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Linkages between intra-annual radial growth and photosynthetic production of four main species in a temperate forest in northeast China

Nipeng Qian, Zhenzhao Xu, Haoxin Gao, Chaojie Song, Chunchao Dong, Bo Hu and Qijing Liu
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Spring wood phenology responds more strongly to chilling temperatures than bud phenology in European conifers

Shaozhi Lin, Huanjiong Wang, Junhu Dai, Quansheng Ge and Roberto Tognetti
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Mismatch between primary and secondary growth and its consequences on wood formation in Qinghai spruce

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Intra-annual dynamic of opposite and compression wood formation of Pinus massoniana Lamb. in humid subtropical China

Chunsong Wang, Zhuangpeng Zheng, Feifei Zhou, Xinsheng Liu, Patrick Fonti, Jiani Gao and Keyan Fang
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 6 (2023)

Towards monitoring stem growth phenology from space with high resolution satellite data

Jan U.H. Eitel, David Basler, Sabine Braun, Nina Buchmann, Petra D'Odorico, Sophia Etzold, Arthur Gessler, Kevin L. Griffin, Jan Krejza, Yunpeng Luo, Andrew J. Maguire, Mukund P. Rao, Yann Vitasse, Lorenz Walthert and Roman Zweifel
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Reassessment of growth-climate relations indicates the potential for decline across Eurasian boreal larch forests

Wenqing Li, Rubén D. Manzanedo, Yuan Jiang, Wenqiu Ma, Enzai Du, Shoudong Zhao, Tim Rademacher, Manyu Dong, Hui Xu, Xinyu Kang, Jun Wang, Fang Wu, Xuefeng Cui and Neil Pederson
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Inter‐annual and inter‐species tree growth explained by phenology of xylogenesis

Yizhao Chen, Tim Rademacher, Patrick Fonti, Annemarie H. Eckes‐Shephard, James M. LeMoine, Marina V. Fonti, Andrew D. Richardson and Andrew D. Friend
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Hormonal responses to short-term and long-term water deficit in native Scots pine and Norway spruce trees

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Radial Growth of Trees Rather Than Shrubs in Boreal Forests Is Inhibited by Drought

Jingwen Yang, Qiuliang Zhang, Wenqi Song, Xu Zhang and Xiaochun Wang
Frontiers in Plant Science 13 (2022)

Cyrille B. K. Rathgeber, Gonzalo Pérez-de-Lis, Laura Fernández-de-Uña, Patrick Fonti, Sergio Rossi, Kerstin Treydte, Arthur Gessler, Annie Deslauriers, Marina V. Fonti and Stéphane Ponton
8 61 (2022)

Do Different Tree-Ring Proxies Contain Different Temperature Signals? A Case Study of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) in the Eastern Carpathians

Andrei Popa, Ionel Popa, Cătălin-Constantin Roibu and Ovidiu Nicolae Badea
Plants 11 (18) 2428 (2022)

Critical temperatures controlling the phenology and radial growth of Pinus sylvestris var. Mongolica on the southern margin of a cold temperate coniferous forest

Junxia Li, Fangbo Song, Yuting Jin, Ruixin Yun, Zhenju Chen, Zhaoyang Lyu, Ying Zhao and Di Cui
Ecological Indicators 126 107674 (2021)

Pathogen-induced defoliation impacts on transpiration, leaf gas exchange, and non-structural carbohydrate allocation in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)

Cameron D. McIntire, Brett A. Huggett, Emma Dunn, Isabel A. Munck, Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur and Heidi Asbjornsen
Trees 35 (2) 357 (2021)

Dendrochronological Indication of Phyllophages’ Outbreaks by Larch Radial Growth in the Forest-steppe Zone of the Republic of Tyva

T. V. Kostyakova, L. V. Belokopytova, D. F. Zhirnova, E. A. Babushkina and E. A. Vaganov
Contemporary Problems of Ecology 14 (1) 37 (2021)

Snow dynamics influence tree growth by controlling soil temperature in mountain pine forests

Alba Sanmiguel-Vallelado, J. Julio Camarero, Enrique Morán-Tejeda, Antonio Gazol, Michele Colangelo, Esteban Alonso-González and Juan Ignacio López-Moreno
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Intra-annual growth dynamics of Picea meyeri needles, shoots, and stems on Luya Mountain, North-central China

Xinyuan Ding, Yuan Jiang, Feng Xue, Yiping Zhang, Mingchang Wang, Muyi Kang and Hui Xu
Trees 35 (2) 637 (2021)

Species-specific growth-climate responses of Dahurian larch (Larix gmelinii) and Mongolian pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica) in the Greater Khingan Range, northeast China

Wenqing Li, Yuan Jiang, Manyu Dong, et al.
Dendrochronologia 65 125803 (2021)

Intra- and Inter-Annual Growth Patterns of a Mixed Pine-Oak Forest under Mediterranean Climate

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Diverse climate sensitivities in Picea crassifolia and Juniperus przewalskii promote different responses to climate warming in Qilian Mountains, northwest China

Yilin Ran, Lingnan Zhang, Rui Wang, Shoudong Zhao and Xiaohong Liu
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 103 (1) 33 (2021)

High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography: A New Workflow for the Analysis of Xylogenesis and Intra-Seasonal Wood Biomass Production

Romain Lehnebach, Matteo Campioli, Jozica Gričar, Peter Prislan, Bertold Mariën, Hans Beeckman and Jan Van den Bulcke
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To which side are the scales swinging? Growth stability of Siberian larch under permanent moisture deficit with periodic droughts

Dina F. Zhirnova, Elena A. Babushkina, Liliana V. Belokopytova and Eugene A. Vaganov
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What prevails in climatic response of Pinus sylvestris in-between its range limits in mountains: slope aspect or elevation?

Dina F. Zhirnova, Liliana V. Belokopytova, Anna E. Barabantsova, Elena A. Babushkina and Eugene A. Vaganov
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Regional distribution patterns of wetland monocots with different root turnover strategies are associated with local variation in soil temperature

Dominique N. Courchesne, Adrienne Z. Wilson and Peter Ryser
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Warming induced changes in wood matter accumulation in tracheid walls of spruce

Elena Babushkina, Dina Zhirnova, Liliana Belokopytova and Eugene Vaganov
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Climate-growth relationships of Norway Spruce and silver fir in primary forests of the Croatian Dinaric mountains

Krešimir Begović, Miloš Rydval, Stjepan Mikac, Stipan Čupić, Kristyna Svobodova, Martin Mikoláš, Daniel Kozák, Ondrej Kameniar, Michal Frankovič, Jakob Pavlin, Thomas Langbehn and Miroslav Svoboda
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The onset of xylogenesis in Smith fir is not related to outer bark thickness

Xiaoxia Li, Sergio Rossi and Eryuan Liang
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Comparing Primary and Secondary Growth of Co-Occurring Deciduous and Evergreen Conifers in an Alpine Habitat

Yiping Zhang, Yuan Jiang, Yan Wen, et al.
Forests 10 (7) 574 (2019)

Siberian spruce tree ring anatomy: imprint of development processes and their high-temporal environmental regulation

Elena A. Babushkina, Liliana V. Belokopytova, Dina F. Zhirnova and Eugene A. Vaganov
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Elevation-influenced variation in canopy and stem phenology of Qinghai spruce, central Qilian Mountains, northeastern Tibetan Plateau

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How needle phenology indicates the changes of xylem cell formation during drought stress in Pinus sylvestris L.

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Chilling and forcing temperatures interact to predict the onset of wood formation in Northern Hemisphere conifers

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Interannual variations in needle and sapwood traits of Pinus edulis branches under an experimental drought

Marceau Guérin, Dario Martin‐Benito, Georg von Arx, Laia Andreu‐Hayles, Kevin L. Griffin, Rayann Hamdan, Nate G. McDowell, Robert Muscarella, William Pockman and Pierre Gentine
Ecology and Evolution 8 (3) 1655 (2018)

Springtime photoinhibition constrains regeneration of forest floor seedlings of Abies sachalinensis after a removal of canopy trees during winter

Mitsutoshi Kitao, Hisanori Harayama, Qingmin Han, Evgenios Agathokleous, Akira Uemura, Naoyuki Furuya and Satoshi Ishibashi
Scientific Reports 8 (1) (2018)

Effects of Age and Size on Xylem Phenology in Two Conifers of Northwestern China

Qiao Zeng, Sergio Rossi and Bao Yang
Frontiers in Plant Science 8 (2018)

Tree‐to‐tree competition in mixed European beech–Scots pine forests has different impacts on growth and water‐use efficiency depending on site conditions

Ester González de Andrés, J. Julio Camarero, Juan A. Blanco, J. Bosco Imbert, Yueh‐Hsin Lo, Gabriel Sangüesa‐Barreda, Federico J. Castillo and Matthew Turnbull
Journal of Ecology 106 (1) 59 (2018)

Age and Climate Sensitivity of Radial Growth of Picea crassifolia to Climate in a Transitional Climatic Zone in Northwest China

Lingnan Zhang, Yuan Jiang, Shoudong Zhao and Wentao Zhang
Polish Journal of Ecology 66 (2) 114 (2018)

Dynamics of diameter and height increment of Norway spruce and Scots pine in southern Finland

Harri Mäkinen, Tuula Jyske and Pekka Nöjd
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Intra-annual leaf phenology, radial growth and structure of xylem and phloem in different tree parts of Quercus pubescens

Jožica Gričar, Martina Lavrič, Mitja Ferlan, Dominik Vodnik and Klemen Eler
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Fluorescence imaging of cambial zones to study wood formation in Pinus radiata D. Don.

Alan Dickson, Bernadette Nanayakkara, Damien Sellier, et al.
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Lingering response of radial growth of Picea crassifolia to climate at different altitudes in the Qilian Mountains, Northwest China

Lingnan Zhang, Yuan Jiang, Shoudong Zhao, et al.
Trees 31 (2) 455 (2017)

Large-scale estimation of xylem phenology in black spruce through remote sensing

Serena Antonucci, Sergio Rossi, Annie Deslauriers, et al.
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Contrasting changes in above- and below-ground biomass allocation across treeline ecotones in southeast Tibet

Xin-sheng Liu, Yu-qin Nie, Gao-qiang Kong and Tian-xiang Luo
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Temperate and boreal forest tree phenology: from organ-scale processes to terrestrial ecosystem models

Nicolas Delpierre, Yann Vitasse, Isabelle Chuine, Joannès Guillemot, Stéphane Bazot, This Rutishauser and Cyrille B. K. Rathgeber
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The onset of xylogenesis is not related to distance from the crown in Smith fir trees from the southeastern Tibetan Plateau

Xiaoxia Li, J. Julio Camarero, Bradley Case, Eryuan Liang and Sergio Rossi
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Wood phenology, not carbon input, controls the interannual variability of wood growth in a temperate oak forest

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Periodicity and environmental drivers of apical and lateral growth in a Cerrado woody species

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Species mixture increases the effect of drought on tree ring density, but not on ring width, in Quercus petraea–Pinus sylvestris stands

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Synchronisms and correlations of spring phenology between apical and lateral meristems in two boreal conifers

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Xylem formation can be modeled statistically as a function of primary growth and cambium activity

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What do ecological regions tell us about wood quality? A case study in eastern Canadian white spruce

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Plastic and locally adapted phenology in cambial seasonality and production of xylem and phloem cells in Picea abies from temperate environments

J. Gri ar, P. Prislan, V. Gryc, et al.
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Phenological variation in height growth and needle unfolding of Smith fir along an altitudinal gradient on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau

Yafeng Wang, Xiaoxia Li, Binod Dawadi, Dieter Eckstein and Eryuan Liang
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Cambium reactivation independent of bud unfolding involves de novo IAA biosynthesis in cambium regions in Populus tomentosa Carr.

Wan-Feng Li, Qi Ding, Ke-Ming Cui and Xin-Qiang He
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Age dependence of xylogenesis and its climatic sensitivity in Smith fir on the south-eastern Tibetan Plateau

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Comparing growth phenology of co-occurring deciduous and evergreen conifers exposed to drought

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Effects of nutrient optimization on intra-annual wood formation in Norway spruce

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Comparative cambial dynamics and phenology of Quercus robur L. and Q. pyrenaica Willd. in an Atlantic forest of the northwestern Iberian Peninsula

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Widening of xylem conduits in a conifer tree depends on the longer time of cell expansion downwards along the stem

Tommaso Anfodillo, Annie Deslauriers, Roberto Menardi, et al.
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Variation of Maximum Tree Height and Annual Shoot Growth of Smith Fir at Various Elevations in the Sygera Mountains, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau

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Climate–growth relationships at different stem heights in silver fir and Norway spruce

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Variation in intra‐annual wood formation, and foliage and shoot development of three major Canadian boreal tree species

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Tracheid production phenology of Picea mariana and its relationship with climatic fluctuations and bud development using multivariate analysis

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Sensitivity of French temperate coniferous forests to climate variability and extreme events (Abies alba,Picea abiesandPinus sylvestris)

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