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Table I


Symbol Unit Description
B Mg ha−1 Stand stem biomass
b Mg Mean stem biomass of a single tree
dBd / dtc Mg ha−1 y−1 Production of dead stem biomass
dB / dtc Mg ha−1 y−1 Increment of standing stem biomass
N ha−1 Number of trees
N max ha−1 Maximum number of trees at a fixed b
k Mg b where Nmax = 1 (position of the self
thinning line, Eq. (1))
α Slope of the self thinning Equation (1)
m y−1 Density independent mortality,
fraction of total biomass
q Size (b) of the trees that dies during self
thinning relative to the mean tree b
c Closure = N / Nmax
c t maximum closure allowed in a thinned stand
u g Gross growth rate relative to a closed stand
γ g Parameter of ug
u m Mortality relative to a closed stand
γ m Parameter of um
f t Fraction biomass removed in a thinning