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Table IV

Relative values of the modified Akaike Information Criteria (AICc) for the various models compared in terms of throughfall, stemflow and intercepted water data, for models corresponding to basal area data. Data are to be read by column only. In each column, the models were fitted on the same data, i.e. datasets citing water quantity (TF, SF or IW), age and basal area. The best model is the model with the 0.0 value; a higher index indicates a worse model compared to the best model. A difference of 1 or 2 AICc units indicates models that are not clearly discriminatable based on this method. Qualitatively similar results were obtained when considering stand height or density instead of basal area.

Throughfall (TF) Stemflow (SF) Intercepted water (IW)
Evergreen × Season 27.5 6.5 0.0
Evergreen × Age 0.0 0.0 7.3
Evergreen × Basal area 30.4 5.8 11.3
Age2+Basal area 6.0 3.6 21.7
Null model 39.7 1.8 20.6