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Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris L.) Resilience to Climate Change: Insights from Coppice Forests in Southern and Central Europe

Michaela Šimková, Stanislav Vacek, Václav Šimůnek, Zdeněk Vacek, Jan Cukor, Vojtěch Hájek, Lukáš Bílek, Anna Prokůpková, Igor Štefančík, Zuzana Sitková and Ivan Lukáčik
Forests 14 (12) 2403 (2023)

Using the dendro-climatological signal of urban trees as a measure of urbanization and urban heat island

Christoph Schneider, Burkhard Neuwirth, Sebastian Schneider, Daniel Balanzategui, Stefanie Elsholz, Daniel Fenner, Fred Meier and Ingo Heinrich
Urban Ecosystems 25 (3) 849 (2022)

Drought and cold spells trigger dieback of temperate oak and beech forests in northern Spain

J. Julio Camarero, Michele Colangelo, Antonio Gazol and Cesar Azorín-Molina
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The European Heat Wave 2018: The Dendroecological Response of Oak and Spruce in Western Germany

Burkhard Neuwirth, Inken Rabbel, Jörg Bendix, Heye R. Bogena and Boris Thies
Forests 12 (3) 283 (2021)

Dendroclimatic investigations and cross-dating in the 1700s: the tree-ring investigations of Johan Leche (1704–1764) in southwestern Finland

Stefan Norrgård and Samuli Helama
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 51 (2) 267 (2021)

Tree growth influenced by warming winter climate and summer moisture availability in northern temperate forests

Jill E. Harvey, Marko Smiljanić, Tobias Scharnweber, Allan Buras, Anna Cedro, Roberto Cruz‐García, Igor Drobyshev, Karolina Janecka, Āris Jansons, Ryszard Kaczka, Marcin Klisz, Alar Läänelaid, Roberts Matisons, Lena Muffler, Kristina Sohar, Barbara Spyt, Juliane Stolz, Ernst van der Maaten, Marieke van der Maaten‐Theunissen, Adomas Vitas, Robert Weigel, Jürgen Kreyling and Martin Wilmking
Global Change Biology 26 (4) 2505 (2020)

How do social status and tree architecture influence radial growth, wood density and drought response in spontaneously established oak forests?

Raquel Alfaro-Sánchez, Elena Valdés-Correcher, Josep Maria Espelta, Arndt Hampe and Didier Bert
Annals of Forest Science 77 (2) (2020)

Groundwater Extraction in Floodplain Forests Reduces Radial Growth and Increases Summer Drought Sensitivity of Pedunculate Oak Trees (Quercus robur L.)

Georgios Skiadaresis, Julia A. Schwarz and Jürgen Bauhus
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2 (2019)

Geographic determinants of spatial patterns of Quercus robur forest stands in Latvia: biophysical conditions and past management

Z Rendenieks, G Brumelis, O Nikodemus and D Elferts
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 12 (4) 349 (2019)

Thinning around old oaks in spruce production forests: current practices show no positive effect on oak growth rates and need fine tuning

Igor Drobyshev, Maria Koch Widerberg, Mikael Andersson, Xiaoming Wang and Matts Lindbladh
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 34 (2) 126 (2019)

Distinct growth responses to drought for oak and beech in temperate mixed forests

Margot Vanhellemont, Rita Sousa-Silva, Sybryn L. Maes, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 650 3017 (2019)

Drought Decreases Growth and Increases Mortality of Coexisting Native and Introduced Tree Species in a Temperate Floodplain Forest

Michele Colangelo, Jesús Camarero, Francesco Ripullone, et al.
Forests 9 (4) 205 (2018)

Growth-climate relations and the enhancement of drought signals in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) tree-ring chronology in Eastern Hungary

M Árvai, A Morgós and Z Kern
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 11 (2) 267 (2018)

Climate response of oak (Quercus spp.), an evidence of a bioclimatic boundary induced by the Carpathians

Constantin Nechita, Ionel Popa and Ólafur Eggertsson
Science of The Total Environment 599-600 1598 (2017)

Impact of climate change on tree-ring growth of Scots pine, common beech and pedunculate oak in northeastern Germany

A Bauwe, G Jurasinski, T Scharnweber, C Schröder and B Lennartz
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Meteorological Drivers of Extremes in Daily Stem Radius Variations of Beech, Oak, and Pine in Northeastern Germany: An Event Coincidence Analysis

Jonatan F. Siegmund, Tanja G. M. Sanders, Ingo Heinrich, et al.
Frontiers in Plant Science 7 (2016)

On the palaeoclimatic potential of a millennium-long oak ring width chronology from Slovakia

O. Prokop, T. Kolář, U. Büntgen, J. Kyncl, T. Kyncl, M. Bošeľa, M. Choma, P. Barta and M. Rybníček
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Consistent limitation of growth by high temperature and low precipitation from range core to southern edge of European beech indicates widespread vulnerability to changing climate

A. J. Hacket-Pain, L. Cavin, A. D. Friend and A. S. Jump
European Journal of Forest Research 135 (5) 897 (2016)

Deep Soil Conditions Make Mediterranean Cork Oak Stem Growth Vulnerable to Autumnal Rainfall Decline in Tunisia

Lobna Zribi, Florent Mouillot, Frederic Guibal, et al.
Forests 7 (12) 245 (2016)

Tree Species Establishment in Urban Forest in Relation to Vegetation Composition, Tree Canopy Gap Area and Soil Factors

Ilze Jankovska, Guntis Brūmelis, Oļģerts Nikodemus, et al.
Forests 6 (12) 4451 (2015)

Individual-based approach as a useful tool to disentangle the relative importance of tree age, size and inter-tree competition in dendroclimatic studies

V Rozas
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 8 (2) 187 (2015)

Oak decline in a southern Finnish forest as affected by a drought sequence

Kristina Sohar, Samuli Helama, Alar Läänelaid, Juha Raisio and Heikki Tuomenvirta
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Dendroclimatic signals of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in Estonia

Kristina Sohar, Alar Läänelaid, Dieter Eckstein, Samuli Helama and Jaak Jaagus
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Oak decline analyzed using intraannual radial growth indices, δ13C series and climate data from a rural hemiboreal landscape in southwesternmost Finland

S. Helama, A. Läänelaid, J. Raisio, et al.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186 (8) 4697 (2014)

Long-term response of understorey cover, basal area and diversity to stand density in a mixed oak forest on the Síkfőkút plot in Hungary

T. Misik, K. Varga, Zs. Veres, I. Kárász and B. Tóthmérész
Journal of Forest Science 59 (8) 319 (2013)

Species specific growth responses of black spruce and trembling aspen may enhance resilience of boreal forest to climate change

Igor Drobyshev, Sylvie Gewehr, Frank Berninger, Yves Bergeron and Matt McGlone
Journal of Ecology 101 (1) 231 (2013)

Climatic response and impacts of drought on oaks at urban and forest sites

Sten Gillner, Juliane Vogt and Andreas Roloff
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12 (4) 597 (2013)

Rising temperatures explain past immigration of the thermophilic oak-inhabiting beetle Coraebus florentinus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in south-west Germany

Jörn Buse, Eva Maria Griebeler and Manfred Niehuis
Biodiversity and Conservation 22 (5) 1115 (2013)

Differential radial growth patterns between beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and oak (Quercus robur L.) on periodically waterlogged soils

T. Scharnweber, M. Manthey and M. Wilmking
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Changes in climatic signals of English oak tree-ring width and cross-section area of earlywood vessels in Latvia during the period 1900–2009

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Growth responses of sessile oak to climate and hydrological regime in the Zbytka Nature Reserve, Czech Republic

Alžběta Čejková and Simona Poláková
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Drought matters – Declining precipitation influences growth of Fagus sylvatica L. and Quercus robur L. in north-eastern Germany

Tobias Scharnweber, Michael Manthey, Christian Criegee, Andreas Bauwe, Christian Schröder and Martin Wilmking
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One dry summer: A leaf proteome study on the response of oak to drought exposure

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Marie Andersson, Per Milberg and Karl-Olof Bergman
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Masting behaviour and dendrochronology of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in southern Sweden

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Dependence of tree ring stable isotope abundances and ring width on climate in Finnish oak

E. Hilasvuori and F. Berninger
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Does Soil Organic Layer Thickness Affect Climate–Growth Relationships in the Black Spruce Boreal Ecosystem?

Igor Drobyshev, Martin Simard, Yves Bergeron and Annika Hofgaard
Ecosystems 13 (4) 556 (2010)

Climate change and oak growth decline: Dendroecology and stand productivity of a Turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) old stored coppice in Central Italy

Alfredo Di Filippo, Alfredo Alessandrini, Franco Biondi, Silvia Blasi, Luigi Portoghesi and Gianluca Piovesan
Annals of Forest Science 67 (7) 706 (2010)

Dendroclimatology in Fennoscandia – from past accomplishments to future potential

H. W. Linderholm, J. A. Björklund, K. Seftigen, et al.
Climate of the Past 6 (1) 93 (2010)

Oak decline in Helsinki portrayed by tree-rings, climate and soil data

S. Helama, A. Läänelaid, J. Raisio and H. Tuomenvirta
Plant and Soil 319 (1-2) 163 (2009)

Dendroclimatology in Fennoscandia – from past accomplishments to future potentials

H. W. Linderholm, J. A. Björklund, K. Seftigen, et al.
Climate of the Past Discussions 5 (3) 1415 (2009)

Differential tree-growth responses to local and large-scale climatic variation in two Pinus and two Quercus species in northwest Spain

Vicente Rozas, Sonia Lamas and Ignacio García-González
Écoscience 16 (3) 299 (2009)