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Ectomycorrhizal trees enhanced water-holding capacity in forest ecosystems in northeastern China

Lixin Jing, Yanbo Yang, Wenjie Wang and Huimei Wang
European Journal of Forest Research 143 (3) 813 (2024)

Morphological and physiological plasticity of Catalpa bungei roots under partial root-zone drought as affected by nitrogen forms

Tiantian Sun, Ruohan Ren, Mingming Xing, Qiuxiao Duan, Lang Zhao, Wenwen Yan, Yang Fang, Senyan Zhang, Hao Dong, Mengran Wang, Qimeng Heng, Wenyi Chen, Ting Xu, Lili Kou, Kunpeng Li, Junhui Wang, Wenjun Ma, Wangxiang Zhang, Yinglong Chen, Yizeng Lu and Yi Zhang
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Starch-Based Superabsorbent Enhances the Growth and Physiological Traits of Ornamental Shrubs

Andrzej Pacholczak, Karolina Nowakowska and Marta Joanna Monder
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Hydrogels in Agriculture: Prospects and Challenges

Prabhpreet Kaur, Ruchi Agrawal, Frederick M. Pfeffer, Richard Williams and Himadri B. Bohidar
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Chronic Drought Differentially Alters the Belowground Microbiome of Drought-Tolerant and Drought-Susceptible Genotypes of Populus trichocarpa

Brandon Kristy, Alyssa A. Carrell, Eric Johnston, Jonathan R. Cumming, Dawn M. Klingeman, Kimberly Gwinn, Kimberly C. Syring, Caroline Skalla, Scott Emrich and Melissa A. Cregger
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Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Modulate Biochemical Response against Powdery Mildew Disease in Quercus robur L.

Marko Kebert, Saša Kostić, Milica Zlatković, Srdjan Stojnic, Eleonora Čapelja, Martina Zorić, Biljana Kiprovski, Dragana Budakov and Saša Orlović
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3-Dimensional cross linked hydrophilic polymeric network “hydrogels”: An agriculture boom

Neha Singh, Swati Agarwal, Avni Jain and Suphiya Khan
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Chitosan and salicylic acid regulate morpho-physiological and phytochemical parameters and improve water-deficit tolerance in milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.)

Rahele Ghanbari Moheb Seraj, Mahdi Behnamian, Asadollah Ahmadikhah, Vahid Shariati and Sara Dezhsetan
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Planting time, stocktype and additive effects on the development of spruce and pine plantations in Western Carpathian Mts.

Ivan Repáč, Martin Belko, Diana Krajmerová and Ladislav Paule
New Forests 52 (3) 449 (2021)

Physiological evaluation of nitrogen use efficiency of different apple cultivars under various nitrogen and water supply conditions

Qian WANG, Chang-hai LIU, Dong HUANG, et al.
Journal of Integrative Agriculture 19 (3) 709 (2020)

Assessment of changes in growth traits, oxidative stress parameters, and enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defense mechanisms in Lepidium draba plant under osmotic stress induced by polyethylene glycol

Kiarash Jamshidi Goharrizi, Sayyed Saeed Moosavi, Farzane Amirmahani, Fatemeh Salehi and Maryam Nazari
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Effects of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Heavy Metals (Pb, Zn, and Cd) on Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Pinus halepensis Seedlings in North Africa

Chadlia Hachani, Mohammed S. Lamhamedi, Claudio Cameselle, et al.
Microorganisms 8 (12) 2033 (2020)

Oak displays common local but specific distant gene regulation responses to different mycorrhizal fungi

Marie-Lara Bouffaud, Sylvie Herrmann, Mika T. Tarkka, et al.
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Anatomy and transcriptome analysis in leaves revealed how nitrogen (N) availability influence drought acclimation of Populus

Mei Lu, Mengmeng Chen, Junyu Song, et al.
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PeSHN1 regulates water-use efficiency and drought tolerance by modulating wax biosynthesis in poplar

Sen Meng, Yang Cao, Huiguang Li, et al.
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Microbial Diversity in Ecosystem Sustainability and Biotechnological Applications

Shikha Khullar and M. Sudhakara Reddy
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Physiological and molecular mechanisms of heavy metal accumulation in nonmycorrhizal versus mycorrhizal plants

Wenguang Shi, Yuhong Zhang, Shaoliang Chen, Andrea Polle, Heinz Rennenberg and Zhi‐Bin Luo
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The influence of nitrogen availability on anatomical and physiological responses of Populus alba × P. glandulosa to drought stress

Junyu Song, Yang Wang, Yuehan Pan, et al.
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Different effects of calcium and penconazole on primary and secondary metabolites of Brassica napus under drought

Maryam Rezayian, Vahid Niknam and Hassan Ebrahimzadeh
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Combining innovative mulches and soil conditioners in mountain afforestation with ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) in the Pyrenees (NE Spain)

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Distinct Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism of Two Contrasting Poplar Species in Response to Different N Supply Levels

Sen Meng, Shu Wang, Jine Quan, et al.
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Effects of mycorrhizal fungi inoculation and soil amendment with hydrogel on leaf anatomy, growth and physiology performance of olive plantlets under two contrasting water regimes

Naouraz M’barki, Hechmi Chehab, Feten Aissaoui, et al.
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Morphological and physiological responses to cyclic drought in two contrasting genotypes of Catalpa bungei

Huifang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Wenjun Ma, et al.
Environmental and Experimental Botany 138 77 (2017)

Effect of the Super Absorbent Polymer Stockosorb® on leaf turgor pressure, tree performance and oil quality of olive trees cv. Chemlali grown under field conditions in an arid region of Tunisia

Hechmi Chehab, Mariem Tekaya, Beligh Mechri, et al.
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Physiological and transcriptional responses of Catalpa bungei to drought stress under sufficient- and deficient-nitrogen conditions

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Adaptive Soil Management : From Theory to Practices

Binoy Sarkar, B. B. Basak, Subhas Sarkar, Sanchita Mandal and Debarati Bhaduri
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The conserved salt-responsive genes in the roots of Populus×canescens and Arabidopsis thaliana

Jie Luo, Wenguang Shi, Hong Li, Dennis Janz and Zhi-Bin Luo
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Influence of mycorrhizal inoculation on growth of micropropagated Populus × canescens lines in metal-contaminated soils

Krystyna Bojarczuk, Leszek Karliński, Teresa Hazubska-Przybył and Barbara Kieliszewska-Rokicka
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Global poplar root and leaf transcriptomes reveal links between growth and stress responses under nitrogen starvation and excess

Jie Luo, Jing Zhou, Hong Li, et al.
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Ectomycorrhizas with Paxillus involutus enhance cadmium uptake and tolerance in Populus × canescens

Plant, Cell & Environment 37 (3) 627 (2014)

Anatomical, physiological and transcriptional responses of two contrasting poplar genotypes to drought and re‐watering

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Attributing functions to ectomycorrhizal fungal identities in assemblages for nitrogen acquisition under stress

Rodica Pena and Andrea Polle
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Shaoliang Chen, Peter Hawighorst, Jian Sun and Andrea Polle
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Biotic and abiotic interactions in plants: Novel ideas for agriculture and forestry in a changing environment

Andrea Polle and Zhi-Bin Luo
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Green roofs for a drier world: Effects of hydrogel amendment on substrate and plant water status

Tadeja Savi, Maria Marin, David Boldrin, et al.
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Effects of Hydrogels on Tree Seedling Performance in Temperate Soils before and after Water Stress

Lawrence J. B. Orikiriza, Hillary Agaba, Gerald Eilu, et al.
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A Transcriptomic Network Underlies Microstructural and Physiological Responses to Cadmium in Populus × canescens      

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Salt stress induces the formation of a novel type of ‘pressure wood’ in two Populus species

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Populus cathayana males exhibit more efficient protective mechanisms than females under drought stress

Sheng Zhang, Lianghua Chen, Baoli Duan, Helena Korpelainen and Chunyang Li
Forest Ecology and Management 275 68 (2012)

Amelioration of planting stress by soil amendment with a hydrogel–mycorrhiza mixture for early establishment of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings

Rajender S. Beniwal, Mahinder S. Hooda and Andrea Polle
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The ectomycorrhizal fungus (Paxillus involutus) modulates leaf physiology of poplar towards improved salt tolerance

Zhi-Bin Luo, Ke Li, Ying Gai, Cornelia Göbel, Henning Wildhagen, Xiangning Jiang, Ivo Feußner, Heinz Rennenberg and Andrea Polle
Environmental and Experimental Botany 72 (2) 304 (2011)

Net cadmium flux and accumulation reveal tissue‐specific oxidative stress and detoxification in Populus × canescens

Jiali He, Jingjing Qin, Lingyun Long, Yonglu Ma, Hong Li, Ke Li, Xiangning Jiang, Tongxian Liu, Andrea Polle, Zongsuo Liang and Zhi‐Bin Luo
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Mycorrhization, growth and nutrition of Pinus halepensis seedlings fertilized with different doses and sources of nitrogen

Gisela Diaz, Catalina Carrillo and Mario Honrubia
Annals of Forest Science 67 (4) 405 (2010)

Ectomycorrhiza and hydrogel protect hybrid poplar from water deficit and unravel plastic responses of xylem anatomy

Rajender Singh Beniwal, Rosemarie Langenfeld-Heyser and Andrea Polle
Environmental and Experimental Botany 69 (2) 189 (2010)

Effects of Stockosorb and Luquasorb polymers on salt and drought tolerance of Populus popularis

Yong Shi, Jing Li, Jie Shao, Shurong Deng, Ruigang Wang, Niya Li, Jian Sun, Hua Zhang, Huijuan Zhu, Yunxia Zhang, Xiaojiang Zheng, Dazhai Zhou, Aloys Hüttermann and Shaoliang Chen
Scientia Horticulturae 124 (2) 268 (2010)

Upgrading Root Physiology for Stress Tolerance by Ectomycorrhizas: Insights from Metabolite and Transcriptional Profiling into Reprogramming for Stress Anticipation

Zhi-Bin Luo, Dennis Janz, Xiangning Jiang, et al.
Plant Physiology 151 (4) 1902 (2009)