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Differences between tree stem CO2 efflux and O2 influx rates cannot be explained by internal CO2 transport or storage in large beech trees

Juliane Helm, Roberto L. Salomón, Boaz Hilman, Jan Muhr, Alexander Knohl, Kathy Steppe, Yves Gibon, Cédric Cassan and Henrik Hartmann
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Tree stem and soil methane and nitrous oxide fluxes, but not carbon dioxide fluxes, switch sign along a topographic gradient in a tropical forest

Warren Daniel, Clément Stahl, Benoît Burban, Jean-Yves Goret, Jocelyn Cazal, Andreas Richter, Ivan A. Janssens and Laëtitia M. Bréchet
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Partitioning of respired CO2 in newly sprouted Moso bamboo culms

Chongyu Ye, Qiangfa Zeng, Keda Hu, Dongming Fang, Dirk Hölscher, Huaqiang Du, Yongjun Shi, Yufeng Zhou, Frank Berninger, Tingting Mei and Guomo Zhou
Frontiers in Plant Science 14 (2023)

Age-Related Changes in Culm Respiration of Phyllostachys pubescens Culms With Their Anatomical and Morphological Traits

Eiko M. Uchida, Ayumi Katayama, Yuko Yasuda, Tsutomu Enoki, Kyoichi Otsuki, Shinya Koga and Yasuhiro Utsumi
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 5 (2022)

Whole-Tree Response of Non-Structural Carbohydrates, Carbon and Nitrogen Concentrations in Two Temperate Tree Species to 10-Year Nitrogen Fertilization

Wenna Wang, Siyuan Wang, Günter Hoch, Yan Wang, Guoqiang Gao, Jiacun Gu and Haiwu Xu
Forests 13 (2) 302 (2022)

Spatiotemporal variability and origin of CO2 and CH4 tree stem fluxes in an upland forest

Josep Barba, Rafael Poyatos, Margaret Capooci and Rodrigo Vargas
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Impact of temperature and water availability on microwave-derived gross primary production

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Characteristics of stem respiration in black spruce (Picea mariana) stand, interior Alaska

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Seasonal changes in temperate woody plant phloem anatomy and physiology: implications for long-distance transport

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Plant respiration: Controlled by photosynthesis or biomass?

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Frost and drought: Effects of extreme weather events on stem carbon dynamics in a Mediterranean beech forest

Ettore D'Andrea, Negar Rezaie, Peter Prislan, Jozica Gričar, Alessio Collalti, Jan Muhr and Giorgio Matteucci
Plant, Cell & Environment 43 (10) 2365 (2020)

Alessio Collalti, Mark G. Tjoelker, Günter Hoch, Annikki Mäkelä, Gabriele Guidolotti, Mary Heskel, Giai Petit, Michael G. Ryan, Giovanna Battipaglia and I. Colin Prentice

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Josep Barba, Rafael Poyatos and Rodrigo Vargas
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Ettore D’Andrea, Negar Rezaie, Peter Prislan, Jozica Gričar, Jan Muhr, Alessio Collalti and Giorgio Matteucci

Respiratory costs of producing and maintaining stem biomass in eight co-occurring tree species

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Estimating individual- and stand-level stem CO2 efflux in a subalpine forest: assessment of different extrapolation methods

Guang Zhao, Gangcai Liu and Wanze Zhu
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Eva Darenova, Manuel Acosta, Radek Pokorny, Marian Pavelka and Michael Ryan
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Linking stem growth respiration to the seasonal course of stem growth and GPP of Scots pine

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Growth of northern deciduous trees under increasing atmospheric humidity: possible mechanisms behind the growth retardation

Arne Sellin, Meeli Alber, Markku Keinänen, et al.
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Carbon Dioxide and Methane Fluxes From Tree Stems, Coarse Woody Debris, and Soils in an Upland Temperate Forest

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Increasing air humidity influences hydraulic efficiency but not functional vulnerability of xylem in hybrid aspen

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Simulation of CO2 Fluxes in European Forest Ecosystems with the Coupled Soil-Vegetation Process Model “LandscapeDNDC”

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Carbon isotopic signature of CO2 emitted by plant compartments and soil in two temperate deciduous forests

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L. W. Zhu, P. Zhao, G. Y. Ni, et al.
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Individual- and stand-level stem CO<sub>2</sub> efflux in a subtropical <I>Schima superba</I> plantation

L. W. Zhu, P. Zhao, G. Y. Ni, et al.
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Seasonal dynamics in the stable carbon isotope composition (δ13C) from non‐leafy branch, trunk and coarse root CO2 efflux of adult deciduous (Fagus sylvatica) and evergreen (Picea abies) trees

Plant, Cell & Environment 34 (3) 363 (2011)

Transient changes in transpiration, and stem and soil CO2 efflux in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) following fire-induced leaf area reduction

Barton D. Clinton, Chris A. Maier, Chelcy R. Ford and Robert J. Mitchell
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Seasonal patterns of carbon allocation to respiratory pools in 60‐yr‐old deciduous (Fagus sylvatica) and evergreen (Picea abies) trees assessed via whole‐tree stable carbon isotope labeling

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Estimation of whole-stem respiration, incorporating vertical and seasonal variations in stem CO2 efflux rate, of Chamaecyparis obtusa trees

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Effect of Biophysical Factors on Spatio-temporal Variation in Stem Respiration*

Jinyan YANG, Kuo YANG and Chuankuan WANG
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CO2 efflux, CO2 concentration and photosynthetic refixation in stems of Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.)

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Two independent estimations of stand‐level root respiration on clonal Eucalyptus stands in Congo: up scaling of direct measurements on roots versus the trenched‐plot technique

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The effect of carbon dioxide enrichment on apparent stem respiration from Pinus taeda L. is confounded by high levels of soil carbon dioxide

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