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Daily Climatic Data Better Explain the Radial Growth of Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra L.) in High-Elevation Cliffs in the Carpathians

Katarzyna Izworska, Tomasz Zielonka, Paweł Matulewski and Elżbieta Muter
Forests 14 (7) 1411 (2023)

Dendroecological analysis of the remote endemic Nothomyrcia fernandeziana forests of Robinson Crusoe Island in the Southeast Pacific

Pamela Almonacid, Moisés Rojas-Badilla, Carlos LeQuesne, Tomás Muñoz-Salazar and Duncan A. Christie
Dendrochronologia 81 126129 (2023)

Assessing the drought effect on tree rings' width and xylem traits plasticity in Symplocos coccinea and S. speciosa: two rare and endemic Neotropical montane oak forest trees from eastern Mexico

E. C. Rodríguez-Ramírez, D. Ruiz-Santiago, E. J. Requena-Rojas, T. Longhi-Santos, A. Suárez-Islas and I. Luna-Vega
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Responses of ancient pollarded and pruned oaks to climate and drought: Chronicles from threatened cultural woodlands

J. Julio Camarero and Cristina Valeriano
Science of The Total Environment 883 163680 (2023)

Long-term radial growth and climate-growth relationships of Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. and Quercus cerris L. in a xeric low elevation site from Hungary

Ilona Mészáros, Balázs Adorján, Balázs Nyitrai, Péter Kanalas, Viktor Oláh and Tom Levanič
Dendrochronologia 76 126014 (2022)

Growth Response of Red Oaks to Climatic Conditions in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley: Implications for Bottomland Hardwood Restoration with a Changing Climate

Junyeong Choi, Nana Tian, Jianbang Gan, Matthew Pelkki and Ouname Mhotsha
Climate 11 (1) 10 (2022)

Impact of climate and management on radial growth dynamics of two coexisting Mediterranean Quercus species in south Albania

Edmond Pasho and Arben Q Alla
Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science 84 (1) 21 (2022)

Latest developments of dendro-archaeology in the French Alps: Assessing changes in mountain forests exploitation over the last millennium

Vincent Labbas, Melaine Le Roy and Lisa Shindo
Dendrochronologia 76 126019 (2022)

Altitudinal trends in climate change result in radial growth variation of Pinus yunnanensis at an arid-hot valley of southwest China

Yang Zhou, Yujun Yi, Hongxi Liu, Jie Song, Wenfei Jia and Shanghong Zhang
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Contrasting Resource Dynamics in Mast Years for European Beech and Oak—A Continental Scale Analysis

Anita Nussbaumer, Arthur Gessler, Sue Benham, Bruno de Cinti, Sophia Etzold, Morten Ingerslev, Frank Jacob, François Lebourgeois, Tom Levanic, Hrvoje Marjanović, Manuel Nicolas, Maša Zorana Ostrogović Sever, Tibor Priwitzer, Pasi Rautio, Peter Roskams, Tanja G. M. Sanders, Maria Schmitt, Vít Šrámek, Anne Thimonier, Liisa Ukonmaanaho, Arne Verstraeten, Lars Vesterdal, Markus Wagner, Peter Waldner and Andreas Rigling
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 4 (2021)

Plant reproductive traits in old and recently-restored temperate forest understories

Cristina Blandino, Eduardo Fernández-Pascual, Álvaro Bueno and Hugh W. Pritchard
Forest Ecology and Management 496 119385 (2021)

Old forests and old carbon: A case study on the stand dynamics and longevity of aboveground carbon

Dario Martin-Benito, Neil Pederson, Macarena Férriz and Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo
Science of The Total Environment 765 142737 (2021)

Is Cork Growth a Reliable Proxy for Stem Diameter Growth in Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.)? Implications for Forest Management under Climate Change in Mediterranean Regions

Augusta Costa and Paolo Cherubini
Applied Sciences 11 (24) 11998 (2021)

A Bimodal Pattern and Age-Related Growth of Intra-Annual Wood Cell Development of Chinese Fir in Subtropical China

Yanyan Jiang, Xiongqing Zhang, Sophan Chhin and Jianguo Zhang
Frontiers in Plant Science 12 (2021)

Quercus robur survival at the rear edge in steppe: Dendrochronological evidence

Maksym Netsvetov, Yulia Prokopuk, Irina Ivanko, Oleksandr Kotovych and Maksym Romenskyy
Dendrochronologia 67 125843 (2021)

Identification of drought-tolerant tree species through climate sensitivity analysis of radial growth in Central European mixed broadleaf forests

Sebastian Fuchs, Bernhard Schuldt and Christoph Leuschner
Forest Ecology and Management 494 119287 (2021)

Soil properties are significant modifiers of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) radial increment variations and their sensitivity to drought

Saša Kostić, Lazar Kesić, Bratislav Matović, Saša Orlović, Srđan Stojnić and Dejan B. Stojanović
Dendrochronologia 67 125838 (2021)

Silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) is able to thrive and prosper under meso-Mediterranean conditions

Diego Walder, Patrik Krebs, Harald Bugmann, Maria Chiara Manetti, Martina Pollastrini, Solaria Anzillotti and Marco Conedera
Forest Ecology and Management 498 119537 (2021)

Novel dendrochronological modelling demonstrates that decades of reduced stem growth predispose trees to Acute Oak Decline

Katy Reed, Jack Forster, Sandra Denman, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 476 118441 (2020)

Tree potential growth varies more than competition among spontaneously established forest stands of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur)

Dominique Lamonica, Joern Pagel, Elena Valdés-Correcher, Didier Bert, Arndt Hampe and Frank M. Schurr
Annals of Forest Science 77 (3) (2020)

Radial growth-based assessment of sites effects on pedunculate and greyish oak in southern Romania

Constantin Nechita, Irina Macovei, Ionel Popa, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 694 133709 (2019)

Species-specific responses of wood growth to flooding and climate in floodplain forests in Central Germany

H Heklau, G Jetschke, H Bruelheide, G Seidler and S Haider
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 12 (3) 226 (2019)

Multi‐variable approach pinpoints origin of oak wood with higher precision

Linar Akhmetzyanov, Allan Buras, Ute Sass‐Klaassen, Jan den Ouden, Frits Mohren, Peter Groenendijk and Ignacio García‐González
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Groundwater Extraction in Floodplain Forests Reduces Radial Growth and Increases Summer Drought Sensitivity of Pedunculate Oak Trees (Quercus robur L.)

Georgios Skiadaresis, Julia A. Schwarz and Jürgen Bauhus
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2 (2019)

Climate-growth response of Chinese white pine (Pinus armandii) at different age groups in the Baiyunshan National Nature Reserve, central China

Jianfeng Peng, Kunyu Peng and Jinbao Li
Dendrochronologia 49 102 (2018)

Climate factors and oak decline based on tree-ring analysis. A case study of peri-urban forest in the Mediterranean area

Manuela Romagnoli, Sara Moroni, Fabio Recanatesi, Riccardo Salvati and Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 34 17 (2018)

Drought Decreases Growth and Increases Mortality of Coexisting Native and Introduced Tree Species in a Temperate Floodplain Forest

Michele Colangelo, Jesús Camarero, Francesco Ripullone, et al.
Forests 9 (4) 205 (2018)

Tree-Ring Research of Mexican Beech (Fagus Grandifolia Subsp. Mexicana) A Relict Tree Endemic to Eastern Mexico

Ernesto Chanes Rodríguez-Ramírez, Isolda Luna-Vega and Vicente Rozas
Tree-Ring Research 74 (1) 94 (2018)

Chronologies of earlywood vessels and latewood width disentangle climate drivers of oak growth in a mild oceanic region

Manuel Souto-Herrero, Vicente Rozas and Ignacio García-González
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Minor European broadleaved tree species are more drought-tolerant than Fagus sylvatica but not more tolerant than Quercus petraea

Jörg Kunz, Georg Löffler and Jürgen Bauhus
Forest Ecology and Management 414 15 (2018)

The climate to growth relationships of pedunculate oak in steppe

Maksym Netsvetov, Maksym Sergeyev, Varvara Nikulina, Volodymyr Korniyenko and Yulia Prokopuk
Dendrochronologia 44 31 (2017)

Growth variability and contrasting climatic responses of two Quercus macrolepis stands from Southern Albania

Arben Q. Alla, Edmond Pasho and Vasil Marku
Trees 31 (5) 1491 (2017)

Xylem adjustment of sessile oak at its southern distribution limits

Elisabet Martínez-Sancho, Isabel Dorado-Liñán, Ingo Heinrich, Gerhard Helle and Annette Menzel
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Does diameter increment of Lebanon oak trees (Quercus libani Oliv.) affected by pollarding in Northern Zagros, Iran?

Loghman Ghahramany, Zahed Shakeri, Elahe Ghalavand and Hedayat Ghazanfari
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Climate response of oak (Quercus spp.), an evidence of a bioclimatic boundary induced by the Carpathians

Constantin Nechita, Ionel Popa and Ólafur Eggertsson
Science of The Total Environment 599-600 1598 (2017)

Habitat age influences metacommunity assembly and species richness in successional pond ecosystems

Christopher O. Sferra, Justin L. Hart and Jennifer G. Howeth
Ecosphere 8 (6) (2017)

Responses of Contrasting Tree Functional Types to Air Warming and Drought

Elisabet Martínez-Sancho, Lizeth K. Vásconez Navas, Hannes Seidel, Isabel Dorado-Liñán and Annette Menzel
Forests 8 (11) 450 (2017)

Earlywood vessel area of Quercus pyrenaica Willd. is a powerful indicator of soil water excess at growth resumption

Ignacio García-González and Manuel Souto-Herrero
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (2) 329 (2017)

Climate response of cork growth in the Mediterranean oak (Quercus suber L.) woodlands of southwestern Portugal

A. Costa, I. Barbosa, C. Roussado, J. Graça and H. Spiecker
Dendrochronologia 38 72 (2016)

On the palaeoclimatic potential of a millennium-long oak ring width chronology from Slovakia

O. Prokop, T. Kolář, U. Büntgen, J. Kyncl, T. Kyncl, M. Bošeľa, M. Choma, P. Barta and M. Rybníček
Dendrochronologia 40 93 (2016)

Oak Decline as Illustrated Through Plant–Climate Interactions Near the Northern Edge of Species Range

Samuli Helama, Kristina Sohar, Alar Läänelaid, Hanna M. Mäkelä and Juha Raisio
The Botanical Review 82 (1) 1 (2016)

The impacts of increasing drought on forest dynamics, structure, and biodiversity in the United States

James S. Clark, Louis Iverson, Christopher W. Woodall, Craig D. Allen, David M. Bell, Don C. Bragg, Anthony W. D'Amato, Frank W. Davis, Michelle H. Hersh, Ines Ibanez, Stephen T. Jackson, Stephen Matthews, Neil Pederson, Matthew Peters, Mark W. Schwartz, Kristen M. Waring and Niklaus E. Zimmermann
Global Change Biology 22 (7) 2329 (2016)

Recent growth coherence in long-term oak (Quercus spp.) ring width chronologies in the Czech Republic

P Dobrovolný, M Rybníček, U Büntgen, et al.
Climate Research 70 (2) 133 (2016)

Consistent limitation of growth by high temperature and low precipitation from range core to southern edge of European beech indicates widespread vulnerability to changing climate

A. J. Hacket-Pain, L. Cavin, A. D. Friend and A. S. Jump
European Journal of Forest Research 135 (5) 897 (2016)

Wood uses at El Mirador Cave (Atapuerca, Burgos) based on anthracology and dendrology

Itxaso Euba, Ethel Allué and Francesc Burjachs
Quaternary International 414 285 (2016)

Modeling of groundwater level fluctuations using dendrochronology in alluvial aquifers

V. Gholami, K.W. Chau, F. Fadaee, J. Torkaman and A. Ghaffari
Journal of Hydrology 529 1060 (2015)

Individual-based approach as a useful tool to disentangle the relative importance of tree age, size and inter-tree competition in dendroclimatic studies

V Rozas
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 8 (2) 187 (2015)

Dendroclimatological approach to evaluate Tectona grandis L. for moisture stress response

N. Praveen Kumar, A. S. Devakumar, M. S. Sheshshayee and M. V. Mohankumar
Trees 28 (4) 1053 (2014)

Dendroclimatic signals of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in Estonia

Kristina Sohar, Alar Läänelaid, Dieter Eckstein, Samuli Helama and Jaak Jaagus
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Species-specific climate response of oaks (Quercus spp.) under identical environmental conditions

TGM Sanders, R Pitman and MSJ Broadmeadow
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 7 (2) 61 (2014)

Oak decline in a southern Finnish forest as affected by a drought sequence

Kristina Sohar, Samuli Helama, Alar Läänelaid, Juha Raisio and Heikki Tuomenvirta
Geochronometria 41 (1) 92 (2014)

Oak decline analyzed using intraannual radial growth indices, δ13C series and climate data from a rural hemiboreal landscape in southwesternmost Finland

S. Helama, A. Läänelaid, J. Raisio, et al.
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Climatic response and impacts of drought on oaks at urban and forest sites

Sten Gillner, Juliane Vogt and Andreas Roloff
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The benefits and hazards of exploiting vegetative regeneration for forest conservation management in a warming world

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Resistance of European tree species to drought stress in mixed versus pure forests: evidence of stress release by inter‐specific facilitation

H. Pretzsch, G. Schütze and E. Uhl
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Too wet for oaks? Inter-tree competition and recent persistent wetness predispose oaks to rainfall-induced dieback in Atlantic rainy forest

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Changes in climatic signals of English oak tree-ring width and cross-section area of earlywood vessels in Latvia during the period 1900–2009

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Non-stationary influence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation and winter temperature on oak latewood growth in NW Iberian Peninsula

Vicente Rozas and Ignacio García-González
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A dendroclimatic investigation of radial growth–climate relationships for the riparian species Cercidiphyllum japonicum in the Shennongjia area, central China

Dong He, Ming-Xi Jiang and Xin-Zeng Wei
Trees 26 (2) 503 (2012)

Age-specific responses to climate identified in the growth of Quercus alba

Carolyn A. Copenheaver, Christopher J. Crawford and Todd M. Fearer
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Temporal aspects of Quercus rubra decline and relationship to climate in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas

L.J. Haavik, D.W. Stahle and F.M. Stephen
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Spatial variation and temporal instability in climate-growth relationships of sessile oak (Quercus petraea [Matt.] Liebl.) under temperate conditions

Pierre Mérian, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Laurent Bergès and François Lebourgeois
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Responses to climate by tree-ring widths and maximum latewood densities of two Abies species at upper and lower altitudinal distribution limits in central Japan

Koichi Takahashi, Isao Okuhara, Yohei Tokumitsu and Koh Yasue
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Detecting instabilities in tree-ring proxy calibration

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Variations of vessel diameter and δ13C in false rings of Arbutus unedo L. reflect different environmental conditions

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Climate change and oak growth decline: Dendroecology and stand productivity of a Turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) old stored coppice in Central Italy

Alfredo Di Filippo, Alfredo Alessandrini, Franco Biondi, Silvia Blasi, Luigi Portoghesi and Gianluca Piovesan
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Detecting instabilities in tree-ring proxy calibration

H. Visser, U. Büntgen, R. D'Arrigo and A. C. Petersen
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Age-related variation in carbon allocation at tree and stand scales in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) using a chronosequence approach

H. Genet, N. Breda and E. Dufrene
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Climate-growth variability in Quercus ilex L. west Iberian open woodlands of different stand density

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Spatial and age-dependent tree-ring growth responses of Larix gmelinii to climate in northeastern China

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Oak decline in Helsinki portrayed by tree-rings, climate and soil data

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Differential tree-growth responses to local and large-scale climatic variation in two Pinus and two Quercus species in northwest Spain

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Oaks, tree-rings and wooden cultural heritage: a review of the main characteristics and applications of oak dendrochronology in Europe

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Complex climate controls on 20th century oak growth in Central-West Germany

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Growth response functions improved by accounting for nonclimatic site effects

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Variation in wood volatile compounds in a mixed oak stand: strong species and spatial differentiation in whisky-lactone content

Andrei Prida, Alexis Ducousso, Rémy J. Petit, Gérard Nepveu and Jean-Louis Puech
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Climatic significance of tree-ring width and intra-annual density fluctuations in Pinus pinea from a dry Mediterranean area in Portugal

Filipe Campelo, Cristina Nabais, Helena Freitas and Emilia Gutiérrez
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Effect of species and ecological conditions on ellagitannin content in oak wood from an even-aged and mixed stand ofQuercus roburL. andQuercus petraeaLiebl.

Andrei Prida, Jean-Claude Boulet, Alexis Ducousso, Gérard Nepveu and Jean-Louis Puech
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Radial-growth and wood anatomical changes inAbies albainfected byMelampsorella caryophyllacearum: a dendroecological assessment of fungal damage

Alejandro Solla, Ángela Sánchez-Miranda and Jesús Julio Camarero
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