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Table I

Wood quality criteria used for early selection in five countries. The number of breeders surveyed is between brackets. Only criteria and tools frequently used are listed.

Country Species Criteria Age Operational
Australia (2) Pinus radiata Basic density (core) 6–8 Yes
Basic density (Pilodyn) 6–8 Occasional
MoE (Fakkop) 6–8 Yes
MoE, MFA (SilviScan) 10–15 Research
Chile (3) Pinus radiata Basic density (core) 8 Yes
MoE (TreeTap, Fakkop) 8 Occasional
Lignin content (NIR) 8 Occasional
New Zealand (1) Pinus radiata Basic density (core) 7–8 Yes
MoE (TreeTap) 6–8 Yes
MoE, MFA (SilviScan) 15–20 Research
Chemistry (NIR) Various Research
South Africa (1) Pinus Basic density (pilodyn) 8 Yes
Eucalyptus Basic density (pilodyn) 5 Yes
USA (2) Pinus taeda Basic density (core) 8 Yes
Pinus taeda MoE (acoustics) 8 Occasional
Pinus taeda Wood chemistry (NIR) 8 Occasional
Pinus elliottii Basic density (core) 8 Yes