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Tree growth responses to extreme drought after mechanical thinning and prescribed fire in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest, USA

Harold S.J. Zald, Chance C. Callahan, Matthew D. Hurteau, Marissa J. Goodwin and Malcolm P. North
Forest Ecology and Management 510 120107 (2022)

Toward a Beech-Dominated Alternative Stable State in Dinaric Mixed Montane Forests: A Long-Term Study of the Pecka Old-Growth Forest

Jurij Diaci, Tomaz Adamic, Gal Fidej and Dusan Rozenbergar
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Intermediate disturbances drive long‐term fluctuation in old‐growth forest biomass: an 84‐yr temperate forest record

Kerry D. Woods and Christel C. Kern
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Mature forests hold maximum live biomass stocks

Juan Alberto Molina-Valero, J. Julio Camarero, Juan Gabriel Álvarez-González, Matteo Cerioni, Andrea Hevia, Raúl Sánchez-Salguero, Dario Martin-Benito and César Pérez-Cruzado
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Intermediate disturbances are a key driver of long‐term tree demography across old‐growth temperate forests

Thomas A. Nagel, Dejan Firm and Andrej Rozman
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Limited sink but large storage: Biomass dynamics in naturally developing beech (Fagus sylvatica) and oak (Quercus robur, Quercus petraea) forests of north‐western Germany

Peter Meyer, Rouven Nagel and Eike Feldmann
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Multi‐decade tree mortality in temperate old‐growth forests of Europe and North America: Non‐equilibrial dynamics and species‐individualistic response to disturbance

Kerry D. Woods, Thomas A. Nagel, Bogdan Brzeziecki, C. Mark Cowell, Dejan Firm, Peter Jaloviar, Stanislav Kucbel, Yiching Lin, Zbigniew Maciejewski, Jerzy Szwagrzyk and Jaroslav Vencurik
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Quantifying old-growthness of lowland European beech forests by a multivariate indicator for forest structure

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Long‐term development of species richness in a central European beech (Fagus sylvatica) forest affected by windthrow—Support for the intermediate disturbance hypothesis?

Peter Meyer, Marcus Schmidt, Eike Feldmann, Jürgen Willig and Robert Larkin
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Dead or Alive: Drivers of Wind Mortality Initiate Multiple Disturbance Regime in a Temperate Primeval Mountain Forest

Ivana Vašíčková, Pavel Šamonil, Jakub Kašpar, Andrea Román-Sánchez, Tomáš Chuman and Dušan Adam
Forests 12 (11) 1599 (2021)

Reference state and benchmark concepts for better biodiversity conservation in contemporary ecosystems

Megan J. McNellie, Ian Oliver, Josh Dorrough, Simon Ferrier, Graeme Newell and Philip Gibbons
Global Change Biology 26 (12) 6702 (2020)

Disturbance History and Dynamics of an Old-Growth Nothofagus Forest in Southern Patagonia

Mariano Martín Amoroso and Ana Paula Blazina
Forests 11 (1) 101 (2020)

Woody species-specific disturbance regimes and strategies in mixed mountain temperate forests in the Šumava Mts., Czech Republic

Jakub Kašpar, Pavel Šamonil, Ivana Vašíčková, Dušan Adam and Pavel Daněk
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Quantifying wind damage associated with variable retention harvesting in coastal British Columbia

W.J. Beese, T.P. Rollerson and C.M. Peters
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Structural Diversity in a Mixed Spruce-Fir-Beech Old-Growth Forest Remnant of the Western Carpathians

Zuzana Parobeková, Ján Pittner, Stanislav Kucbel, et al.
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What Are Intermediate-Severity Forest Disturbances and Why Are They Important?

Justin Hart and Jonathan Kleinman
Forests 9 (9) 579 (2018)

Forest recovery in set-aside windthrow is facilitated by fast growth of advance regeneration

Jerzy Szwagrzyk, Zbigniew Maciejewski, Ewa Maciejewska, Andrzej Tomski and Anna Gazda
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Canopy gap dynamics and tree understory release in a virgin beech forest, Slovakian Carpathians

Eike Feldmann, Lars Drößler, Markus Hauck, et al.
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Modeling Tree Growth Taking into Account Carbon Source and Sink Limitations

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Models of disturbance driven dynamics in the West Carpathian spruce forests

Jan Holeksa, Peter Jaloviar, Stanislav Kucbel, et al.
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Tree mortality after wind disturbance differs among tree species more than among habitat types in a lowland forest in northeastern Poland

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The true response of Fagus sylvatica L. to disturbances: A basis for the empirical inference of release criteria for temperate forests

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Disturbance and regeneration dynamics of a mixed Korean pine dominated forest on Changbai Mountain, North-Eastern China

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Individual‐based approach to the detection of disturbance history through spatial scales in a natural beech‐dominated forest

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Jurij Diaci, Tomaz Adamic and Andrej Rozman
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Structure and diversity of a natural temperate sessile oak (Quercus petraea L.) – European Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forest

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Age structure and disturbance dynamics of the relic virgin beech forest Uholka (Ukrainian Carpathians)

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Tree size distribution at increasing spatial scales converges to the rotated sigmoid curve in two old-growth beech stands of the Italian Apennines

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Modelling the risks of natural stand closure release with ageing in pure beech (Fagus sylvatica) and spruce (Picea abies) stands

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Hot spots of vegetation‐climate feedbacks under future greenhouse forcing in Europe

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Stand dynamics of Dinaric old‐growth forest in Slovenia: Are indirect human influences relevant?

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A tree-ring reconstruction of wind disturbances in a forest of the Slovakian Tatra Mountains, Western Carpathians

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Canopy gaps in an old-growth fir-beech forest remnant of Western Carpathians

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Identifying dendroecological growth releases in American beech, jack pine, and white oak: Within-tree sampling strategy

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The rise and fall of the black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) in the “Siro Negri” Forest Reserve (Lombardy, Italy): lessons learned and future uncertainties

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