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Genotypic variation in growth, single leaf physiology, and acclimation potential of thylakoid processes in cotton exposed to high temperature extremes

Navneet Kaur, John L. Snider, Ved Parkash, Andrew H. Paterson, Timothy L. Grey and Viktor Tishchenko
Environmental and Experimental Botany 215 105512 (2023)

Phenological physiology: seasonal patterns of plant stress tolerance in a changing climate

Jake J. Grossman
New Phytologist 237 (5) 1508 (2023)

Variation in thermotolerance of photosystem II energy trapping, intersystem electron transport, and photosystem I electron acceptor reduction for diverse cotton genotypes

Navneet Kaur, John L. Snider, Andrew H. Paterson, Timothy L. Grey, Changying Li, Gurpreet Virk and Ved Parkash
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 201 107868 (2023)

Seasonality of PSII thermostability and water use efficiency of in situ mountainous Norway spruce (Picea abies)

Peter Petrik, Anja Petek-Petrik, Alena Konôpková, Peter Fleischer, Srdjan Stojnic, Ina Zavadilova and Daniel Kurjak
Journal of Forestry Research 34 (1) 197 (2023)

Heat-stress response of photosystem II in five ecologically important tree species of European temperate forests

Hana Húdoková, Peter Petrik, Anja Petek-Petrik, Alena Konôpková, Adriana Leštianska, Katarína Střelcová, Jaroslav Kmeť and Daniel Kurjak
Biologia 77 (3) 671 (2022)

Short‐term warming does not affect intrinsic thermotolerance but induces strong sustaining photoprotection in tropical evergreen citrus genotypes

Anirban Guha, Talent Vharachumu, Muhammad F. Khalid, Mark Keeley, Thomas J. Avenson and Christopher Vincent
Plant, Cell & Environment 45 (1) 105 (2022)

Variation in leaf anatomy, vascular traits and nanomechanical cell-wall properties among European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) provenances

Monika Kardošová, Hana Husárová, Daniel Kurjak, Rastislav Lagaňa, Miriama Šuleková, Veronika Uhrinová, Dušan Gömöry and Jaroslav Ďurkovič
Annals of Forest Science 77 (3) (2020)

Variation in the performance and thermostability of photosystem II in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) provenances is influenced more by acclimation than by adaptation

Daniel Kurjak, Alena Konôpková, Jaroslav Kmeť, et al.
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Photosynthetic heat tolerance of shade and sun leaves of three tropical tree species

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Nucleotide polymorphisms associated with climate and physiological traits in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) provenances

Alena Konôpková, Diana Krajmerová, Daniel Kurjak, et al.
Flora 250 37 (2019)

Differences in photochemistry and response to heat stress between silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) provenances

Alena Konôpková, Daniel Kurjak, Jaroslav Kmeť, et al.
Trees 32 (1) 73 (2018)

How are endemic and widely distributed bromeliads responding to warming temperatures? A case study in a Brazilian hotspot

Cleber Juliano Neves Chaves, Bárbara Simões Santos Leal and José Pires de Lemos-Filho
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Assessing stomatal and non-stomatal limitations to carbon assimilation under progressive drought in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Cristiane Pilon, John L. Snider, Victor Sobolev, et al.
Journal of Plant Physiology 231 124 (2018)

Sub-optimal emergence temperature alters thermotolerance of thylakoid component processes in cotton seedlings

Wei Hu, John L. Snider, Daryl R. Chastain, William Slaton and Viktor Tishchenko
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Leaf thermotolerance in tropical trees from a seasonally dry climate varies along the slow-fast resource acquisition spectrum

Aniruddh Sastry and Deepak Barua
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Frequently asked questions about chlorophyll fluorescence, the sequel

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Photosynthesis: Structures, Mechanisms, and Applications

Marek Zivcak, Katarina Olsovska and Marian Brestic
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Leaf ontogeny strongly influences photosynthetic tolerance to drought and high temperature in Gossypium hirsutum

Daryl R. Chastain, John L. Snider, John S. Choinski, et al.
Journal of Plant Physiology 199 18 (2016)

Enhanced thermal stability of the thylakoid membranes from spruce. A comparison with selected angiosperms

Václav Karlický, Irena Kurasová, Božena Ptáčková, et al.
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Do genotypic differences in thermotolerance plasticity correspond with water-induced differences in yield and photosynthetic stability for field-grown upland cotton?

John L. Snider, Daryl R. Chastain, Guy D. Collins, Timothy L. Grey and Ronald B. Sorensen
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Field‐grown Cotton Exhibits Seasonal Variation in Photosynthetic Heat Tolerance without Exposure to Heat‐stress or Water‐deficit Conditions

J. L. Snider, D. R. Chastain and G. D. Collins
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Improving Photosynthetic Responses during Recovery from Heat Treatments with Brassinosteroid and Calcium Chloride in Indian Bread Wheat Cultivars

Suboot Hairat and Paramjit Khurana
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Biochemical photosynthetic responses to temperature: how do interspecific differences compare with seasonal shifts?

Y.-S. Lin, B. E. Medlyn, M. G. De Kauwe and D. S. Ellsworth
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Plasticity in Dendroclimatic Response across the Distribution Range of Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis)

Martin de Luis, Katarina Čufar, Alfredo Di Filippo, et al.
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Field-acclimated Gossypium hirsutum cultivars exhibit genotypic and seasonal differences in photosystem II thermostability

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Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future

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Leaf plasticity to light intensity in Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.): Adaptability of a Mediterranean conifer cultivated in the Alps

Paolo Baldi, Krishnasamy Muthuchelian and Nicola La Porta
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Photosystem II thermostability in situ: Environmentally induced acclimation and genotype-specific reactions in Triticum aestivum L

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Environmental Adaptations and Stress Tolerance of Plants in the Era of Climate Change

Anna Źróbek-Sokolnik
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Thermal plasticity of photosynthesis: the role of acclimation in forest responses to a warming climate

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Genotypic differences in thermotolerance are dependent upon prestress capacity for antioxidant protection of the photosynthetic apparatus inGossypium hirsutum

John L. Snider, Derrick M. Oosterhuis and Eduardo M. Kawakami
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Acclimation of photosystem II to high temperature in two Wedelia species from different geographical origins: implications for biological invasions upon global warming

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Juvenile leaves of Rhus glabra have higher photosynthetic thermal tolerance than mature leaves

John L. Snider, John S. Choinski and William Slaton
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Immature leaves ofWeinmannia racemosaare more heat tolerant than mature leaves based on differences in chlorophyllafluorescence and solute leakage

JS Choinski and KS Gould
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Olive flowering phenology variation between different cultivars in Spain and Italy: modeling analysis

H. Garcia-Mozo, F. Orlandi, C. Galan, et al.
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Interactive effects of high irradiance and moderate heat on photosynthesis, pigments, and tocopherol in the tree-fernDicksonia antarctica

Liubov Volkova, Michael Tausz, Lauren T. Bennett and Erwin Dreyer
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Juvenile Rhus glabra leaves have higher temperatures and lower gas exchange rates than mature leaves when compared in the field during periods of high irradiance

John L. Snider, John S. Choinski and Robert R. Wise
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Responses of photosynthesis to high temperatures in oak saplings assessed by chlorophyll-a fluorescence: inter-specific diversity and temperature-induced plasticity

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Modulation of leaf physiology by age and in response to abiotic constraints in young cuttings of two Populus deltoides × P. nigra genotypes

Nicolas Marron, Franck Brignolas, Francis M. Delmotte and Erwin Dreyer
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Leaf shape linked to photosynthetic rates and temperature optima in South African Pelargonium species

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Photosynthetic acclimation to high temperatures associated with heat tolerance in creeping bentgrass

Xiaozhong Liu and Bingru Huang
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Phenological investigations of different winter-deciduous species growing under Mediterranean conditions

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Effect of tree shelter design on water condensation and run-off and its potential benefit for reforestation establishment in semiarid climates

Antonio D. del Campo, Rafael M. Navarro, Anna Aguilella and Emilio González
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Freezing and high temperature thresholds of photosystem 2 compared to ice nucleation, frost and heat damage in evergreen subalpine plants

Gilbert Neuner and Manuel Pramsohler
Physiologia Plantarum 126 (2) 196 (2006)