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An oak is an oak, or not? Understanding and dealing with confusion and disagreement in biological classification

Vincent Cuypers and Thomas A. C. Reydon
Biology & Philosophy 38 (5) (2023)

Genetic Diversity in Peripheral Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur L.) Provenances—Potential Climate Change Mitigators in the Center of Distribution despite Challenges in Natural Populations

Maja Popović, Ida Katičić Bogdan, Filip Varga, Zlatko Šatović, Saša Bogdan and Mladen Ivanković
Forests 14 (12) 2290 (2023)

Key triggers of adaptive genetic variability of sessile oak [Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl.] from the Balkan refugia: outlier detection and association of SNP loci from ddRAD-seq data

Endre Gy. Tóth, Klára Cseke, Attila Benke, Botond B. Lados, Vladimir T. Tomov, Petar Zhelev, József D. Kámpel, Attila Borovics and Zoltán A. Köbölkuti
Heredity 131 (2) 130 (2023)

Response of photosynthesis, growth, and acorn mass of pedunculate oak to different levels of nitrogen in wet and dry growing seasons

Krunoslav Sever, Saša Bogdan and Željko Škvorc
Journal of Forestry Research 34 (1) 167 (2023)

Benoit Barrès, Cyril Dutech, Gilles Saint-Jean, Catherine Bodénès, Christian Burban, Virgil Fiévet, Camille Lepoittevin, Pauline Garnier-Géré and Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau

Genetic structure of Sessil oak (Quercus petraea (matt.) liebl) from the area of outstanding natural beauty “Avala“

Vladan Popovic, Vanja Danicic, Jelena Milovanovic, Aleksandar Lucic, Ljubinko Rakonjac, Snezana Mladenovic-Drinic and Danijela Ristic
Genetika 54 (2) 841 (2022)

A comprehensive review of Quercus semecarpifolia Sm.: An ecologically and commercially important Himalayan tree

Balwant Rawat, Janhvi M. Rawat, Sumit Purohit, Gajendra Singh, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Anup Chandra, J. P. Shabaaz Begum, Divya Venugopal, Mariusz Jaremko and Kamal A. Qureshi
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10 (2022)

Provenance Differences in Water-Use Efficiency Among Sessile Oak Populations Grown in a Mesic Common Garden

Arivoara Rabarijaona, Stéphane Ponton, Didier Bert, Alexis Ducousso, Béatrice Richard, Joseph Levillain and Oliver Brendel
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 5 (2022)

Genetic variability of indigenous (Quercus robur L.) and late flushing oak (Quercus robur L. subsp. slavonica (Gáyer) Mátyás) in adult stands compared with their natural regeneration

Katrin Burger and Oliver Gailing
European Journal of Forest Research 141 (6) 1073 (2022)

Découverte d’une mare altomédiévale à Rivière-les-Fosses en Haute-Marne : l’Homme dans son environnement du ve au viie siècle

Gaëlle Pertuisot, Geneviève Daoulas, Élise Doyen, Valérie Lamy, Willy Tegel and Pierre Testard
ArchéoSciences (45) 69 (2021)

Geographical Structuring of Quercus robur (L.) Chloroplast DNA Haplotypes in Lithuania: Recolonization, Adaptation, or Overexploitation Effects?

Darius Danusevičius, Virgilijus Baliuckas, Jurata Buchovska and Rūta Kembrytė
Forests 12 (7) 831 (2021)


Bartın Orman Fakültesi Dergisi 23 (2) 1 (2021)

Genetic diversity and population structure of Quercus fabri Hance in China revealed by genotyping‐by‐sequencing

Shifa Xiong, Yunxiao Zhao, Yicun Chen, Ming Gao, Liwen Wu and Yangdong Wang
Ecology and Evolution 10 (16) 8949 (2020)

Decreasing stand density favors resistance, resilience, and recovery of Quercus petraea trees to a severe drought, particularly on dry sites

Anna Schmitt, Raphaël Trouvé, Ingrid Seynave and François Lebourgeois
Annals of Forest Science 77 (2) (2020)

Which oak provenances for the 22nd century in Western Europe? Dendroclimatology in common gardens

Didier Bert, François Lebourgeois, Stéphane Ponton, et al.
PLOS ONE 15 (6) e0234583 (2020)

Genetic diversity and differentiation of pedunculate (Quercus robur) and sessile (Q. petraea) oaks

Girmantė Jurkšienė, Oleg Yu. Baranov, Dmitry I. Kagan, Olja A. Kovalevič-Razumova and Virgilijus Baliuckas
Journal of Forestry Research 31 (6) 2445 (2020)

Genetic diversity in old populations of sessile oak from Calabria assessed by nuclear and chloroplast SSR

Antonio Lupini, Meriem Miyassa Aci, Antonio Mauceri, et al.
Journal of Mountain Science 16 (5) 1111 (2019)

Ancient events and climate adaptive capacity shaped distinct chloroplast genetic structure in the oak lineages

Mengxiao Yan, Ruibin Liu, Ying Li, et al.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19 (1) (2019)

A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting

Elisabeth Fitzek, Adline Delcamp, Erwan Guichoux, Marlene Hahn, Matthew Lobdell and Andrew L. Hipp
Ecology and Evolution 8 (11) 5837 (2018)

Does the increase in ambient CO2 concentration elevate allergy risks posed by oak pollen?

Kyu Rang Kim, Jae-Won Oh, Su-Young Woo, et al.
International Journal of Biometeorology 62 (9) 1587 (2018)

Terpene Synthase Genes in Quercus robur – Gene Characterization, Expression and Resulting Terpenes Due to Cockchafer Feeding

Friederike Carolin Creyaufmüller, Isabelle Chassignet, Horst Delb, et al.
Frontiers in Plant Science 9 (2018)

Species Boundaries Between Three Sympatric Oak Species: Quercus aliena, Q. dentata, and Q. variabilis at the Northern Edge of Their Distribution in China

Jia Lyu, Jia Song, Yuan Liu, et al.
Frontiers in Plant Science 9 (2018)

Genetic Diversity and Structure of Natural Quercus variabilis Population in China as Revealed by Microsatellites Markers

Xiaomeng Shi, Qiang Wen, Mu Cao, Xin Guo and Li-an Xu
Forests 8 (12) 495 (2017)

Geographic patterns of genetic variation in nuclear and chloroplast genomes of two related oaks (Quercus aliena and Q. serrata) in Japan: implications for seed and seedling transfer

Lerma San Jose-Maldia, Asako Matsumoto, Saneyoshi Ueno, et al.
Tree Genetics & Genomes 13 (6) (2017)

Pure species in a continuum of genetic and morphological variation: sympatric oaks at the edge of their range

Gemma E. Beatty, W. Ian Montgomery, Florentine Spaans, David G. Tosh and Jim Provan
Annals of Botany 117 (4) 541 (2016)

High-density linkage mapping and distribution of segregation distortion regions in the oak genome

Catherine Bodénès, Emilie Chancerel, François Ehrenmann, Antoine Kremer and Christophe Plomion
DNA Research 23 (2) 115 (2016)

An improved method for chloroplast genome sequencing in non-model forest tree species

Fang K. Du, Tiange Lang, Sihai Lu, et al.
Tree Genetics & Genomes 11 (6) (2015)

Genetic diversity and connectivity shape herbivore load within an oak population at its range limit

Tähti Pohjanmies, Ayco J. M. Tack, Pertti Pulkkinen, Sakina Elshibli, Pekka Vakkari and Tomas Roslin
Ecosphere 6 (6) 1 (2015)

Evaluation of Phenotypic Diversity by Use of Variable Analysis Multi of Various Populations of Oak Cork (<i>Quercus suber</i> L.) in Tunisia

Abdessalem Abdessamad, Imen Dhib, Ghada Baraket, Mustapha Ksontini and Amel Salhi-Hannachi
Open Journal of Ecology 04 (14) 861 (2014)

Multiple nuclear genes stabilize the phylogenetic backbone of the genus Quercus

François Hubert, Guido W. Grimm, Emmanuelle Jousselin, et al.
Systematics and Biodiversity 12 (4) 405 (2014)

Effect of a red oak species gradient on genetic structure and diversity of Quercus castanea (Fagaceae) in Mexico

Leticia Valencia-Cuevas, Daniel Piñero, Patricia Mussali-Galante, Susana Valencia-Ávalos and Efraín Tovar-Sánchez
Tree Genetics & Genomes 10 (3) 641 (2014)

Preliminary Study on Taxonomic Review Using Histological Sections of Some Iberian Species from the Genus <i>Quercus</i> L. (Fagaceae)

Sara del Río, Rafael Álvarez, Adoración Candelas, et al.
American Journal of Plant Sciences 05 (18) 2773 (2014)

Genetic structure of Quercus rubra L. and Quercus ellipsoidalis E. J. Hill populations at gene-based EST-SSR and nuclear SSR markers

Jennifer F. Lind and Oliver Gailing
Tree Genetics & Genomes 9 (3) 707 (2013)

Molecular characterization of sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima) germplasm based on randomly amplified polymorphic DNA

Yuan-Yan Zhang, Yan-Ming Fang, Mu-Kui Yu and Xiao-Li Zhou
Plant Systematics and Evolution 299 (10) 1829 (2013)

Assessment of genetic diversity in two-species oak seed stands and their progeny populations

Monika Dering and Igor Chybicki
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 27 (1) 2 (2012)

Can Growth of Seed-propagated Oaks be Predicted before Lining out in Nursery Rows?

J. Roger Harris and Lisa E. Richardson-Calfee
Journal of Environmental Horticulture 30 (1) 23 (2012)

Contrasting relations between diversity of candidate genes and variation of bud burst in natural and segregating populations of European oaks

J Derory, C Scotti-Saintagne, E Bertocchi, et al.
Heredity 105 (4) 401 (2010)

Contrasting relationships between the diversity of candidate genes and variation of bud burst in natural and segregating populations of European oaks

J Derory, C Scotti-Saintagne, E Bertocchi, et al.
Heredity 104 (5) 438 (2010)

Interspecific variation in functional traits, not climatic differences among species ranges, determines demographic rates across 44 temperate and Mediterranean tree species

Jordi Martínez‐Vilalta, Maurizio Mencuccini, Jordi Vayreda and Javier Retana
Journal of Ecology 98 (6) 1462 (2010)

The reproductive success of a Quercus petraea × Q. robur F1-hybrid in back-crossing situations

Ditte C. Olrik and Erik D. Kjaer
Annals of Forest Science 64 (1) 37 (2007)

Genetic variation and differentiation in populations of Japanese emperor oak Quercus dentata Thunb. and Mongolian oak Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Ledeb.) in the south of the Russian Far East

V. V. Potenko, O. G. Koren’ and V. P. Verkholat
Russian Journal of Genetics 43 (4) 387 (2007)

Morphological evaluation of cork oak (Quercus suber): Mediterranean provenance variability in Tunisia

Mhemmed Gandour, Mohamed Larbi Khouja, Lamjed Toumi and Saîda Triki
Annals of Forest Science 64 (5) 549 (2007)

Genetic Diversity of Two Evergreen Oaks [Quercus suber (L.) and Quercus ilex subsp. rotundifolia (Lam.)] in Portugal using AFLP Markers

A. C. Coelho, M. B. Lima, D. Neves and A. Cravador
Silvae Genetica 55 (1-6) 105 (2006)

Genetic Diversity in Tunisian Ceratonia siliqua L. (Caesalpinioideae) Natural Populations

Afif Makrem, Ben Fadhel Najeh, Khoudja Mohamed Laarbi and Boussaïd Mohamed
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 53 (7) 1501 (2006)

Genetic variation and differentiation of populations within the Quercus affinis – Quercus laurina (Fagaceae) complex analyzed with RAPD markers

Antonio González-Rodríguez, Dulce M Arias and Ken Oyama
Canadian Journal of Botany 83 (2) 155 (2005)

Chloroplast DNA variation of Quercus rubra L. in North America and comparison with other Fagaceae

Molecular Ecology 14 (2) 513 (2005)

Isozyme variation and the conservation genetics of Garry oak

K. Ritland, L.D. Meagher, D.G.W. Edwards and Y.A. El-Kassaby
Canadian Journal of Botany 83 (11) 1478 (2005)

Tunisian fig (Ficus caricaL.) genetic diversity and cultivar characterization using microsatellite markers

Olfa Saddoud, Amel Salhi-Hannachi, Khaled Chatti, et al.
Fruits 60 (2) 143 (2005)

Distribution of genomic regions differentiating oak species assessed by QTL detection

C Saintagne, C Bodénès, T Barreneche, et al.
Heredity 92 (1) 20 (2004)

Molecular differentiation and diversity among the California red oaks (Fagaceae; Quercus section Lobatae)

Richard S. Dodd and Nasser Kashani
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 107 (5) 884 (2003)

Chloroplast DNA polymorphism reveals little geographical structure in Castanea sativa Mill. (Fagaceae) throughout southern European countries

S. Fineschi, D. Taurchini, F. Villani and G. G. Vendramin
Molecular Ecology 9 (10) 1495 (2000)

Abundant Mitochondrial Genome Diversity, Population Differentiation and Convergent Evolution in Pines

Junyuan Wu, Konstantin V Krutovskii and Steven H Strauss
Genetics 150 (4) 1605 (1998)

Assessment of intraspecific variation in half-sibs of Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. ‘plus’ trees

Bart de Greef, Ludwig Triest, Bart de Cuyper and Jos van Slycken
Heredity 81 (3) 284 (1998)

Detection of genomic regions differentiating two closely related oak species Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. and Quercus robur L.

C Bodénès, S Joandet, F Laigret and A Kremer
Heredity 78 (4) 433 (1997)

European and Mediterranean oaks (Quercus L.; Fagaceae): SEM characterization of the micromorphology of the abaxial leaf surface

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 124 (2) 183 (1997)

Geographical structure of gene diversity in Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. I. Monolocus patterns of variation

A Zanetto and A Kremer
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Effect of geographical discontinuity on genetic variation in Quercus ilex L. (holm oak). Evidence from enzyme polymorphism

H Michaud, L Toumi, R Lumaret, et al.
Heredity 74 (6) 590 (1995)

Electrophoretic Analysis of Genetic Variation within and between Populations of Quercus cerris, Q. pubescens, Q. petraea and Q. robur (Fagaceae) from Eastern Austria

R. Samuel, W. Pinsker and F. Ehrendorfer
Botanica Acta 108 (4) 290 (1995)