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Responses of Picea meyeri to Climatic Factors Revealed by Tree Ring Isotopes and Water Use Efficiency on Luya Mountain of North-Central China

Yijie Han, Shuheng Li, Jiachuan Wang, Yili Guo, Rong Fan, Huan Zhang, Qi Liu and Yiqi Zhao
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Species difference of transpiration in three urban coniferous forests in a semiarid region of China

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Concurrent response of tree growth and grain productivity to climate change: A case study from climatic transition zone in central China

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Geographical drivers of geochemical and mineralogical evolution of Motianling peatland (Northeast China) exposed to different sources of rare earth elements and Pb, Nd, and Sr isotopes

Barbara Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł, Kunshan Bao and Beata Smieja-Król
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蒙 罗, 锦明 冯, 忠峰 徐, 君 王 and 利 丹
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Comparison of Machine Learning Methods Applied on Multi-Source Medium-Resolution Satellite Images for Chinese Pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) Extraction on Google Earth Engine

Lizhi Liu, Ying Guo, Yu Li, Qiuliang Zhang, Zengyuan Li, Erxue Chen, Lin Yang and Xiyun Mu
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Different Temporal Stability and Responses to Droughts between Needleleaf Forests and Broadleaf Forests in North China during 2001–2018

Xiran Li, Muxing Liu, Olivia L. Hajek and Guodong Yin
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Maximum July–September temperatures derived from tree‐ring densities on the western Loess Plateau, China

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Forest Resistance and Resilience to 2002 Drought in Northern China

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A Tree-Ring-Based Assessment of Pinus armandii Adaptability to Climate Using Two Statistical Methods in Mt. Yao, Central China during 1961–2016

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Tree-Ring Width and Carbon Isotope Chronologies Track Temperature, Humidity, and Baseflow in the Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia

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The enhancement of cultural landscapes in mountain environments: An artificial channel history (Torrent-Neuf, Canton Valais, Switzerland) and the role of trees as natural archives of water flow changes

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Modelling the impact of climate change on rangeland forage production using a generalized regression neural network: a case study in Isfahan Province, Central Iran

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Definition of the core zone of the “westerlies-dominated climatic regime”, and its controlling factors during the instrumental period

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Annual precipitation variability inferred from tree-ring width chronologies in the Changling–Shoulu region, China, during AD 1853–2007

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Annual variation in PDSI since 1897 AD in the Tengger Desert, Inner Mongolia, China, as recorded by tree-ring data

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Tree‐ring‐based annual precipitation reconstruction for the Hexi Corridor, NW China: consequences for climate history on and beyond the mid‐latitude Asian continent

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Annual precipitation in Liancheng, China, since 1777 AD derived from tree rings of Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.)

Yu Liu, Ying Lei, Bo Sun, Huiming Song and Junyan Sun
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Responses of Terrestrial Ecosystems’ Net Primary Productivity to Future Regional Climate Change in China

Dongsheng Zhao, Shaohong Wu, Yunhe Yin and Ben Bond-Lamberty
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Extreme drought events in the years 1877–1878, and 1928, in the southeast Qilian Mountains and the air–sea coupling system

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Effects of land use changes on the groundwater table and the decline of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantations in southern Horqin Sandy Land, Northeast China

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Relationship between the radial growth of Picea meyeri and climate along elevations of the Luyashan Mountain in North-Central China

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Recent tree-growth reduction in north central China as a combined result of a weakened monsoon and atmospheric oscillations

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Die-off of giant Euphorbia trees in South Africa: Symptoms and relationships to climate

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April–September mean maximum temperature inferred from Hailar pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica) tree rings in the Hulunbuir region, Inner Mongolia, back to 1868AD

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Drought induces opposite changes in the concentration of non-structural carbohydrates of two evergreen Nothofagus species of differential drought resistance

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Réchauffement climatique et dynamique forestière au 20e siècle : la pinède de reboisement sur éboulis de la Courbe (Massif des Grandes Rousses, Alpes du Nord, France)

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