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Tuber melanosporum drives the symbiosis with Castanea sativa seedlings under greenhouse conditions and high calcium levels

Amaya Álvarez-Lafuente, Luis F. Benito-Matías, Mercedes Uscola and Laura M. Suz
Symbiosis 89 (3) 273 (2023)

Climate change–induced stress disrupts ectomycorrhizal interaction networks at the boreal–temperate ecotone

Christopher W. Fernandez, Louis Mielke, Artur Stefanski, Raimundo Bermudez, Sarah E. Hobbie, Rebecca A. Montgomery, Peter B. Reich and Peter G. Kennedy
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (34) (2023)

A mycorrhizal helper bacterium alleviates drought stress in mycorrhizal Helianthemum almeriense plants by regulating water relations and plant hormones

Ángel Luigi Guarnizo, Alfonso Navarro-Ródenas, Mónica Calvo-Polanco, José Eduardo Marqués-Gálvez and Asunción Morte
Environmental and Experimental Botany 207 105228 (2023)

Plantation soil inoculation combined with straw checkerboard barriers enhances ectomycorrhizal colonization and subsequent growth of nursery grown Pinus tabulaeformis seedlings in a dryland

Takeshi Taniguchi, Toshiki Yuzawa, Mao HuiPing, Fukuju Yamamoto and Norikazu Yamanaka
Ecological Engineering 163 106191 (2021)

Mycorrhization of Quercus mongolica seedlings by Tuber melanosporum alters root carbon exudation and rhizosphere bacterial communities

Yanliang Wang, Ran Wang, Bin Lu, Alexis Guerin-Laguette, Xinhua He and Fuqiang Yu
Plant and Soil 467 (1-2) 391 (2021)

Water ‘on the rocks’: a summer drink for thirsty trees?

Andrea Nardini, Francesco Petruzzellis, Daniel Marusig, Martina Tomasella, Sara Natale, Alfredo Altobelli, Chiara Calligaris, Gabriele Floriddia, Franco Cucchi, Emanuele Forte and Luca Zini
New Phytologist 229 (1) 199 (2021)

Effect of an Ectomycorrhizal Fungus on the Growth of Castanea henryi Seedlings and the Seasonal Variation of Root Tips’ Structure and Physiology

Huan Xiong, Ping Chen, Wangzun Chen, Yinghui Yang, Yijia Jin, Shiyi Tian, Joseph Masabni, Deyi Yuan and Feng Zou
Forests 12 (12) 1643 (2021)

Plant carbohydrate depletion impairs water relations and spreads via ectomycorrhizal networks

Gerard Sapes, Patrick Demaree, Ylva Lekberg and Anna Sala
New Phytologist 229 (6) 3172 (2021)

Вплив мікоризного гриба Tuber Melanosporum на біорізноманіття мікроміцетів ризосфери та ріст і продуктивність фундука

В. П. Оліферчук and Д. В. Федорович
Scientific Bulletin of UNFU 31 (2) 28 (2021)

Ectomycorrhizal Inoculation Enhances the Salt Tolerance of Quercus mongolica Seedlings

Xiao-Ning Bai, Han Hao, Zeng-Hui Hu and Ping-Sheng Leng
Plants 10 (9) 1790 (2021)

The European delicacy Tuber melanosporum forms mycorrhizae with some indigenous Chinese Quercus species and promotes growth of the oak seedlings

Ran Wang, Alexis Guerin-Laguette, Ruth Butler, Lan-Lan Huang and Fu-Qiang Yu
Mycorrhiza 29 (6) 649 (2019)

Application of mycorrhizal fungus Tuber melanosporum to stimulate the growth and development of soybean and spring barley

V. P. Oliferchuk and D. V. Fedorovych
Faktori eksperimental'noi evolucii organizmiv 24 133 (2019)

Ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity increases phosphorus uptake efficiency of European beech

Julia Köhler, Nan Yang, Rodica Pena, Venket Raghavan, Andrea Polle and Ina C. Meier
New Phytologist 220 (4) 1200 (2018)

Multi-cropping edible truffles and sweet chestnuts: production of high-quality Castanea sativa seedlings inoculated with Tuber aestivum, its ecotype T. uncinatum, T. brumale, and T. macrosporum

Amaya Álvarez-Lafuente, Luis F. Benito-Matías, Juan L. Peñuelas-Rubira and Laura M. Suz
Mycorrhiza 28 (1) 29 (2018)

Plant-soil feedbacks and root responses of two Mediterranean oaks along a precipitation gradient

Gemma Rutten and Lorena Gómez-Aparicio
Plant and Soil 424 (1-2) 221 (2018)

Mycorrhiza - Function, Diversity, State of the Art

Francisca Reis, Rui M. Tavares, Paula Baptista and Teresa Lino-Neto
Mycorrhiza - Function, Diversity, State of the Art 75 (2017)

Oaks Physiological Ecology. Exploring the Functional Diversity of Genus Quercus L.

Jesús Pemán, Esteban Chirino, Josep María Espelta, et al.
Tree Physiology, Oaks Physiological Ecology. Exploring the Functional Diversity of Genus Quercus L. 7 453 (2017)

Hydraulic conductivity and aquaporin transcription in roots of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) seedlings colonized by Laccaria bicolor

Hao Xu, Janice E. K. Cooke, Minna Kemppainen, Alejandro G. Pardo and Janusz J. Zwiazek
Mycorrhiza 26 (5) 441 (2016)

Overexpression of Laccaria bicolor aquaporin JQ585595 alters root water transport properties in ectomycorrhizal white spruce (Picea glauca) seedlings

Hao Xu, Minna Kemppainen, Walid El Kayal, Seong Hee Lee, Alejandro G. Pardo, Janice E. K. Cooke and Janusz J. Zwiazek
New Phytologist 205 (2) 757 (2015)

Long-term irrigation effects on Spanish holm oak growth and its black truffle symbiont

Ulf Büntgen, Simon Egli, Loic Schneider, Georg von Arx, Andreas Rigling, J. Julio Camarero, Gabriel Sangüesa-Barreda, Christine R. Fischer, Daniel Oliach, José A. Bonet, Carlos Colinas, Willy Tegel, José I. Ruiz Barbarin and Fernando Martínez-Peña
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 202 148 (2015)

Mycorrhizal fungi mediation of terrestrial ecosystem responses to global change: mini-review

Jacqueline E. Mohan, Charles C. Cowden, Peter Baas, et al.
Fungal Ecology 10 3 (2014)

Changes in soil hyphal abundance and viability can alter the patterns of hydraulic redistribution by plant roots

José Ignacio Querejeta, Louise M. Egerton-Warburton, Iván Prieto, Rodrigo Vargas and Michael F. Allen
Plant and Soil 355 (1-2) 63 (2012)

Hebeloma crustuliniforme modifies root hydraulic responses of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) seedlings to changes in external pH

J. Aurea Siemens and Janusz J. Zwiazek
Plant and Soil 345 (1-2) 247 (2011)

A global meta‐analysis of Tuber ITS rDNA sequences: species diversity, host associations and long‐distance dispersal

Molecular Ecology 19 (22) 4994 (2010)

Role of aquaporins in root water transport of ectomycorrhizal jack pine (Pinus banksiana) seedlings exposed to NaCl and fluoride

Plant, Cell & Environment (2010)

Growth response of Acacia mangium Willd. seedlings to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and four isolates of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus tinctorius (Pers.) Coker and Couch

Nelly Siababa Aggangan, Heung Kyu Moon and Sim Hee Han
New Forests 39 (2) 215 (2010)

Forest Management and the Water Cycle

Boris Rewald, Panagiotis Michopoulos, Lise Dalsgaard, David L. Jones and Douglas L. Godbold
Ecological Studies, Forest Management and the Water Cycle 212 5 (2010)

Role of aquaporins in root water transport of ectomycorrhizal jack pine (Pinus banksiana) seedlings exposed to NaCl and fluoride

Plant, Cell & Environment 33 (5) 769 (2010)

The influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization on soil–root hydraulic conductance in Agrostis stolonifera L. under two water regimes

Victoria Gonzalez-Dugo
Mycorrhiza 20 (6) 365 (2010)

Influence of water-stress acclimation and Tuber melanosporum mycorrhization on Quercus ilex seedlings

José Alfonso Domínguez Núñez, Rosa Planelles González, José Antonio Rodríguez Barreal and José Antonio Saiz de Omeñaca González
Agroforestry Systems 75 (3) 251 (2009)

Root hydraulic conductance, gas exchange and leaf water potential in seedlings of Pistacia lentiscus L. and Quercus suber L. grown under different fertilization and light regimes

E.I. Hernández, A. Vilagrosa, V.C. Luis, et al.
Environmental and Experimental Botany 67 (1) 269 (2009)

Root hydraulic properties and growth of balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera) mycorrhizal with Hebeloma crustuliniforme and Wilcoxina mikolae var. mikolae

J. Aurea Siemens and Janusz J. Zwiazek
Mycorrhiza 18 (8) 393 (2008)

The effect of Tuber melanosporum Vitt. mycorrhization on growth, nutrition, and water relations of Quercus petraea Liebl., Quercus faginea Lamk., and Pinus halepensis Mill. seedlings

José Alfonso Domínguez Núñez, Rosa Planelles González, José Antonio Rodríguez Barreal and José Antonio Saiz de Omeñaca González
New Forests 35 (2) 159 (2008)

Responses of ectomycorrhizal American elm (Ulmus americana) seedlings to salinity and soil compaction

Mónica Calvo Polanco, Janusz J. Zwiazek and Mihaela C. Voicu
Plant and Soil 308 (1-2) 189 (2008)

Cultivation of black truffle to promote reforestation and land-use stability

J. A. Bonet, C. R. Fischer and C. Colinas
Agronomy for Sustainable Development 26 (1) 69 (2006)

Morphological and functional variability in the root system ofQuercus ilexL. subject to confinement: consequences for afforestation

Jesús Pemán, Jordi Voltas and Eustaquio Gil-Pelegrin
Annals of Forest Science 63 (4) 425 (2006)

Plant morphology and root hydraulics are altered by nutrient deficiency in Pistacia lentiscus (L.)

Roman Trubat, Jordi Cortina and Alberto Vilagrosa
Trees 20 (3) 334 (2006)

Contrasting rooting patterns of some arid-zone fruit tree species from Botswana – I. Fine root distribution

Armin L. Oppelt, Winfried Kurth, Georg Jentschke and Douglas L. Godbold
Agroforestry Systems 64 (1) 1 (2005)

Variability of Cenococcum colonization and its ecophysiological significance for young conifers at alpine–treeline

Niles Hasselquist, Matthew J Germino, Terence McGonigle and William K Smith
New Phytologist 165 (3) 867 (2005)

Root Morphology, Stem Growth and Field Performance of Seedlings of Two Mediterranean Evergreen Oak Species Raised in Different Container Types

M. Tsakaldimi, T. Zagas, T. Tsitsoni and P. Ganatsas
Plant and Soil 278 (1-2) 85 (2005)

Fungal ectomycorrhizal community and drought affect root hydraulic properties and soil adherence to roots ofPinus pinaster seedlings

Marie-Béatrice Bogeat-Triboulot, François Bartoli, Jean Garbaye, Roland Marmeisse and Denis Tagu
Plant and Soil 267 (1-2) 213 (2004)

Combined effects of arbuscular mycorrhizas and light on water uptake of the neotropical understory shrubs, Piper and Psychotria

Damond A. Kyllo, Virginia Velez and Melvin T. Tyree
New Phytologist 160 (2) 443 (2003)

The ‘hydrology’ of leaves: co‐ordination of structure and function in temperate woody species

Plant, Cell & Environment 26 (8) 1343 (2003)