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Long-term effect of different forest thinning intensity on carbon sequestration rates and potential uses in climate change mitigation actions

Petros Ganatsas, Marianthi Tsakaldimi, Theodoros Karydopoulos, Alexandros Papaemannuil and Sotirios Papadopoulos
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 29 (1) (2024)

Testing root trenching and stem girdling as silvicultural treatments in abandoned oak coppices

Roberto L. Salomón, José Carlos Miranda, Álvaro Rubio-Cuadrado, Juan Sobrino-Plata, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Rosana López, Luis Gil and María Valbuena-Carabaña
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Blueing green water from forests as strategy to cope with climate change in water scarce regions: The case of the Catalan river basin District

Xavier Garcia, Laia Estrada, Joan Saló and Vicenç Acuña
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Twenty years of population dynamics in European beech-oak forest at their rear range margin anticipate changes in its structure and composition

Álvaro Rubio-Cuadrado, Iciar Alberdi, Isabel Cañellas, Fernando Montes, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Rosana López, Guillermo G. Gordaliza, María Valbuena-Carabaña, Nikos Nanos, Ramón Perea and Luis Gil
Forest Ecosystems 11 100197 (2024)

Evaluation of the effect of different thinning types on dendrometric parameters and subsequent spontaneous growth in a beech-oak-linden stand

Kateřina Novosadová, Jiří Kadlec, Petr Sýkora, Martin Kománek and Radek Pokorný
Journal of Forest Science (2024)

Thinning improves growth and resilience after severe droughts in Quercus subpyrenaica coppice forests in the Spanish Pre-Pyrenees

Enrico Tonelli, Alessandro Vitali, Federico Brega, Antonio Gazol, Michele Colangelo, Carlo Urbinati and J. Julio Camarero
Dendrochronologia 77 126042 (2023)

Initial effects of crop tree release and traditional thinning on productivity and carbon storage of Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation

Xianhua Zou, Ziyang Zheng, Chutong Yang, Mengjia Yang, Zhijuan Guo, Yongxin Wang, Zhijun Huang, Liqin Zhu, Liqing Xu and Kaimin Lin
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Assessing the resprouting vigour of an Italian coppice stand after alternative felling methods

Benno Eberhard, Natascia Magagnotti, Rodolfo Picchio and Raffaele Spinelli
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Tree-level responses to commercial thinning in spruce-fir forests across northern Maine, USA

Bishnu Hari Wagle, Aaron R. Weiskittel, John-Pascal Berrill, Anil R. Kizha, Anthony W. D'Amato and David Marshall
Forest Ecology and Management 546 121358 (2023)

Close-to-nature management effects on tree growth and soil moisture in Mediterranean mixed forests

Eduardo Collado, Míriam Piqué, Jaime Coello, Javier de-Dios-García, Carla Fuentes and Lluís Coll
Forest Ecology and Management 549 121457 (2023)

Análisis de productividad, costes y efectos ambientales de las claras mecanizadas selectivas y sistemáticas sobre monte bajo de rebollo (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) con el cabezal Bracke c16.c en Villar de Ciervos (León, España)

Lucía Herguido Sevillano
Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales 49 (2) 193 (2023)

Short-term effect of thinning on inter- and intra-annual radial increment in Mediterranean Scots pine-oak mixed forests

J. Aldea, M. del Río, N. Cattaneo, J. Riofrío, C. Ordóñez, S. Uzquiano and F. Bravo
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Optimizing neighborhood-based stand spatial structure: Four cases of boreal forests

Lingbo Dong, Pete Bettinger and Zhaogang Liu
Forest Ecology and Management 506 119965 (2022)

Effects of Thinning on the Growth and Relative Change in the Diameter of a Mahogany Plantation

Ping-Hsun Peng, Hsiao-Lung Pan, Sheng-Lin Tang, Chih-Ming Chiu, Hua-Le Chiang, Yu-Xuan Zhan, Yi-Ta Hsieh and Jan-Chang Chen
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Long-Term Influence of Commercial Thinning on Stand Structure and Yield With/Without Pre-Commercial Thinning of Spruce-Fir in Northern Maine, USA

Bishnu Hari Wagle, Aaron R. Weiskittel, Anil Raj Kizha, John-Pascal Berrill, Anthony W. D'Amato and David D. Marshall
SSRN Electronic Journal (2022)

Long-term influence of commercial thinning on stand structure and yield with/without pre-commercial thinning of spruce-fir in northern Maine, USA

Bishnu Hari Wagle, Aaron R. Weiskittel, Anil R. Kizha, John-Pascal Berrill, Anthony W. D'Amato and David Marshall
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Are pine-oak mixed stands in Mediterranean mountains more resilient to drought than their monospecific counterparts?

Francisco J. Muñoz-Gálvez, Asier Herrero, M. Esther Pérez-Corona and Enrique Andivia
Forest Ecology and Management 484 118955 (2021)

Colonization Pattern of Abandoned Croplands by Quercus pyrenaica in a Mediterranean Mountain Region

Antonio J. Pérez-Luque, Francisco J. Bonet-García and Regino Zamora
Forests 12 (11) 1584 (2021)

How Elemental Stoichiometric Ratios in Microorganisms Respond to Thinning Management in Larix principis-rupprechtti Mayr. Plantations of the Warm Temperate Zone in China

Mengke Cai, Shiping Xing, Xiaoqing Cheng, et al.
Forests 12 (6) 684 (2021)

Land-Use Legacies and Climate Change as a Double Challenge to Oak Forest Resilience: Mismatches of Geographical and Ecological Rear Edges

A. J. Pérez-Luque, G. Gea-Izquierdo and R. Zamora
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Oak Resprouting Survival and Competition for 19 Years after Wildfire in the Republic of Korea

Jeonghwan Kim, Joo-Hoon Lim, Moonhyun Shin, Seung-Hyun Han and Wonseok Kang
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Thinning effects on forest evolution in Masson pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.) conversion from pure plantations into mixed forests

Cheng Deng, Shougong Zhang, Yuanchang Lu, et al.
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Thinning enhances stool resistance to an extreme drought in a Mediterranean Quercus ilex L. coppice: insights for adaptation

Jose Domingo, Miguel A. Zavala and Jaime Madrigal-González
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Development of improved and comprehensive growth and yield models for genetically improved stands

Cheng Deng, Robert E. Froese, Shougong Zhang, Yuanchang Lu, Xiaojun Xu and Qingfen Li
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Short-term effects of thinning on the development and communities of understory vegetation of Chinese fir plantations in Southeastern China

Xuelei Xu, Xinjie Wang, Yang Hu, et al.
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Stump Sprout Characteristics of Three Commercial Tree Species in Suriname

Donna Ramdial, Artie Sewdien, Jerry Rasdan, Shermaine Critchlow, Noraisah Tjong-A-Hung, Alejandra Ospina, Verginia Wortel and Francis E Putz
Forests 11 (11) 1130 (2020)

Drought mitigation by thinning: Benefits from the stem to the stand along 15 years of experimental rainfall exclusion in a holm oak coppice

J. Gavinet, J.-M. Ourcival, J. Gauzere, L. García de Jalón and J.-M. Limousin
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Stem selection reduces the resprouting vigor of box-tree (Buxus sempervirens L.) understory in sub-Mediterranean pine forest

Iris Pilar Monfort-Bague, Cristina Vega-García, Jordi Jürguens, Anna Teixidó and Pere Casals
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Plantation transformation alternatives determine carbon sequestration capacity — a case study with Pinus massoniana in southern China

Lu-ping Ruan, Yuan-chang Lu and Jing-hui Meng
Journal of Mountain Science 17 (4) 919 (2020)

Modeling Early Responses of Loblolly Pine Growth to Thinning in the Western Gulf Coastal Plain Region

Y H Weng, J Grogan and D W Coble
Forest Science 66 (5) 623 (2020)

Soil Element Stoichiometry Drives Bacterial Community Composition Following Thinning in A Larix Plantation in the Subalpine Regions of Northern China

Mengke Cai, Xinhao Peng, Xiaoqin Cheng, Li Liu, Shiping Xing, Tianxiong Shang and Hairong Han
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Thinning Effects on the Tree Height–Diameter Allometry of Masson Pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.)

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Effect of climate change and local management on aboveground carbon dynamics (1987–2015) in Zagros oak forests using Landsat time-series imagery

Amir Safari and Hormoz Sohrabi
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Tree Rings of Pinus ponderosa and Juniperus virginiana Show Different Responses to Stand Density and Water Availability in the Nebraska Grasslands

R. Aus Der Au
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Effects of thinning intensity on understory vegetation and soil microbial communities of a mature Chinese pine plantation in the Loess Plateau

Peng Dang, Yang Gao, Jinliang Liu, Shichuan Yu and Zhong Zhao
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Respiratory costs of woody tissues in a Quercus pyrenaica coppice

RL Salomón, J Rodríguez-Calcerrada, L Gil and M Valbuena-Carabaña
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Thinning increases tree growth by delaying drought-induced growth cessation in a Mediterranean evergreen oak coppice

Antoine Cabon, Florent Mouillot, Morine Lempereur, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 409 333 (2018)

Thinning experiments in narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl.) plantations: 10-year results

Ali Kemal Özbayram and Emrah Çiçek
New Forests 49 (5) 585 (2018)

Thinning enhances the species-specific radial increment response to drought in Mediterranean pine-oak stands

J. Aldea, F. Bravo, A. Bravo-Oviedo, et al.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237-238 371 (2017)

Centenary coppicing maintains high levels of genetic diversity in a root resprouting oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.)

María Valbuena-Carabaña and Luis Gil
Tree Genetics & Genomes 13 (1) (2017)

Beech coppice conversion to high forest: results from a 31-year experiment in Eastern Pre-Alps

Barbara Mariotti, Giorgio Alberti, Alberto Maltoni, Andrea Tani and Pietro Piussi
Annals of Forest Science 74 (2) (2017)

Forest management and carbon sequestration in the Mediterranean region: A review

Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado, Andrés Bravo-Oviedo, Eduardo López-Senespleda, Felipe Bravo and Miren Del Rio
Forest Systems 26 (2) eR04S (2017)

On the general failure of coppice conversion into high forest in Quercus pyrenaica stands: a genetic and physiological approach

Roberto Salomón, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Inés González-Doncel, Luis Gil and María Valbuena-Carabaña
Folia Geobotanica 52 (1) 101 (2017)

On the use of stable carbon isotopes to detect the physiological impact of forest management: The case of Mediterranean coppice woodland

Giovanni Di Matteo, Pierfrancesco Nardi and Gianfranco Fabbio
Forest Ecology and Management 389 158 (2017)

Managing Forest Ecosystems: The Challenge of Climate Change

Isabel Cañellas, Mariola Sánchez-González, Stella M. Bogino, et al.
Managing Forest Ecosystems, Managing Forest Ecosystems: The Challenge of Climate Change 34 403 (2017)

A Basal Area Increment-Based Approach of Site Productivity Evaluation for Multi-Aged and Mixed Forests

Liyong Fu, Ram Sharma, Guangyu Zhu, Haikui Li, Lingxia Hong, Hong Guo, Guangshuang Duan, Chenchen Shen, Yuancai Lei, Yutang Li, Xiangdong Lei and Shouzheng Tang
Forests 8 (4) 119 (2017)

Impact of thinning intensity on the diameter and height growth ofLarix kaempferistands in central Korea

Moonil Kim, Woo-Kyun Lee, Yoo-Seoung Kim, et al.
Forest Science and Technology 12 (2) 77 (2016)

Effects of drought and nutrient deficiency on grafts originating from sound and shaken sweet chestnut trees (Castanea sativa Mill.)

C Mutabaruka, HF Cook and GP Buckley
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Response of diameter and height increment to thinning in oak-hornbeam coppice in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic

B. Fedorová, J. Kadavý, Z. Adamec, M. Kneifl and R. Knott
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Thinning increases understory diversity and biomass, and improves soil properties without decreasing growth of Chinese fir in southern China

Lili Zhou, Liping Cai, Zongming He, et al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (23) 24135 (2016)

Space–time modeling of changes in the abundance and distribution of tree species

Daniel Moreno-Fernández, Laura Hernández, Mariola Sánchez-González, Isabel Cañellas and Fernando Montes
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Unearthing the roots of degradation of Quercus pyrenaica coppices: A root-to-shoot imbalance caused by historical management?

Roberto Salomón, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Elena Zafra, et al.
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Stand Competition Determines How Different Tree Species Will Cope with a Warming Climate

Laura Fernández-de-Uña, Isabel Cañellas, Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo and Eryuan Liang
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Conversion of Mountain Beech Coppices into High Forest: An Example for Ecological Intensification

Walter Mattioli, Barbara Ferrari, Diego Giuliarelli, et al.
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Is anticipated seed cutting an effective option to accelerate transition to high forest in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) coppice stands?

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Post-fire forestry management improves fruit weight and seed set in forest coppices dominated by Arbutus unedo L.

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Technical properties of beech wood from aged coppices in central Italy

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An Inventory of Tree and Stand Growth Empirical Modelling Approaches with Potential Application in Coppice Forestry (a Review)

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Xylem and soil CO2 fluxes in a Quercus pyrenaica Willd. coppice: root respiration increases with clonal size

Roberto Salomón, María Valbuena-Carabaña, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Doug Aubrey, MaryAnne McGuire, Robert Teskey, Luis Gil and Inés González-Doncel
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Decline of Quercus crispula in abandoned coppice forests caused by secondary succession and Japanese oak wilt disease: Stand dynamics over twenty years

Haruki Nakajima and Megumi Ishida
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Predicting climate change impacts on native and invasive tree species using radial growth and twenty-first century climate scenarios

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The Response of Basal Area Increment in Old Sprout-origin Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) Trees During Their Conversion to a Coppice-with-standards

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Timber production and ecological characteristics of trees in coppice forest in the Voskop nature reserve in Český kras - a case study

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Genetic resilience in a historically profited root sprouting oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) at its southern boundary

María Valbuena-Carabaña and Luis Gil
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Productivity and cost of biomass harvesting for energy production in coppice natural stands of Quercus pyrenaica Willd. in central Spain

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Selective thinning of Arbutus unedo coppices following fire: Effects on growth at the individual and plot level

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Clonal structure influences stem growth in Quercus pyrenaica Willd. coppices: Bigger is less vigorous

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The benefits and hazards of exploiting vegetative regeneration for forest conservation management in a warming world

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Livestock management in Natura 2000: A case study in a Quercus pyrenaica neglected coppice forest

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Josep Maria Espelta, Anna Barbati, Lídia Quevedo, Reyes Tárrega, Pablo Navascués, Consuelo Bonfil, Guillermo Peguero, Marcos Fernández-Martínez and Anselm Rodrigo
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A long-term evaluation of biomass production in first and second rotations of Chinese fir plantations at the same site

D. Tian, W. Xiang, X. Chen, et al.
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Increased drought reduces acorn production in Quercus ilex coppices: thinning mitigates this effect but only in the short term

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Predicting understory maximum shrubs cover using altitude and overstory basal area in different Mediterranean forests

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Is selective thinning an adequate practice for adapting Quercus ilex coppices to climate change?

Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Ignacio M. Pérez-Ramos, Jean-Marc Ourcival, Jean-Marc Limousin, Richard Joffre and Serge Rambal
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Effects of thinning intensity on radial growth patterns and temperature sensitivity in Pinus canariensis afforestations on Tenerife Island, Spain

Gonzalo Pérez-de-Lis, Ignacio García-González, Vicente Rozas and José Ramón Arévalo
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Growth and yield models in Spain: Historical overview, Contemporary Examples and perspectives

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Modeling individual-tree mortality in Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) stands

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Response of climate-growth relationships and water use efficiency to thinning in a Pinus nigra afforestation

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Ingrowth model for pyrenean oak stands in north-western Spain using continuous forest inventory data

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Tree-ring Δ13C reveals the impact of past forest management on water-use efficiency in a Mediterranean oak coppice in Tuscany (Italy)

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Growth response of mixed mediterranean oak coppices to rainfall reduction

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Managing Forest Ecosystems: The Challenge of Climate Change

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Individual-tree diameter growth model for rebollo oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) coppices

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Sudden and sustained response of Acacia koa crop trees to crown release in stagnant stands

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A comparison of the autecology of Quercus robur L. and Q. pyrenaica Wild.: present habitat in Galicia, NW Spain

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Growth and structure development of semi-natural larch-spruce-fir (Larix olgensis–Picea jezoensis–Abies nephrolepis) forests in northeast China: 12-year results after thinning

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Autécologie du chêne tauzin (Quercus pyrenaicaWilld.) en Galice (Espagne)

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Radial-growth and wood-anatomical changes in overaged Quercus pyrenaica coppice stands: functional responses in a new Mediterranean landscape

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Conversion of clearcut beech coppices into high forests with continuous cover: A case study in central Italy

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Effects of thinning on growth of six tree species in north-temperate forests of Lithuania

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