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In situ 13CO2 labeling reveals that alpine treeline trees allocate less photoassimilates to roots compared with low-elevation trees

Yu Cong, Matthias Saurer, Edith Bai, Rolf Siegwolf, Arthur Gessler, Kai Liu, Hudong Han, Yongcai Dang, Wenhua Xu, Hong S He, Mai-He Li and Roberto Tognetti
Tree Physiology (2022)

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Fuyan Zou, Chengyi Tu, Dongmei Liu, Chaoying Yang, Wenli Wang and Zhiming Zhang
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Xue Wang, Fei-Hai Yu, Yong Jiang, Mai-He Li and Qing Ye
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Sensitivity of recruitment and growth of alpine treeline birch to elevated temperature

Haibo Du, Mai-He Li, Christian Rixen, Shengwei Zong, Michael Stambaugh, Lirong Huang, Hong S. He and Zhengfang Wu
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Intra-annual dynamics of cambial and xylem phenology in subalpine conifers at Deogyusan National Park in the Republic of Korea

Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Na-Yeon Lee and Jeong-Wook Seo
Journal of Wood Science 67 (1) (2021)

Influence of Neighborhood Competition on Douglas-Fir Growth Is Not Altered by Local Environmental Conditions and Climate

Klaus J Puettmann, Lisa M Ganio, David Woodruff and Bryn Morgan
Forest Science 67 (6) 721 (2021)

Direct and Indirect Effects of Environmental Limitations on White Spruce Xylem Anatomy at Treeline

Timo Pampuch, Alba Anadon-Rosell, Mario Trouillier, Jelena Lange and Martin Wilmking
Frontiers in Plant Science 12 (2021)

Indication of Quantitative Multiple Disease Resistance to Foliar Pathogens in Pinus radiata D.Don in New Zealand

Ahmed Ismael, Mari Suontama, Jaroslav Klápště, et al.
Frontiers in Plant Science 11 (2020)

Growth Trends of Coniferous Species along Elevational Transects in the Central European Alps Indicate Decreasing Sensitivity to Climate Warming

Walter Oberhuber, Ursula Bendler, Vanessa Gamper, et al.
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Relative Potassium Ratio Balanced the Carbon-Nitrogen Assimilation in Cotton Leaf Under Reducing Nitrogen Application

Saif Ali, Abdul Hafeez, Xiaolei Ma, Shahbaz Atta Tung and Guozheng Yang
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Microsite Effects on Physiological Performance of Betula ermanii at and Beyond an Alpine Treeline Site on Changbai Mountain in Northeast China

Dapao Yu, Qingwei Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Limin Dai and Maihe Li
Forests 10 (5) 400 (2019)

Decreased Temperature with Increasing Elevation Decreases the End-Season Leaf-to-Wood Reallocation of Resources in Deciduous Betula ermanii Cham. Trees

Yu Cong, Mai-He Li, Kai Liu, et al.
Forests 10 (2) 166 (2019)

Effects of Climate Change at Treeline: Lessons from Space-for-Time Studies, Manipulative Experiments, and Long-Term Observational Records in the Central Austrian Alps

Gerhard Wieser, Walter Oberhuber and Andreas Gruber
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Elevation alters carbon and nutrient concentrations and stoichiometry in Quercus aquifolioides in southwestern China

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Soil properties determine the elevational patterns of base cations and micronutrients in the plant–soil system up to the upper limits of trees and shrubs

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Active summer carbon storage for winter persistence in trees at the cold alpine treeline

Mai-He Li, Yong Jiang, Ao Wang, et al.
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Moisture‐mediated responsiveness of treeline shifts to global warming in the Himalayas

Shalik Ram Sigdel, Yafeng Wang, Jesus Julio Camarero, Haifeng Zhu, Eryuan Liang and Josep Peñuelas
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Warming‐induced upward migration of the alpine treeline in the Changbai Mountains, northeast China

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Consequences of Treeline Shifts for the Diversity and Function of High Altitude Ecosystems

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Resprouting ability and mobile carbohydrate reserves in an oak shrubland decline with increasing elevation on the eastern edge of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

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Do small-grain processes matter for landscape scale questions? Sensitivity of a forest landscape model to the formulation of tree growth rate

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Mountain Treelines: A Roadmap for Research Orientation

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