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Responses of canopy transpiration and conductance to different drought levels in Mongolian pine plantations in a semiarid urban environment of China

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The Use of Mixed Composed Amendments to Improve Soil Water Content and Peach Growth (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) in a Mediterranean Environment

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Bamboo expansion promotes radial growth of surviving trees in a broadleaf forest

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Accounting for Dbh and Twi in Prediction of Stand-Scale Sap-Flux Density Reduces the Deviation from Measurement

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A combined approach utilizing UAV 3D imaging methods, in-situ measurements, and laboratory experiments to assess water evaporation and trace element uptake by tree species growing in a red gypsum landfill

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Environmental Factors Driving the Transpiration of a Betula platyphylla Sukaczev Forest in a Semi-arid Region in North China during Different Hydrological Years

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Assessing model performance via the most limiting environmental driver in two differently stressed pine stands

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Can a physically-based land surface model accurately represent evapotranspiration partitioning? A case study in a humid boreal forest

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Transpiration and canopy stomatal conductance dynamics of Mongolian pine plantations in semiarid deserts, Northern China

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Estimate canopy transpiration in larch plantations via the interactions among reference evapotranspiration, leaf area index, and soil moisture

Lei Wang, Zebin Liu, Jianbin Guo, Yanhui Wang, Jing Ma, Songping Yu, Pengtao Yu and Lihong Xu
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Applications of TLS and ALS in Evaluating Forest Ecosystem Services: A Southern Carpathians Case Study

Alexandru Claudiu Dobre, Ionuț-Silviu Pascu, Ștefan Leca, Juan Garcia-Duro, Carmen-Elena Dobrota, Gheorghe Marian Tudoran and Ovidiu Badea
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Technical note: Long-term probe misalignment and proposed quality control using the heat pulse method for transpiration estimations

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Photosynthetic and environmental regulations of the dynamics of soil respiration in a forest ecosystem revealed by analyses of decadal time series

Xiuping Liu, Junyi Liang and Lianhong Gu
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Sparse Pinus Tabuliformis Stands Have Higher Canopy Transpiration Than Dense Stands Three Decades After Thinning

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Transpiration and canopy conductance dynamics of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in its natural range and in an introduced region in the sandy plains of Northern China

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Characterization of phenology, physiology, morphology and biomass traits across a broad Euro‐Mediterranean ecotypic panel of the lignocellulosic feedstock Arundo donax

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