tree growth with clones of the F1 hybrid between slash pine and Caribbean pine

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Radial growth impact of pine false webworm defoliation on eastern white pine

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A Dual 13C and 15N Long Term Labelling Technique to Investigate Uptake and Translocation of C and N in Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

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