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The Minimum Target Diameter and the Harvest Age of Oak Natural Secondary Forests in Different Sites Conditions: Case Study in Hunan Province, China

Wenbiao You and Guangyu Zhu
Forests 15 (1) 120 (2024)

Twenty years of population dynamics in European beech-oak forest at their rear range margin anticipate changes in its structure and composition

Álvaro Rubio-Cuadrado, Iciar Alberdi, Isabel Cañellas, Fernando Montes, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Rosana López, Guillermo G. Gordaliza, María Valbuena-Carabaña, Nikos Nanos, Ramón Perea and Luis Gil
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Influence of management and stand composition on ecosystem multifunctionality of Mediterranean tree forests

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Shifts in dominance and complementarity between sessile oak and beech along ecological gradients

Kristoffel Jacobs, Mathieu Jonard, Bart Muys and Quentin Ponette
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Long-Term Productivity of Monospecific and Mixed Oak (Quercus petraea [Matt.] Liebl. and Quercus robur L.) Stands in Germany: Growth Dynamics and the Effect of Stand Structure

Kilian Stimm, Michael Heym, Ralf-Volker Nagel, Enno Uhl and Hans Pretzsch
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Thinning-response modifier term in growth models: An application on clonal Tectona grandis Linn F. stands at the amazonian region

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Beech and hornbeam dominate oak 20 years after the creation of storm-induced gaps

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Assessing Forest Structural and Topographic Effects on Habitat Productivity for the Endangered Apennine Brown Bear

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Mixing increases drought exposure through a faster growth in beech, but not in oak

Kristoffel Jacobs, Damien Bonal, Catherine Collet, Bart Muys and Quentin Ponette
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Impact of successive spring frosts on leaf phenology and radial growth in three deciduous tree species with contrasting climate requirements in central Spain

Álvaro Rubio-Cuadrado, J Julio Camarero, Jesús Rodríguez-Calcerrada, Ramón Perea, Cristina Gómez, Fernando Montes, Luis Gil and Roberto Tognetti
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Influence of forest stand characteristics on physical, mechanical properties and chemistry of chestnut wood

Francesco Marini, Maria Chiara Manetti, Piermaria Corona, Luigi Portoghesi, Vittorio Vinciguerra, Swati Tamantini, Elena Kuzminsky, Florian Zikeli and Manuela Romagnoli
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Oak often needs to be promoted in mixed beech-oak stands - the structural processes behind competition and silvicultural management in mixed stands of European beech and sessile oak

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A recruitment model for beech–oak pure and mixed stands in Belgium

Rubén Manso, Gauthier Ligot and Mathieu Fortin
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Competition overrides climate as trigger of growth decline in a mixed Fagaceae Mediterranean rear-edge forest

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Using heterogeneity indices to adjust basal area – Leaf area index relationship in managed coniferous stands

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The PROFOUND Database for evaluating vegetation models and simulating climate impacts on European forests

Christopher P. O. Reyer, Ramiro Silveyra Gonzalez, Klara Dolos, et al.
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Confessions of solitary oaks: We grow fast but we fear the drought

Tobias Scharnweber, Lisa Heinze, Roberto Cruz-García, Marieke van der Maaten-Theunissen and Martin Wilmking
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Thinning Can Reduce Losses in Carbon Use Efficiency and Carbon Stocks in Managed Forests Under Warmer Climate

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Mixed-species versus monocultures in plantation forestry: Development, benefits, ecosystem services and perspectives for the future

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Dynamics, Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests

Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado, Michael Heym, Lars Drössler, et al.
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Mixing Effects in Norway Spruce—European Beech Stands Are Modulated by Site Quality, Stand Age and Moisture Availability

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Regeneration dynamics of mixed stands of Pinus pinaster Ait. and Pinus pinea L. in Central Spain

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Dynamics, Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests

Miren del Río, Hans Pretzsch, Iciar Alberdi, et al.
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Knowledge gaps about mixed forests: What do European forest managers want to know and what answers can science provide?

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Competition, tree age and size drive the productivity of mixed forests of pedunculate oak, beech and red oak

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Tree ring wood density of Scots pine and European beech lower in mixed-species stands compared with monocultures

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Tracking the leading edge of Fagus sylvatica in North-Western Iberia: Holocene migration inertia, forest succession and recent global change

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Characterization of the structure, dynamics, and productivity of mixed-species stands: review and perspectives

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Growth partitioning in forest stands is affected by stand density and summer drought in sessile oak and Douglas-fir

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Analyzing size-symmetric vs. size-asymmetric and intra- vs. inter-specific competition in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) mixed stands

Miren del Río, Sonia Condés and Hans Pretzsch
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Temporal variation of competition and facilitation in mixed species forests in Central Europe

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Extreme drought alters competitive dominance within and between tree species in a mixed forest stand

Liam Cavin, Edward P. Mountford, George F. Peterken, Alistair S. Jump and David Whitehead
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Productivity of mixed versus pure stands of oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. and Quercus robur L.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) along an ecological gradient

Hans Pretzsch, Kamil Bielak, Joachim Block, et al.
European Journal of Forest Research 132 (2) 263 (2013)

Crown plasticity reduces inter-tree competition in a mixed broadleaved forest

Fleur Longuetaud, Alexandre Piboule, Holger Wernsdörfer and Catherine Collet
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Accounting for serial correlation and its impact on forecasting ability of a fixed- and mixed-effects basal area model: a case study

Shawn X. Meng, Shongming Huang, Curtis L. Vanderschaaf, Yuqing Yang and Guillermo Trincado
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Structure and diversity of a natural temperate sessile oak (Quercus petraea L.) – European Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forest

Any Mary Petritan, Iovu Adrian Biris, Oliver Merce, Daniel Ond Turcu and Ion Catalin Petritan
Forest Ecology and Management 280 140 (2012)

Forest structure and soil fertility determine internal stem morphology of Pedunculate oak: a modelling approach using boosted regression trees

Vincent Kint, Dries Vansteenkiste, Wim Aertsen, et al.
European Journal of Forest Research 131 (3) 609 (2012)

Fagacées: a tree-centered growth and yield model for sessile oak (Quercus petraea L.) and common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Gilles Le Moguédec and Jean-François Dhôte
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Radial growth change of temperate tree species in response to altered regional climate and air quality in the period 1901–2008

Vincent Kint, Wim Aertsen, Matteo Campioli, et al.
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Competition and facilitation between tree species change with stand development

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Drought‐driven growth reduction in old beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests of the central Apennines, Italy

Global Change Biology 14 (6) 1265 (2008)

Rank reversals in tree growth along tree size, competition and climatic gradients for four forest canopy dominant species in Central Spain

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A state-space approach to stand growth modelling of European beech

Thomas Nord-Larsen and Vivian K. Johannsen
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A growth model for Pinus radiata D. Don stands in north-western Spain

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Modelling stand basal area growth for radiata pine plantations in Northwestern Spain using the GADA

Fernando Castedo-Dorado, Ulises Diéguez-Aranda, Marcos Barrio-Anta and Juan Gabriel Álvarez-Gonzàlez
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Estimating the sustainable harvesting and the stable diameter distribution of European beech with projection matrix models

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