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Models considering the theoretical stand age will underestimate the future forest carbon sequestration potential

Huiling Tian, Jianhua Zhu, Xiangdong Lei, Zunji Jian, Xinyun Chen, Lixiong Zeng, Guosheng Huang, Changfu Liu and Wenfa Xiao
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Biomass difference between mixed plantations and monocultures and its influencing factors: A meta‐analysis

Meiyue Meng, Linjia Huang, Qiuyan Jiao, Meng Chen, Xu Zhang, Ming Li and Yang Cao
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Positive effects of tree species diversity on productivity switch to negative after severe drought mortality in a temperate forest experiment

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Canopy niche diversity and complementarity impact the forest vertical thermal environment in an urban area

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How to Optimize Carbon Sinks and Biodiversity in the Conversion of Norway Spruce to Beech Forests in Austria?

Johannes Kobler, Eduard Hochbichler, Gisela Pröll and Thomas Dirnböck
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Remotely sensed functional diversity and its association with productivity in a subtropical forest

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Climate and forest attributes influence above‐ground biomass of deciduous broadleaf forests in China

Guoping Chen, Qiong Cai, Suhui Ma, Yuhao Feng, Wenjing Fang, Chengjun Ji, Jiangling Zhu, Zhiheng Wang, Shaopeng Wang, Zhiyao Tang and Jingyun Fang
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The relationship between plant diversity and aboveground biomass in managed and unmanaged temperate forests

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Tree diversity increases soil C and N stocks of secondary forests in subtropical China

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Herbaceous Layer Net Primary Production of Oak-Hornbeam Forest: Comparing Six Methods of Assessment Based on the Seasonal Dynamics of Biomass Increments

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Diversity-Productivity Relationships in Forests of the Southeastern United States: Leveraging National Inventory Data and Tree Functional Traits

Elizabeth Baach, Austin Himes, Adam Polinko, Joshua J. Granger and Qian Zhou
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Evaluation of the Site Form as a Site Productive Indicator in Temperate Uneven-Aged Multispecies Forests in Durango, Mexico

Jaime Roberto Padilla-Martínez, Carola Paul, José Javier Corral-Rivas, Kai Husmann, Ulises Diéguez-Aranda and Klaus von Gadow
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Species Richness Promotes Productivity through Tree Crown Spatial Complementarity in a Species-Rich Natural Forest

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Diversity-productivity relationships in forests of the southeastern United States: Leveraging national inventory data and tree functional traits

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Changes in the direction of the diversity–productivity relationship over 15 years of stand development in a planted temperate forest

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Influence of tree size, local forest structure, topography, and soil resource availability on plantation growth in Qinghai Province, China

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Stand structure and species diversity regulate biomass carbon stock under major Central Himalayan forest types of India

Siddhartha Kaushal and Ratul Baishya
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Deciduous Broad-Leaved Species (Quercus Robur, Tilia Cordata, Acer Platanoides and Ulmus Laevis) Forest Stand Productivity in Latvia

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Species diversity and stand structural diversity of woody plants predominantly determine aboveground carbon stock of a dry Afromontane forest in Northern Ethiopia

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Mass‐ratio and complementarity effects simultaneously drive aboveground biomass in temperate Quercus forests through stand structure

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Context-dependency of tree species diversity, trait composition and stand structural attributes regulate temperate forest multifunctionality

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Species mixing effect on Norway spruce response to elevated CO2 and climatic variables: root and radial growth response

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Mowing increases fine root production and root turnover in an artificially restored Songnen grassland

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Informed conservation management of rare tree species needs knowledge of species composition, their genetic characteristics and ecological niche

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The effects of biodiversity gradient on plant mass and metabolism of individual submerged macrophytes

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Carbon Sequestration in Mixed Deciduous Forests: The Influence of Tree Size and Species Composition Derived from Model Experiments

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Effects of local neighbourhood structure on radial growth of Picea crassifolia Kom. and Betula platyphylla Suk. plantations in the loess alpine region, China

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Analyzing the Relationship, Distribution of Tree Species Diversity, and Above-Ground Biomass on the Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape in Nepal

Shiva Pokhrel, Chungla Sherpa and Ahmad A. Omar
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Quantification and Understanding of Above and Belowground Biomass in Medium Saline Zone of the Sundarbans, Bangladesh: The Relationships with Forest Attributes

Md. Salim Azad, Md. Kamruzzaman and Akira Osawa
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Humped Relationship between Herbaceous Species Richness and Biomass Reveals a Potential for Increasing Productivity in a Temperate Desert in Central Asia

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Using forest gap models and experimental data to explore long-term effects of tree diversity on the productivity of mixed planted forests

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Carbon stock assessment and its relation with tree biodiversity in Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest of Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Odisha, India

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Patterns of Density and Production in the Community Forests of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

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Effects of litter source on the dynamics of particulate organic matter fractions and rates of macroaggregate turnover in different soil horizons

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Above‐ground biomass is driven by mass‐ratio effects and stand structural attributes in a temperate deciduous forest

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Growth Variations of Tree Saplings in Relation to Species Diversity and Functional Traits in a Tree Diversity Pot Experiment

Jingjun Yang, Pifeng Lei, Wenhua Xiang, Shuai Ouyang and Xinrong Hui
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Competition, tree age and size drive the productivity of mixed forests of pedunculate oak, beech and red oak

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Forest Ecology and Management 430 609 (2018)

Key ecological research questions for Central European forests

Christian Ammer, Andreas Fichtner, Anton Fischer, Martin M. Gossner, Peter Meyer, Rupert Seidl, Frank M. Thomas, Peter Annighöfer, Jürgen Kreyling, Bettina Ohse, Uta Berger, Eike Feldmann, Karl-Heinz Häberle, Katrin Heer, Steffi Heinrichs, Franka Huth, Klara Krämer-Klement, Andreas Mölder, Jörg Müller, Martina Mund, Lars Opgenoorth, Peter Schall, Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Dominik Seidel, Juliane Vogt and Sven Wagner
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Effects of species replacement on the relationship between net primary production and soil nitrogen availability along a topographical gradient: Comparison of belowground allocation and nitrogen use efficiency between natural forests and plantations

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Forest Ecology and Management 422 214 (2018)

Negative relationship between diversity and productivity under plant invasion

Ai‐Ping Wu, Jian Liu, Fei‐Fei He, Yan‐Hong Wang, Xin‐Jie Zhang, Xiao‐Di Duan, Yue Liu and Zi‐Yan Qian
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Species and structural diversity affect growth of oak, but not pine, in uneven-aged mature forests

Margot Vanhellemont, Rienk-Jan Bijlsma, Luc De Keersmaeker, Kris Vandekerkhove and Kris Verheyen
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Growth dynamics, climate sensitivity and water use efficiency in pure vs. mixed pine and beech stands in Trentino (Italy)

E. Conte, F. Lombardi, G. Battipaglia, et al.
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Biomass Stock and Productivity of Primeval and Production Beech Forests: Greater Canopy Structural Diversity Promotes Productivity

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Tree species richness enhances stand productivity while stand structure can have opposite effects, based on forest inventory data from Germany and the United States of America

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Diversity–biomass relationship across forest layers: implications for niche complementarity and selection effects

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Conifer proportion explains fine root biomass more than tree species diversity and site factors in major European forest types

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From monocultures to mixed-species forests: is tree diversity key for providing ecosystem services at the landscape scale?

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Fine Root Productivity and Turnover of Ectomycorrhizal and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Tree Species in a Temperate Broad-Leaved Mixed Forest

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Nitrogen Addition Enhances Drought Sensitivity of Young Deciduous Tree Species

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Tree neighbourhood matters – Tree species composition drives diversity–productivity patterns in a near-natural beech forest

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Species identity and neighbor size surpass the impact of tree species diversity on productivity in experimental broad-leaved tree sapling assemblages under dry and moist conditions

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Effects of tree identity dominate over tree diversity on the soil microbial community structure

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Quantifying forest stand management intensity in Central European forests

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Key factors affecting the future provision of tree-based forest ecosystem goods and services

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