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Effect of Changes in Throughfall on Soil Respiration in Global Forest Ecosystems: A Meta-Analysis

Xingkai Xu
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Effects of simulated nitrogen deposition on soil respiration: Evidence from a three-year field study of the Abies georgei (Orr) forest in the Jiaozi Snow Mountains National Nature Reserve, Southwest China

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Which are the most favourable conditions for reducing soil CO2 emissions with no-tillage? Results from a meta-analysis

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Weather, pollution and biotic factors drive net forest - atmosphere exchange of CO2 at different temporal scales in a temperate-zone mixed forest

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Live fences reduce the diurnal and seasonal fluctuations of soil CO2 emissions in livestock systems

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Warm and Fertile Sub-Humid Conditions Enhance Litterfall to Sustain High Soil Respiration Fluxes in a Mediterranean Cork Oak Forest

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