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Modeling of the Statistical Distribution of Tracheids in Conifer Rings: Finding Universal Criterion for Earlywood–Latewood Distinction

Liliana V. Belokopytova, Dina F. Zhirnova, Bao Yang, Elena A. Babushkina and Eugene A. Vaganov
Plants 12 (19) 3454 (2023)

Evaluation of the Surface Irregularities of the Cross-Section of the Wood after CO2 Laser Cutting

Lukáš Adamčík, Rastislav Igaz, Lukáš Štefančin, Ivan Kubovský and Richard Kminiak
Materials 16 (22) 7175 (2023)

Experimental and numerical assessment of the orthotropic imbibition dynamics of wood

Fengze Sun, Kaiwen Chen, Yujing Tan, Hui Peng, Jiali Jiang, Tianyi Zhan and Jianxiong Lyu
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Cutting forces and noise in helical planing black spruce wood as affected by the helix angle and feed per knife

Paul Wellenreiter, Roger E. Hernández, Claudia B. Cáceres and Carl Blais
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Radial patterns of specific gravity variation in North American conifers

Laurence R. Schimleck, Joseph Dahlen and David Auty
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Influence of Four Spacings between Trees and Four Samplings Heights on Selected Wood Quality Attributes of White Spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss)

Cyriac S. Mvolo, Venceslas Goudiaby, Ahmed Koubaa and James D. Stewart
Forests 13 (11) 1807 (2022)

Regional, Site, and Tree Variations of Wood Density and Growth in Thuja occidentalis L. in the Quebec Forest

Besma Bouslimi, Ahmed Koubaa and Yves Bergeron
Forests 13 (12) 1984 (2022)

Black spruce trees from uneven-aged, old-growth stands produce more dimensionally stable wood than trees from fire-origin even-aged stands

Luciane Paes Torquato, Roger E. Hernández, Isabelle Duchesne, David Auty and Alexis Achim
Wood Science and Technology 55 (5) 1457 (2021)

Growth and wood density of Pinus taeda L. as affected by shelterwood harvest in a two-aged stand in Southern Brazil

Larissa Regina Topanotti, Douglas Rufino Vaz, Samuel de Pádua Chaves e Carvalho, Polliana D´Angelo Rios, Mário Tomazello-Filho, Mário Dobner Jr and Marcos Felipe Nicoletti
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Testing different Earlywood/Latewood delimitations for the establishment of Blue Intensity data: A case study based on Alpine Picea abies samples

Thomas Frank and Kurt Nicolussi
Dendrochronologia 64 125775 (2020)

Comparison of methods for the demarcation between earlywood and latewood in tree rings of Norway spruce

Alina Samusevich, Martin Lexa, Monika Vejpustková, Jan Altman and Aleš Zeidler
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Intra-Ring Wood Density and Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity Profiles for Black Spruce and Jack Pine from X-ray Densitometry and Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Measurement

Wassim Kharrat, Ahmed Koubaa, Mohamed Khlif and Chedly Bradai
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Wood properties of black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) BSP) in relation to ring width and tree height in even- and uneven-aged boreal stands

Émilie Pamerleau-Couture, Sergio Rossi, David Pothier and Cornelia Krause
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Within-ring variability of wood structure and its relationship to drought sensitivity in Norway spruce trunks

Saskia Luss, Sven-Olof Lundqvist, Robert Evans, Thomas Grahn, Lars Olsson, Giai Petit and Sabine Rosner
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Phenotypic Correlations among Growth and Selected Wood Properties in White Spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) †

Cyriac S. Mvolo, Ahmed Koubaa, Jean Beaulieu, Alain Cloutier, Maurice Defo and Martin-Claude Yemele
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Effect of Seed Transfer on Selected Wood Quality Attributes of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.)

Cyriac S. Mvolo, Ahmed Koubaa, Jean Beaulieu and Alain Cloutier
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Intra-Ring Variations and Interrelationships for Selected Wood Anatomical and Physical Properties of Thuja Occidentalis L.

Besma Bouslimi, Ahmed Koubaa and Yves Bergeron
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White spruce wood quality for lumber products: priority traits and their enhancement through tree improvement

Mariana Hassegawa, Mylène Savard, Patrick R N Lenz, et al.
Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research (2019)


Thomas L. Eberhardt, Chi-Leung So and Daniel J. Leduc
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Axial xylem architecture of Larix decidua exposed to CO2 enrichment and soil warming at the tree line

Angela Luisa Prendin, Giai Petit, Patrick Fonti, Christian Rixen, Melissa Autumn Dawes, Georg von Arx and Markku Larjavaara
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Drought-Induced Changes in Wood Density Are Not Prevented by Thinning in Scots Pine Stands

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Effect of tree spacing on growth and wood density of 38-year-old Cariniana legalis trees in Brazil

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Models for Predicting Specific Gravity and Ring Width for Loblolly Pine from Intensively Managed Plantations, and Implications for Wood Utilization

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New research perspectives from a novel approach to quantify tracheid wall thickness

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X-ray microdensitometry of wood: A review of existing principles and devices

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Integrated system of equations for estimating stem volume, density, and biomass for Australian redcedar (Toona ciliata) plantations

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Effect of Tree Spacing on Tree Level Volume Growth, Morphology, and Wood Properties in a 25-Year-Old Pinus banksiana Plantation in the Boreal Forest of Quebec

François Hébert, Cornelia Krause, Pierre-Yves Plourde, et al.
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A field-to-desktop toolchain for X-ray CT densitometry enables tree ring analysis

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Automated quantification of intra-annual density fluctuations using microdensity profiles of mature Pinus taeda in a replicated irrigation experiment

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Variation in Wood Quality in White Spruce (Picea Glauca (Moench) Voss). Part I. Defining the Juvenile–Mature Wood Transition Based on Tracheid Length

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Hierarchical analysis of black spruce and balsam fir wood density in Newfoundland

Arthur Groot and Joan E. Luther
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Early assessment of density features for 19 Eucalyptus species using X-ray microdensitometry in a perspective of potential biomass production

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Growth and wood properties of genetically improved loblolly pine: propagation type comparison and genetic parameters

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Variation in wood density and ring width in Acacia melanoxylon at four sites in Portugal

Fatima Tavares, José L. Louzada and Helena Pereira
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A model‐based meta‐analysis for estimating species‐specific wood density and identifying potential sources of variation

Kiona Ogle, Sharmila Pathikonda, Karla Sartor, Jeremy W. Lichstein, Jeanne L. D. Osnas, Stephen W. Pacala and David Coomes
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Minimum wood density of Juniperus thurifera is a robust proxy of spring water availability in a continental Mediterranean climate

Jesús Julio Camarero, Vicente Rozas, José Miguel Olano and José María Fernández‐Palacios
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Ecosite-based predictive modeling of black spruce (Picea mariana) wood quality attributes in boreal Ontario

Bharat Pokharel, Jeffery P. Dech, Arthur Groot and Doug Pitt
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Effects of biodegradation by brown-rot decay on selected wood properties in eastern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.)

Besma Bouslimi, Ahmed Koubaa and Yves Bergeron
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Correlation of X-Ray Dark-Field Radiography to Mechanical Sample Properties

Andreas Malecki, Elena Eggl, Florian Schaff, et al.
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Wood density and tracheid properties of Scots pine: responses to repeated fertilization and timing of the first commercial thinning

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Relationships between climate, radial growth and wood properties of mature loblolly pine in Hawaii and a northern and southern site in the southeastern United States

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Effect of ring width, cambial age, and climatic variables on the within-ring wood density profile of Norway spruce Picea abies (L.) Karst.

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Variation in wood density components within and between Quercus faginea trees

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Seasonal reorganization of the xylem transcriptome at different tree ages reveals novel insights into wood formation in Pinus radiata

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Effects of timing and intensity of thinning on wood structure and chemistry in Norway spruce

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Functional gradient effects explain the low transverse shear modulus in spruce – Full-field strain data and a micromechanics model

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Characterization of juvenile wood to mature wood transition age in black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P.) at different stand densities and sampling heights

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