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A 3D functional plant modelling framework for agricultural digital twins

Christos Mitsanis, William Hurst and Bedir Tekinerdogan
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 218 108733 (2024)

Crop/Plant Modeling Supports Plant Breeding: I. Optimization of Environmental Factors in Accelerating Crop Growth and Development for Speed Breeding

Yi Yu, Qin Cheng, Fei Wang, Yulei Zhu, Xiaoguang Shang, Ashley Jones, Haohua He and Youhong Song
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Measuring the Canopy Architecture of Young Vegetation Using the Fastrak Polhemus 3D Digitizer

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TLidar-based crown shape indicates tree ring pattern in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) H. Karst) trees across competition gradients. A modeling and methodological approach

Shamim Ahmed and Hans Pretzsch
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Prediction of the distribution of airflow within the cotton canopy using fluid–structure interaction simulation and machine-learning methods

Huiyuan Cui, Chengde Wang, Xuemei Liu, Xinghua Liu, Jin Yuan and Yichong Liu
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Cotton-Based Rotation, Intercropping, and Alternate Intercropping Increase Yields by Improving Root–Shoot Relations

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Maciej Pach, Kamil Bielak, Andrej Bončina, Lluís Coll, Maria Höhn, Milica Kašanin-Grubin, Jerzy Lesiński, Hans Pretzsch, Jerzy Skrzyszewski, Peter Spathelf, Giustino Tonon, Andrew Weatherall and Tzvetan Zlatanov
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Tree Information Modeling: A Data Exchange Platform for Tree Design and Management

Qiguan Shu, Thomas Rötzer, Andreas Detter and Ferdinand Ludwig
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Bayesian Estimation for the GreenLab Plant Growth Model with Deterministic Organogenesis

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The emergent past: past natural and human disturbances of trees can reduce their present resistance to drought stress

Hans Pretzsch
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Reconstruction of phyllotaxis at the example of digitized red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) and application to light interception simulation

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Cotton canopy airflow simulation and velocity attenuation model based upon 3D phenotype and stratified sub-regional porous medium

Huiyuan Cui, Chengde Wang, Xuemei Liu, Jin Yuan, Yichong Liu and Laiqi Song
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 201 107282 (2022)

Integrating terrestrial laser scanning with functional–structural plant models to investigate ecological and evolutionary processes of forest communities

Hannah O’Sullivan, Pasi Raumonen, Pekka Kaitaniemi, Jari Perttunen and Risto Sievänen
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Trees grow modulated by the ecological memory of their past growth. Consequences for monitoring, modelling, and silvicultural treatment

Hans Pretzsch
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An aboveground biomass partitioning coefficient model for rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Wenyu Zhang, Hongxin Cao, Weixin Zhang, et al.
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Two decades of functional–structural plant modelling: now addressing fundamental questions in systems biology and predictive ecology

Gaëtan Louarn and Youhong Song
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Urban Microclimate Canopy: Design, Manufacture, Installation, and Growth Simulation of a Living Architecture Prototype

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Modelling root system development for anchorage of forest trees up to the mature stage, including acclimation to soil constraints: the case of Pinus pinaster

Clément Saint Cast, Céline Meredieu, Pauline Défossez, Loïc Pagès and Frédéric Danjon
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Photomorphogenesis for robot self-assembly: adaptivity, collective decision-making, and self-repair

Mohammad Divband Soorati, Mary Katherine Heinrich, Javad Ghofrani, Payam Zahadat and Heiko Hamann
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Photosynthetical activity modelisation of olive trees growing under drought conditions

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The Role of Respiration in Estimation of Net Carbon Cycle: Coupling Soil Carbon Dynamics and Canopy Turnover in a Novel Version of 3D-CMCC Forest Ecosystem Model

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Handbook of Research on Visual Computing and Emerging Geometrical Design Tools

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Models of knot and stem development in black spruce trees indicate a shift in allocation priority to branches when growth is limited

Emmanuel Duchateau, David Auty, Frédéric Mothe, et al.
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CASSIA – a dynamic model for predicting intra‐annual sink demand and interannual growth variation in Scots pine

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Diversity and abundance of invertebrate epifaunal assemblages associated with gorgonians are driven by colony attributes

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Functional–structural plant models: a growing paradigm for plant studies

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An optimal control methodology for plant growth—Case study of a water supply problem of sunflower

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Orange tree simulation under heterogeneous environment using agent-based model ORASIM

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Analysing the effects of local environment on the source-sink balance of Cecropia sciadophylla: a methodological approach based on model inversion

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Oscillations in Functional Structural Plant Growth Models

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A functional-structural model for adults of Pinus tabulaeformis based on GreenLab

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A functional–structural kiwifruit vine model integrating architecture, carbon dynamics and effects of the environment

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Effects of turnover and internal variability of tree root systems on modelling coarse root architecture: comparing simulations for young Populus deltoides with field data

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