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Soil physicochemical properties and macroarthropod abundance across two segments of a temperate forest in Darma Valley, Kumaun Himalaya, India

Bisht Priya, Kumar Sharma Pardeep, Singh Lotani Narendra and Singh Negi Chandra
International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 16 (1) 1 (2024)

Drivers of intraspecific variation in fecundity in rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

Katarzyna Kondrat, Michał Bogdziewicz, Grażyna Szarek-Łukaszewska, Mateusz Ledwoń, Anna Gazda and Magdalena Żywiec
European Journal of Forest Research 143 (3) 875 (2024)

Soil mycobiomes in native European aspen forests and hybrid aspen plantations have a similar fungal richness but different compositions, mainly driven by edaphic and floristic factors

Elisabeth Rähn, Reimo Lutter, Taavi Riit, Tea Tullus, Arvo Tullus, Leho Tedersoo, Rein Drenkhan and Hardi Tullus
Frontiers in Microbiology 15 (2024)

Earthworm response to silver birch afforestation: Implications for soil biodiversity and ecosystem services

Edyta Regulska, Andrzej N. Affek, Marek Kondras, Sandra Słowińska, Jerzy Jonczak, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Lidia Oktaba, Edyta Pawłowicz, Jarosław Oktaba and Bogusława Kruczkowska
Forest Ecology and Management 563 121971 (2024)

Soil nutrient availability and understorey composition beneath plantations of ecto- and arbuscular mycorrhizal Chilean native trees

C. H. Lusk, R. Godoy, P. J. Donoso and I. A. Dickie
Plant and Soil (2024)

Historical charcoal production as a factor in soil cover heterogeneity in a fluvioglacial landscape − A case study from northern Poland

Jerzy Jonczak, Vincenzo Barbarino, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Krzysztof Szewczyk, Barbara Gmińska-Nowak, Ewa Kołaczkowska, Dominika Łuców, Agnieszka Halaś, Agnieszka Mroczkowska, Sandra Słowińska, Mateusz Kramkowski, Anna Kowalska and Michał Słowiński
Geoderma 445 116892 (2024)

The interplay between climate and bedrock type determines litter decomposition in temperate forest ecosystems

Richard Michalet and Pierre Liancourt
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 195 109476 (2024)

Influence of surface soil chemistry on nutrient leaching from Japanese cedar plantations and natural forests

Yuanyuan Liu and Masaaki Chiwa
Landscape and Ecological Engineering 20 (2) 187 (2024)

Afforestation-Induced Shifts in Soil Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure in the Saihanba Region

Kai-Chuan Huang, Wen Zhao, Jun-Ning Li, Reyila Mumin, Chang-Ge Song, Hao Wang, Yi-Fei Sun and Bao-Kai Cui
Microorganisms 12 (3) 479 (2024)

Restoring farmland to forest increases phosphorus limitation based on microbial and soil C:N:P stoichiometry-a synthesis across China

Hong Chen, Shuting Zhang, Changwei Ma, Yangzhou Xiang and Jianping Wu
Forest Ecology and Management 556 121745 (2024)

The response of forested upland micro-watersheds to extreme precipitation in a precipitation abundant year

Ondřej Hemr, Petr Kupec, Petr Čech and Jan Deutscher
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 155 (4) 2627 (2024)

Afforestation Enhances Potential Bacterial Metabolic Function without Concurrent Soil Carbon: A Case Study of Mu Us Sandy Land

Yang Zheng, Jiuying Pei, Zhun Tian, Pingxing Wan and Danfeng Li
Forests 15 (5) 867 (2024)

Soil legacies of tree species richness in a young plantation do not modulate tree seedling response to watering regime

E. Dhiedt, L. Baeten, P. De Smedt and K. Verheyen
Plant Biology 26 (2) 316 (2024)

Disentangling the effects of region, forest-management intensity and plant diversity on litterfall quantity, quality and turnover in temperate forests

Wolfgang Wilcke, Vera Zimmer, Jürgen Bauhus, Ingo Schöning, Marion Schrumpf, Beate Michalzik and Jan Siemens
Plant and Soil 497 (1-2) 397 (2024)

Factors influencing the difference in dissolved ion inputs to the forest floor between deciduous and coniferous stands: comparison under high and low atmospheric deposition conditions

Naohiro Imamura, Nobuhito Ohte and Nobuaki Tanaka
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 196 (1) (2024)

Understory shrub root systems and their exudates improve soil biochemistry in pine stands in temperate climate

Jarosław Lasota, Marzena Kaźmierczak and Ewa Błońska
Rhizosphere 29 100868 (2024)

Effects of different artificial vegetation restoration modes on soil microbial community structuree in the soil erosion area of southern China

Xiaopeng Wang, Man Zhou, Hui Yue, Songyang Li, Gengen Lin, Yue Zhang, Fangshi Jiang, Yanhe Huang and Jinshi Lin
CATENA 237 107803 (2024)

The relationship between soil bacteria carbon utilization and soil physicochemical properties

Wilda Khafida, Beata Klimek, Maria Niklińska, B.B. Andriana, D.K. Verma, S. Withaningsih, G.L. Utama, D. Supyandi and A.D. Malik
E3S Web of Conferences 495 02006 (2024)

Human impacts on environment in the preindustrial forest landscapes in Poland—An overview

Michał Słowiński, Tomasz Związek, Paweł Swoboda, Michał A. Niedzielski, Sandra Słowińska, Michał Konopski, Jerzy Jonczak, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Dominik Róg, Krzysztof Szewczyk and Dariusz Brykała
Elem Sci Anth 12 (1) (2024)

Restoring soil properties in the Hyrcanian forests from machine induced compaction: Reforestation of N2‐fixing black alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.)

Fatemeh Kiumarsi, Meghdad Jourgholami, Mohammad Jafari, Angela Lo Monaco, Rachele Venanzi and Rodolfo Picchio
Land Degradation & Development 35 (6) 2084 (2024)

Influence of tree species richness and identity on saprophagous macroarthropod abundance and species richness in some European forest types

Jean-François David, Sylvain Coq, Thibaud Decaens, Pierre Ganault, Stephan Hättenschwiler and Johanne Nahmani
Forest Ecology and Management 534 120862 (2023)

Scattered wild pistachio trees profoundly modify soil quality in semi-arid woodlands

Mehrdad Zarafshar, Mohammad Javad Rousta, Mohammad Matinizadeh, Khosro Sagheb Talebi, Seyed Kazem Bordbar, Tahereh Alizadeh, Elham Nouri and Martin Karl-Friedrich Bader
CATENA 224 106983 (2023)

Do admixed conifers change soil nutrient conditions of European beech stands?

Estela Covre Foltran, Christian Ammer, Norbert Lamersdorf and Frank Ashwood
Soil Research 61 (7) 647 (2023)

Improving litter nutrients import/export modeling in a forested watershed through enhanced forest growth representation

Xintong Cui, Wei Ouyang, Lianhua Liu, Pengtao Wang, Zeshan Wu, Xin Hao, Ri Jin and Weihong Zhu
Journal of Hydrology 626 130368 (2023)

Community Characteristics of Soil Ectomycorrhizal Fungi under Different Forests in the Sandy Areas of Northeastern China

Jiaying Liu, Changjun Ding, Weixi Zhang, Yawei Wei, Yongbin Zhou and Wenxu Zhu
Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 23 (2) 2273 (2023)

Global soil nitrogen cycle pattern and nitrogen enrichment effects: Tropical versus subtropical forests

Ahmed S. Elrys, QiLin Zhu, Chunlan Jiang, Juan Liu, Hamida H. H. Sobhy, Qunli Shen, Yves Uwiragiye, Yanzheng Wu, Khaled A. El‐Tarabily, Lei Meng, Christoph Müller and Jinbo Zhang
Global Change Biology 29 (7) 1905 (2023)

Is there still something to eat for trees in the soils of the Strengbach catchment?

Matthias Oursin, Marie-Claire Pierret, Émilie Beaulieu, Damien Daval and Arnaud Legout
Forest Ecology and Management 527 120583 (2023)

Assessing soil C stock and C to N ratio of soil organic matter under mixed pine-beech forests at different scales

Marina Getino-Álvarez, Roberto San-Martin, Hans Pretzsch, Maciej Pach, Felipe Bravo and María-Belén Turrión
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (5) 1081 (2023)

Isotope Constraints on Nitrate Exchanges Between Precipitation and Forest Canopy

Xue‐Yan Liu, Mei‐Na Liu, Wan‐Xiao Qin and Wei Song
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 37 (12) (2023)

Effects of Eucalyptus species on soil physicochemical properties in Ruhande Arboretum, Rwanda

Olivier Niyompuhwe, Charbel Maklouf Jabiro and Canisius Patrick Mugunga
REFORESTA (16) 43 (2023)

Karaçam (Pinus nigra Arnold.) Meşcerelerinde Yıllık İbre Döküm Miktarı ve Bu Yolla Ekosisteme Geri Dönen Karbon ve Azot’un Tespiti

Meriç ÇAKIR, Murat SARGINCI and Serdar AKBURAK
Düzce Üniversitesi Orman Fakültesi Ormancılık Dergisi 19 (2) 269 (2023)

Potential prey and conservation implications of the Algerian Nuthatch Sitta ledanti (Vielliard 1976)

Mourad Zemouri, Mehdi Baba-Ahmed, Khaled Meddouri, Lydia Hani, Meriem Beldjoudi, Sabah Tighlit, Asma Khemis and Abdelazize Franck Bougaham
Avian Biology Research 16 (3) 97 (2023)

Temperate forest understory vegetation shifts after 40 years of conservation

Dorota Wrońska-Pilarek, Sebastian Rymszewicz, Andrzej M. Jagodziński, Radosław Gawryś and Marcin K. Dyderski
Science of The Total Environment 895 165164 (2023)

Comparison of Rainfall Partitioning and Estimation of the Utilisation of Available Water in a Monoculture Beech Forest and a Mixed Beech-Oak-Linden Forest

Kateřina Novosadová, Jiří Kadlec, Štěpánka Řehořková, Marie Matoušková, Josef Urban and Radek Pokorný
Water 15 (2) 285 (2023)

Calcium availability affects the intrinsic water-use efficiency of temperate forest trees

Filip Oulehle, Otmar Urban, Karolina Tahovská, Tomáš Kolář, Michal Rybníček, Ulf Büntgen, Jakub Hruška, Josef Čáslavský and Mirek Trnka
Communications Earth & Environment 4 (1) (2023)

Soil functional indicators in mixed beech forests are clearly species-specific

Yahya Kooch, Neda Ghorbanzadeh, Samaneh Hajimirzaaghaee and Markus Egli
Journal of Forestry Research 34 (4) 1033 (2023)

Global estimates of forest soil methane flux identify a temperate and tropical forest methane sink

Huili Feng, Jiahuan Guo, Changhui Peng, Xuehong Ma, Daniel Kneeshaw, Huai Chen, Qiuyu Liu, Mengyao Liu, Cheng Hu and Weifeng Wang
Geoderma 429 116239 (2023)

How big is the footprint? Quantifying offsite effects of mines on boreal plant communities

Xiangbo Yin, Christine Martineau and Nicole J. Fenton
Global Ecology and Conservation 41 e02372 (2023)

Tree and stand growth differ among soil classes in semi-natural forests in central Europe

Andrej Bončina, Matija Klopčič, Vasilije Trifković, Andrej Ficko and Primož Simončič
CATENA 222 106854 (2023)

Conversion of pure spruce to mixed spruce beech stands: Effects on alpha and beta diversity of multiple taxonomic groups

Bastian Schauer, Simon Thorn, Markus Blaschke and Thomas Kudernatsch
Forest Ecology and Management 545 121297 (2023)

Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Modification of the Cation Exchange Properties of Soils from European Beech and Silver Fir Forest Stands in Poland

Mateusz Kania, Dawid Kupka and Piotr Gruba
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20 (3) 2654 (2023)

Diversity of soil mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) in streamside mountain forests

Jacek Kamczyc, Maciej Skorupski, Marcin K. Dyderski, Paweł Horodecki, Mateusz Rawlik and Andrzej M. Jagodziński
Land Degradation & Development 34 (13) 4046 (2023)

Vegetation composition, soil properties, and carbon stock of montane forests along a disturbance in the Garhwal Himalaya, India

Avadhesh Tiwari, Vinod Prasad Khanduri, Deepa Rawat, Bhupendra Singh, Manoj Kumar Riyal, Gaurav Mishra and Munesh Kumar
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 6 (2023)

Spatially explicit, quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation based on pollen or charcoal data as a tool for autecology of trees

Vojtěch Abraham, Matěj Man, Martin Theuerkauf, Petr Pokorný, Přemysl Bobek and Jan Novák
Landscape Ecology 38 (7) 1747 (2023)

Stand-Level Biomass and Leaf Trait Models for Young Naturally Regenerated Forests of European Hornbeam

Bohdan Konôpka, Vlastimil Murgaš, Vladimír Šebeň, Jozef Pajtík and Katarína Merganičová
Forests 14 (6) 1084 (2023)

Positive effect of fir-rowan intimate mixture on new forest floor and topsoil following afforestation

Dušan Kacálek, Jan Bartoš and Ondřej Špulák
Journal of Forest Science 69 (2) 80 (2023)

Nitrogenous and Phosphorus Soil Contents in Tierra del Fuego Forests: Relationships with Soil Organic Carbon, Climate, Vegetation and Landscape Metrics

Guillermo Martínez Pastur, Marie-Claire Aravena Acuña, Jimena E. Chaves, Juan M. Cellini, Eduarda M. O. Silveira, Julián Rodriguez-Souilla, Axel von Müller, Ludmila La Manna, María V. Lencinas and Pablo L. Peri
Land 12 (5) 983 (2023)

Tree species is more effective than season dynamics on topsoil function and CO2 emissions in the temperate forests

Mohammad Bagher Mahmoodi, Yahya Kooch and Giorgio Alberti
Ecological Research 38 (1) 134 (2023)

Effects of Forestry Transformation on the Ecosystem Level of Biodiversity in Poland’s Forests

Ewa Referowska-Chodak and Bożena Kornatowska
Forests 14 (9) 1739 (2023)

Studies on natural regeneration, floristic composition, biomass, carbon density and soil properties along an altitudinal gradient in the north-western Himalayas, India

Ghanshyam Singh, Vimal Chauhan, C.L. Thakur, M.L. Verma, Rohit Bishist, Prem Prakash, Krishan Lal Gautam, Harish Sharma, Rushal Dogra, Kamal Kishore and Munesh Kumar
Forest Ecology and Management 548 121391 (2023)

Nutrient fluxes via litterfall in silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) stands growing on post-arable soils

Jerzy Jonczak, Lidia Oktaba, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Edyta Pawłowicz, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Jarosław Oktaba and Sandra Słowińska
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (5) 981 (2023)

Linkages between Plant Community Composition and Soil Microbial Diversity in Masson Pine Forests

Jing Guo, Boliang Wei, Jinliang Liu, David M. Eissenstat, Shuisheng Yu, Xiaofei Gong, Jianguo Wu, Xiaoyong He and Mingjian Yu
Plants 12 (9) 1750 (2023)

Effects of Douglas fir cultivation in German forests on soil seepage water quantity and quality

Jörg Prietzel, Wendelin Weis, Sven Bachmann and Maike Kern
Forest Ecology and Management 546 121379 (2023)

Role of black pine (Pinus nigra J. F. Arnold) in European forests modified by climate change

Zdeněk Vacek, Jan Cukor, Stanislav Vacek, Josef Gallo, Václav Bažant and Aleš Zeidler
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (6) 1239 (2023)

The macro- and microelements content in Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Manetti ex Carrière (Pinaceae) needles as an indicator for assessing the environmental status

Snežana Štrbac, Gorica Veselinović, Nevena Antić, Nevenka Mijatović, Sanja Stojadinović, Branimir Jovančićević and Milica Kašanin-Grubin
Trees 37 (4) 1013 (2023)

Effect of Different Vegetation Restoration on Recovery of Compaction-Induced Soil Degradation in Hyrcanian Mixed Forests: Influence on Soil C and N Pools and Enzyme Activities

Alireza Ramineh, Meghdad Jourgholami, Vahid Etemad, Mohammad Jafari and Rodolfo Picchio
Forests 14 (3) 603 (2023)

Impact of Native Quercus robur and Non-Native Quercus rubra on Soil Properties during Post-Fire Ecosystem Regeneration

Bartłomiej Woś, Agnieszka Józefowska, Tomasz Wanic and Marcin Pietrzykowski
Diversity 15 (4) 559 (2023)

Soil organic matter transformation influenced by silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) succession on abandoned from agricultural production sandy soil

Jerzy Jonczak, Lidia Oktaba, Edyta Pawłowicz, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Edyta Regulska, Sandra Słowińska, Izabella Olejniczak, Jarosław Oktaba, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Marek Kondras, Urszula Jankiewicz and Elżbieta Wójcik-Gront
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (2) 367 (2023)

Changes in Soil Physicochemical and Water Properties in Response to Exotic Acacia Invasion in a Bornean Coastal Heath Forest

Mohamad Hilmi Ibrahim, Rahayu Sukmaria Sukri, Kushan U. Tennakoon, Nurul Naqibah Rosli and Faizah Metali
Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 23 (3) 3393 (2023)

The influence of Norway spruce and European beech on the vertical distribution of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in temperate forest soils

David Juřička, Martin Valtera, Radek Novotný, Renata Komendová, Jakub Černý and Václav Pecina
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (2) 247 (2023)

Soil fungal and bacterial community structure in monocultures of fourteen tree species of the temperate zone

Katarzyna Rożek, Dominika Chmolowska, Iñaki Odriozola, Tomáš Větrovský, Kaja Rola, Petr Kohout, Petr Baldrian and Szymon Zubek
Forest Ecology and Management 530 120751 (2023)

Tree species composition alters the decomposition of mixed litter and the associated microbial community composition and function in subtropical plantations in China

Yunxing Bai, Yunchao Zhou, Xinli Chen, Zhengfeng An, Xunyuan Zhang, Jiaojiao Du and Scott X. Chang
Forest Ecology and Management 529 120743 (2023)

Herbaceous plant species and their combinations positively affect soil microorganisms and processes and modify soil physicochemical properties in a mesocosm experiment

Anna M. Stefanowicz, Paweł Kapusta, Małgorzata Stanek, Katarzyna Rożek, Kaja Rola and Szymon Zubek
Forest Ecology and Management 532 120826 (2023)

Loss of soil carbon and nitrogen indicates climate change-induced alterations in a temperate forest ecosystem

Heikki Setälä, Zhong Jie Sun, Jun Qiang Zheng, Changyi Lu, Ming Ming Cui and Shi Jie Han
Ecological Indicators 148 110055 (2023)

Conversion of pure Chinese fir plantation to multi-layered mixed plantation enhances the soil aggregate stability by regulating microbial communities in subtropical China

Guannv Gao, Xueman Huang, Haocheng Xu, Yi Wang, Weijun Shen, Wen Zhang, Jinliu Yan, Xiaoyan Su, Shushou Liao and Yeming You
Forest Ecosystems 9 100078 (2022)

Is There Still Something to Eat for Trees in the Soils of the Strengbach Catchment?

MARIE-CLAIRE PIERRET, Matthias Oursin, Émilie Beaulieu, Damien Daval and Arnaud Legout
SSRN Electronic Journal (2022)

Carbon storage assessment in soil and plant organs: the role of Prosopis spp. on mitigate soil degradation

Sara Ansari and Hossein Sadeghi
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 194 (1) (2022)

Change of ecochemical indicators as a result of introducing beech undergrowth into pine stands

Michał Jasik, Klaudia Ziemblińska, Marek Urbaniak, Janusz Olejnik, Maciej Skorupski and Stanisław Małek
CATENA 213 106135 (2022)

Uptake of Pb, Sr, Co and Ni in Spruce (Picea Abies Karst.) and Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii Mirb.) Tree Wood and Bark: A Field Experiment

Ivana Milosevic, Sanja Živković, Miloš Momčilović, Željka Višnjić-Jeftić, Milorad Veselinović, Ivana D. Marković and Dragan M. Marković
SSRN Electronic Journal (2022)

Soil Quality Assessment of Different Land Use Types Based on TOPSIS Method in Hilly Sandy Area of Loess Plateau, Northern China

Yida An, Lei Zhang, Qing Wang and Yunwei Han
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (24) 17059 (2022)

Tree functional traits, forest biomass, and tree species diversity interact with site properties to drive forest soil carbon

Laurent Augusto and Antra Boča
Nature Communications 13 (1) (2022)

Soil chemical fertility change over four decades in the Morvan Mountains and influence of tree species (Burgundy, France)

Margaux Clesse, Arnaud Legout, Jacques Ranger, Bernd Zeller and Gregory van der Heijden
Forest Ecosystems 9 100043 (2022)

Mixing degree, stand density, and water supply can increase the overyielding of mixed versus monospecific stands in Central Europe

Hans Pretzsch
Forest Ecology and Management 503 119741 (2022)

Biomass productivity, forest stability, carbon balance, and soil transformation of agricultural land afforestation: A case study of suitability of native tree species in the submontane zone in Czechia

Jan Cukor, Zdeněk Vacek, Stanislav Vacek, Rostislav Linda and Vilém Podrázský
CATENA 210 105893 (2022)

Impact of non-native tree species in Europe on soil properties and biodiversity: a review

Thomas Wohlgemuth, Martin M. Gossner, Thomas Campagnaro, Hélia Marchante, Marcela van Loo, Giorgio Vacchiano, Pilar Castro-Díez, Dorota Dobrowolska, Anna Gazda, Srdjan Keren, Zsolt Keserű, Marcin Koprowski, Nicola La Porta, Vitas Marozas, Per Holm Nygaard, Vilém Podrázský, Radosław Puchałka, Orna Reisman-Berman, Lina Straigytė, Tiina Ylioja, Elisabeth Pötzelsberger and Joaquim S. Silva
NeoBiota 78 45 (2022)

Plant diversity and variation in soil properties of selected land use types of Arunachal Pradesh: a local climate change perspective

Reetashree Bordoloi, Aribam Rocky Sharma, Biswajit Das, Genius Teron, Lobsang Tashi Thungon, Ashish Paul, Lal Bihari Singha and Om Prakash Tripathi
Vegetos 36 (3) 950 (2022)

Little effect of tree species richness on within‐ and between‐plot variability in soil chemical properties in a young plantation forest

Els Dhiedt, Lander Baeten, Pallieter De Smedt and Kris Verheyen
European Journal of Soil Science 73 (1) (2022)

Facilitation and competition reduction in tree species mixtures in Central Europe: Consequences for growth modeling and forest management

Hans Pretzsch
Ecological Modelling 464 109812 (2022)

Tree neighbourhood-scale variation in topsoil chemistry depends on species identity effects related to litter quality

Els Dhiedt, Lander Baeten, Pallieter De Smedt, Bogdan Jaroszewicz and Kris Verheyen
European Journal of Forest Research 141 (6) 1163 (2022)

The chemistry of the pedoderm – part 3: Colophospermum mopane shrublands and woodlands in the central Kruger National Park, South Africa

Anthony J Mills, Tercia Strydom, Jessica L Allen and Julia Baum
African Journal of Range & Forage Science 39 (4) 339 (2022)

Michał Słowiński, Tomasz Związek, Paweł Swoboda, Michał A. Niedzielski, Sandra Słowińska, Michał Konopski, Jerzy Jończak, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Dominik Róg, Krzysztof Szewczyk and Dariusz Brykała

Soil Carbon Storage in Experimental Forest Plantations with Tropical Species

Celia De La Mora-Orozco, José Germán Flores Garnica, Irma Julieta González Acuña, Juan De Dios Benavides Solorio, César S. Magaña Martínez and Laura Izascum Pérez Valencia
Open Journal of Forestry 12 (01) 1 (2022)

Manganese availability modifies nitrogen eutrophication signals in acidophilous temperate forests

Marina Roth, Heike Puhlmann, Carina Sucker, Hans-Gerhard Michiels and Markus Hauck
Trees, Forests and People 9 100281 (2022)

Differential Effects of Tree Species on Soil Microbiota 45 Years after Afforestation of Former Pastures

Richard Gere, Mikuláš Kočiš, Ján Židó, Dušan Gömöry and Erika Gömöryová
Diversity 14 (7) 515 (2022)

The Effect of Stand Structure on Soil Physico-Chemical and Biological Properties in a Primary Beech Forest

Ján Židó, Ladislav Šumichrast, Stanislav Kucbel and Erika Gömöryová
Forests 13 (9) 1344 (2022)

Fine root biomass of European beech trees in different soil layers show different responses to season, climate, and soil nutrients

Likulunga Emmanuel Likulunga, Simon Clausing, Jaane Krüger, Friederike Lang and Andrea Polle
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 5 (2022)

Strategies to Enhance the Use of Endophytes as Bioinoculants in Agriculture

Bartholomew Adeleke, Ayomide Fadiji, Modupe Ayilara, Ozede Igiehon, Blessing Nwachukwu and Olubukola Babalola
Horticulturae 8 (6) 498 (2022)

Changes in the Distribution Preference of Soil Microbial Communities During Secondary Succession in a Temperate Mountain Forest

Peikun Li, Jian Zhang, Senlin Wang, Panpan Zhang, Wenju Chen, Shengyan Ding and Jingjing Xi
Frontiers in Microbiology 13 (2022)

Whole-Tree Response of Non-Structural Carbohydrates, Carbon and Nitrogen Concentrations in Two Temperate Tree Species to 10-Year Nitrogen Fertilization

Wenna Wang, Siyuan Wang, Günter Hoch, Yan Wang, Guoqiang Gao, Jiacun Gu and Haiwu Xu
Forests 13 (2) 302 (2022)

The role of afforestation species as a driver of Hg accumulation in organic horizons of forest soils from a Mediterranean mountain area in SW Europe

M. Méndez-López, A. Gómez-Armesto, F. Alonso-Vega, X. Pontevedra-Pombal, F. Fonseca, T. de Figueiredo, M. Arias-Estévez and J.C. Nóvoa-Muñoz
Science of The Total Environment 827 154345 (2022)

Variations in Litterfall Dynamics, C:N:P Stoichiometry and Associated Nutrient Return in Pure and Mixed Stands of Camphor Tree and Masson Pine Forests

Taimoor Hassan Farooq, Zhongwen Li, Wende Yan, Awais Shakoor, Uttam Kumar, Rubab Shabbir, Yuanying Peng, Ekambaram Gayathiri, Saqer S. Alotaibi, Jacek Wróbel, Hazem M. kalaji and Xiaoyong Chen
Frontiers in Environmental Science 10 (2022)

Michał Słowiński, Tomasz Związek, Paweł Swoboda, Michał A. Niedzielski, Sandra Słowińska, Michał Konopski, Jerzy Jonczak, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Aleksandra Chojnacka, Dominik Róg, Krzysztof Szewczyk and Dariusz Brykała

The chemistry of the pedoderm – part 4: grasslands and savannas within Mokala National Park, South Africa

Anthony J Mills and Klaus Kellner
African Journal of Range & Forage Science 39 (4) 344 (2022)