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Quantification of Impact of Land Use Systems on Runoff and Soil Loss from Ravine Ecosystem of Western India

Gopal Lal Meena, Bira Kishore Sethy, Hem Raj Meena, Shakir Ali, Ashok Kumar, Rajive Kumar Singh, Raghuvir Singh Meena, Ram Bhawan Meena, Gulshan Kumar Sharma, Bansi Lal Mina and Kuldeep Kumar
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Effects of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica afforestation on soil physicochemical properties at the southern edge of the Mu Us Sandy Land, China

Weijie Yu, Zheng Zhang, Qiang Li, Jiatong Zou, Zhidao Feng and Ting Wen
Forest Ecology and Management 545 121254 (2023)

Linking fungal community structure with soil nitrogen dynamics following forest conversion in a subalpine forest in China

Lixia Wang, Shuangjia Fu, Haoying Gao, Huichao Li, Yang Liu, Li Zhang, Han Li, Chengming You, Sining Liu, Bo Tan, Qinli Xiong, Zhenfeng Xu and Douglas Godbold
Geoderma 433 116448 (2023)

The Response of Carbon Stocks to Land Use/Cover Change and a Vulnerability Multi-Scenario Analysis of the Karst Region in Southern China Based on PLUS-InVEST

Shuanglong Du, Zhongfa Zhou, Denghong Huang, Fuxianmei Zhang, Fangfang Deng and Yue Yang
Forests 14 (12) 2307 (2023)

Land-Use Change Enhanced SOC Mineralization but Did Not Significantly Affect Its Storage in the Surface Layer

Haikuo Zhang, Xuli Zheng, Yanjiang Cai and Scott X. Chang
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (5) 3020 (2022)

Priming effect in semi-arid soils of northern Ethiopia under different land use types

Chukwuebuka C. Okolo, Ezekiel Bore, Girmay Gebresamuel, Amanuel Zenebe, Mitiku Haile, James N. Nwite and Michaela A. Dippold
Biogeochemistry 158 (3) 383 (2022)

Changes in soil carbon and nitrogen stocks after conversion of subtropical natural forest to loblolly pine plantations

Mariana Alves Ibarr, Josiléia Acordi Zanatta, Jeferson Dieckow, Marcos Fernando Glück Rachwal, Ricardo Henrique Ribeiro, Denise Jeton Cardoso, Bruna Ramalho and James Stahl
European Journal of Forest Research 141 (1) 31 (2022)

Assessing Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Land Use and Cover Change and Carbon Storage in China’s Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone: A Case Study in Fujian Province

Shengpeng Li, Yingui Cao, Jianling Liu, Shufei Wang and Wenxiang Zhou
Remote Sensing 14 (16) 4111 (2022)

Soil mineralized carbon drives more carbon stock in coniferous-broadleaf mixed plantations compared to pure plantations

Zhenzhen Hao, Zhanjun Quan, Yu Han, Chen Lv, Xiang Zhao, Wenjie Jing, Linghui Zhu and Junyong Ma
PeerJ 10 e13542 (2022)

Variations in Soil C, N, P Stocks and Stoichiometry With Soil Depth and Forest Types in Qilian Mountains of Northwest China

Mujibur Rahman, Yanhui Wang, Kebin Zhang, Bilal Ahmad, Ashfaq Ali, Adnan Ahamd, Dost Muhammad, Muhammad Afzaal, Ziyou Zhang and Eve Bohnett
Frontiers in Environmental Science 10 (2022)

The biodiversity and ecosystem service contributions and trade-offs of forest restoration approaches

Fangyuan Hua, L. Adrian Bruijnzeel, Paula Meli, Philip A. Martin, Jun Zhang, Shinichi Nakagawa, Xinran Miao, Weiyi Wang, Christopher McEvoy, Jorge Luis Peña-Arancibia, Pedro H. S. Brancalion, Pete Smith, David P. Edwards and Andrew Balmford
Science 376 (6595) 839 (2022)

Natural Advance Regeneration of Native Tree Species in Pinus radiata Plantations of South-Central Chile Suggests Potential for a Passive Restoration Approach

Klaus Kremer, Álvaro Promis and Jürgen Bauhus
Ecosystems 25 (5) 1096 (2022)

Effects of Mixture Mode on the Canopy Bidirectional Reflectance of Coniferous–Broadleaved Mixed Plantations

Zijing He, Simei Lin, Kunjian Wen, Wenqian Hao and Ling Chen
Forests 13 (2) 235 (2022)

Karışık baltalık ormanların sahil çamına dönüştürülmesinin toprak ve ölü örtüdeki organik karbon ve besin maddesi stoklarına etkisi

Selin ÖZBAY and Doğanay TOLUNAY
Ormancılık Araştırma Dergisi 8 (1) 12 (2021)

Effects of plant species on soil quality in natural and planted areas of a forest park in northern Iran

Misagh Parhizkar, Mahmood Shabanpour, Isabel Miralles, Demetrio Antonio Zema and Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja
Science of The Total Environment 778 146310 (2021)

On Landscape Patterns in Typical Mountainous Counties Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River in China

Yang Yi, Mingchang Shi, Chunjiang Liu, Hongzhang Kang and Bin Wang
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (8) 4000 (2021)

Spatiotemporal changes of carbon storage in forest carbon pools of Western Turkey: 1972–2016

Derya Mumcu Kucuker
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192 (8) (2020)

Assessments of foliar functional traits of understory shrubs in two 13-year reforested plantations in subtropical China

Qifeng Mo, Qiang Lin, Wenjuan Wang, Qing Zhou, Zhongtong Peng, Yiqun Chen, Yiying Wang and Qian Zhao
Global Ecology and Conservation 23 e01202 (2020)

Converting evergreen broad-leaved forests into tea and Moso bamboo plantations affects labile carbon pools and the chemical composition of soil organic carbon

Haibo Wang, Jin Jin, Peiyao Yu, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 711 135225 (2020)

Soil organic carbon density and its driving factors in forest ecosystems across a northwestern province in China

Jin-Hong Guan, Lei Deng, Jian-Guo Zhang, et al.
Geoderma 352 1 (2019)

Conversion of Natural Evergreen Broadleaved Forests Decreases Soil Organic Carbon but Increases the Relative Contribution of Microbial Residue in Subtropical China

Liuming Yang, Silu Chen, Yan Li, et al.
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Spatiotemporal patterns of carbon storage in forest ecosystems in Hunan Province, China

Long-Chi Chen, Xin Guan, Hai-Mei Li, et al.
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Species Discrimination of Plantations in Subtropical China Using 4-Band VHR Imagery and an Operational Image Analysis Framework

Ling Chen, Guangyi Mei, Kai Yan, Wenqian Hao and Xiaolong Yu
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Simulated leaf litter addition causes opposite priming effects on natural forest and plantation soils

Maokui Lyu, Jinsheng Xie, Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, et al.
Biology and Fertility of Soils 54 (8) 925 (2018)

Conversion from temperate secondary forests into plantations (Larix spp.): Impact on belowground carbon and nutrient pools in northeastern China

Kai Yang, Jiaojun Zhu, Shuang Xu and Xiao Zheng
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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functional Enhancement by Forest Restoration: A Meta‐analysis in China

Yanjiao Ren, Yihe Lü, Bojie Fu and Kun Zhang
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Coupling of plant and soil C:N:P stoichiometry in black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) plantations on the Loess Plateau, China

Yang Cao and Yunming Chen
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Recovery time of soil carbon pools of conversional Chinese fir plantations from broadleaved forests in subtropical regions, China

Long-Chi Chen, Hua Wang, Xin Yu, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 587-588 296 (2017)

Comparison of different interpolation methods for spatial distribution of soil organic carbon and some soil properties in the Black Sea backward region of Turkey

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Carbon stocks and changes of dead organic matter in China's forests

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Analysing the spatial and temporal dynamics of species interactions in mixed-species forests and the effects of stand density using the 3-PG model

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Long-Chi Chen, Meng-Jie Liang and Si-Long Wang
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Understory fine roots are more ephemeral than those of trees in subtropical Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook) stands

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Carbon stock of larch plantations and its comparison with an old-growth forest in northeast China

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Estimating changes in soil organic carbon storage due to land use changes using a modified calculation method

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Understory vegetation leads to changes in soil acidity and in microbial communities 27years after reforestation

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Science of The Total Environment 502 280 (2015)

Aerial Seeding: An Effective Forest Restoration Method in Highly Degraded Forest Landscapes of Sub-Tropic Regions

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Forest biomass recovery after different anthropogenic disturbances: relative importance of changes in stand structure and wood density

Dunmei Lin, Jiangshan Lai, Bo Yang, et al.
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Forest conversion stimulated deep soil C losses and decreased C recalcitrance through priming effect in subtropical China

Maokui Lü, Jinsheng Xie, Chao Wang, et al.
Biology and Fertility of Soils 51 (7) 857 (2015)

Long-term effects of different land use types on C, N, and P stoichiometry and storage in subtropical ecosystems: A case study in China

Yang Gao, Nianpeng He, Guirui Yu, Weiliang Chen and Qiufeng Wang
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Forest Overstory Effect on Soil Organic Carbon Storage: A Meta‐analysis

Antra Boča, Helga Van Miegroet and Marie-Cécile Gruselle
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Converting native shrub forests to Chinese chestnut plantations and subsequent intensive management affected soil C and N pools

Yongfu Li, Jiaojiao Zhang, Scott X. Chang, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 312 161 (2014)

Christoph Leuschner, Alexandra Zach, Gerald Moser, Jürgen Homeier, Sophie Graefe, Dietrich Hertel, Bärbel Wittich, Nathalie Soethe, Susanne Iost, Marina Röderstein, Viviana Horna and Katrin Wolf
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Biomass carbon pools ofCunninghamia lanceolata(Lamb.) Hook. forests in subtropical China: Characteristics and potential

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Effects of nitrogen deposition on carbon sequestration in Chinese fir forest ecosystems

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Ecosystem Carbon Stock Influenced by Plantation Practice: Implications for Planting Forests as a Measure of Climate Change Mitigation

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The impact of land use/cover change on storage and quality of soil organic carbon in midsubtropical mountainous area of southern China

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