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Table III

Detection of the different putative species (ITS types) for the three spatial levels of the study (in % of samples were ITS types could be detected).

Total number Number of samples E. alphitoides E. quercicola E. hypophylla P. guttata Multiple detections
of samples with positive detection (%) (%) (%) (%) (%)
Regional sampling 470 166 82.5 15.1 2.4 0 0
Altitudinal gradient 233 208 97.1 2.4 3.8 0 3.4
Campet forest 96 48 85.4 20.8 8.3 12.5 27.1

The total in each row can exceed 100% due to multiple detections, i.e. when two ITS types are detected in the same sample. For the regional and altitudinal samplings, data for E. alphitoides and E. quercicola were first obtained with SSCP; all samples were then amplified with specific primers of P. guttata and E. hypophylla. For the Campet sampling, the results are those of specific PCR-CAPS performed to detect the four ITS types. The PCR detection of the E. hypophylla ITS type was confirmed by sequencing.