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Kozak Yöresinde Fıstıkçamı (Pinus pinea L.) Geleneksel Kozalak Hasadı ve Kozalak İndiricilerin Profili

Seda ERKAN BUĞDAY, Taner OKAN, Coşkun KÖSE and Sezgin ÖZDEN
Bartın Orman Fakültesi Dergisi 26 (1) 72 (2024)

The impact of climate and management on recent mortality in Pinus pinaster resin-tapped forests of inland Spain

Rafael Calama, César Martínez, Javier Gordo, Miren Del Río, María Menéndez-Miguélez, Marta Pardos and Che Elkin
Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research 97 (1) 120 (2024)

Dynamic Height Growth Equations and Site Index-Based Biomass Models for Young Native Species Afforestations in Spain

Rafael Calama, Guillermo Madrigal, Miren del Río, Eduardo López-Senespleda, Marta Pardos, Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado and María Menéndez-Miguélez
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Deciphering the Structural and Functional Diversity of Rhizobacteria from Stone Pine Inoculated with Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) before and after Transplanted into Degraded Agricultural Soil

Ana Garcia-Villaraco, Beatriz Ramos Solano, Francisco Javier Gutierrez-Mañero and José Antonio Lucas
Soil Systems 8 (2) 39 (2024)

Modelling height growth of temperate mixedwood forests using an age-independent approach and multi-temporal airborne laser scanning data

José Riofrío, Joanne C. White, Piotr Tompalski, Nicholas C. Coops and Michael A. Wulder
Forest Ecology and Management 543 121137 (2023)

Development of tools to estimate the contribution of young sweet chestnut plantations to climate-change mitigation

M. Menéndez-Miguélez, P. Álvarez-Álvarez, M. Pardos, G. Madrigal, R. Ruiz-Peinado, E. López-Senespleda, M. Del Río and R. Calama
Forest Ecology and Management 530 120761 (2023)

Quality of the Pellets Obtained with Wood and Cutting Residues of Stone Pine (Pinus pinea L.)

Manuel Fernández, Raúl Tapias, Victoriano Camacho and Joaquín Alaejos
Forests 14 (5) 1011 (2023)

Species Mixing Proportion and Aridity Influence in the Height–Diameter Relationship for Different Species Mixtures in Mediterranean Forests

Diego Rodríguez de Prado, Jose Riofrío, Jorge Aldea, James McDermott, Felipe Bravo and Celia Herrero de Aza
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Ecoregional Variation of Crimean Pine (Pinus nigra subspecies pallasiana [Lamb.] Holmboe) Stand Growth

Mehmet Seki and Oytun Emre Sakici
Forest Science 68 (5-6) 452 (2022)

Perspectives of Farmers on the Decline in Pinus pinea Nut Yield and the Sustainability of the Production: A Case Study in Kozak Basin in Western Turkey

Sezgin Özden, Taner Okan, Seda Erkan Buğday and Coşkun Köse
Agriculture 12 (7) 1070 (2022)

Mapping forest site quality at national level

Ana Aguirre, Daniel Moreno-Fernández, Iciar Alberdi, Laura Hernández, Patricia Adame, Isabel Cañellas and Fernando Montes
Forest Ecology and Management 508 120043 (2022)

Regional height growth models for Scots pine in Poland

Jarosław Socha, Luiza Tymińska-Czabańska, Karol Bronisz, Stanisław Zięba and Paweł Hawryło
Scientific Reports 11 (1) (2021)

Metabolomic Variability in the Volatile Composition of Essential Oils from Pinus pinea and P. pinaster

Jorge M. S. Faria and Ana Margarida Rodrigues
Biology and Life Sciences Forum 2 (1) 14 (2021)

Silviculture of Pinus Pinea L. in North Africa and The Mediterranean Areas: Current Potentiality and Economic Value

Wahbi Jaouadi, Moodi Alsubeie, Kaouther Mechergui and Souheila Naghmouchi
Journal of Sustainable Forestry 40 (7) 656 (2021)

Modeling Dominant Height Growth of Cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich) Stands in Turkey

Ramazan Özçelik, Quang V Cao, Esteban Gómez-García, Felipe Crecente-Campo and Ünal Eler
Forest Science 65 (6) 725 (2019)

Linking climate, annual growth and competition in a Mediterranean forest: Pinus pinea in the Spanish Northern Plateau

Rafael Calama, Mar Conde, Javier de-Dios-García, et al.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 264 309 (2019)

Resistance of Pinus pinea L. bark to fire

Javier Madrigal, Jennifer Souto-García, Rafael Calama, et al.
International Journal of Wildland Fire 28 (5) 342 (2019)

Potential of southern Latin-American coastal areas for stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cropping

Verónica Loewe-Muñoz, Mónica Balzarini, Claudia Delard R., Rodrigo del Rio M. and Andrea Álvarez C.
Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali 30 (2) 379 (2019)

Mediterranean coastal pine forest stands: Understorey distinctiveness or not?

Gianmaria Bonari, Alicia T.R. Acosta and Claudia Angiolini
Forest Ecology and Management 391 19 (2017)

Above-ground growth and temporal plant–soil relations in midterm hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. × P. tremuloides Michx.) plantations on former arable lands in hemiboreal Estonia

Reimo Lutter, Arvo Tullus, Arno Kanal, Tea Tullus and Hardi Tullus
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 32 (8) 688 (2017)

Use of Multi-Temporal UAV-Derived Imagery for Estimating Individual Tree Growth in Pinus pinea Stands

Juan Guerra-Hernández, Eduardo González-Ferreiro, Vicente Monleón, Sonia Faias, Margarida Tomé and Ramón Díaz-Varela
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Modelling top height growth and site index using repeated laser scanning data

Jarosław Socha, Marcin Pierzchalski, Radomir Bałazy and Mariusz Ciesielski
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Dominant height growth and dynamic site index models for Crimean pine in the Kastamonu–Taşköprü region of Turkey

Mehmet Seki and Oytun Emre Sakici
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Optimal management of Pinus pinea stands when cone and timber production are considered

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A model-based analysis of climate change vulnerability of Pinus pinea stands under multiobjective management in the Northern Plateau of Spain

Marta Pardos, Rafael Calama, Michael Maroschek, Werner Rammer and Manfred J. Lexer
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Modelling dominant height and site index in different edaphoclimatic zones ofNothofagus dombeyisecondary forest in the Andes of south-central Chile

Carlos Esse, Pablo J Donoso, Víctor Gerding, Celso Navarro and Francisco Encina-Montoya
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Species coexistence in a mixed Mediterranean pine forest: Spatio-temporal variability in trade-offs between facilitation and competition

Alicia Ledo, Isabel Cañellas, Ignacio Barbeito, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 322 89 (2014)

Predictive approaches to forest site productivity: recent trends, challenges and future perspectives

J.-D. Bontemps and O. Bouriaud
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A silviculture-oriented spatio-temporal model for germination in Pinus pinea L. in the Spanish Northern Plateau based on a direct seeding experiment

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Modelling seed germination in forest tree species through survival analysis. The Pinus pinea L. case study

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Kyriaki Kitikidou, Petros Petrou and Elias Milios
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Modeling Dominant Height Growth in PlantedPinus pineaStands in Northwest of Tunisia

Sghaier Tahar, Palahi Marc, Garchi Salah, et al.
International Journal of Forestry Research 2012 1 (2012)

Modelling the spatio-temporal pattern of primary dispersal in stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) stands in the Northern Plateau (Spain)

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Modelling spatial and temporal variability in a zero-inflated variable: The case of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production

Rafael Calama, Sven Mutke, José Tomé, et al.
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Pinus halepensis invasion in Pinus pinea habitat in Strofylia forest (Site of NATURA 2000 network), southern Greece

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Incorporating environmental and geographical information in forest data analysis: a new fitting approach for universal kriging

Fernando Montes and Alicia Ledo
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Phenotypic plasticity is stronger than adaptative differentiation among Mediterranean stone pine provenances

Sven Mutke, Javier Gordo, M Regina Chambel, et al.
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Modeling percent stocking changes for lodgepole pine stands in Alberta

Yuqing Yang and Shongming Huang
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Effect of topography and geology on the site index of Picea abies in the West Carpathian, Poland

Jaroslaw Socha
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Adapting a model for even-aged Pinus pinea L. stands to complex multi-aged structures

Rafael Calama, Ignacio Barbeito, Marta Pardos, Miren del Río and Gregorio Montero
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Dominant height growth equations including site attributes in the generalized algebraic difference approach

Andrés Bravo-Oviedo, Margarida Tomé, Felipe Bravo, Gregorio Montero and Miren del Río
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An empirical ecological-type model for predicting stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production in the Northern Plateau (Spain)

Rafael Calama, Fco. Javier Gordo, Sven Mutke and Gregorio Montero
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Long-term trends in dominant-height growth of black pine using dynamic models

Dario Martín-Benito, Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo, Miren del Río and Isabel Cañellas
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Development of a basal area growth system for maritime pine in northwestern Spain using the generalized algebraic difference approach

Marcos Barrio Anta, Fernando Castedo Dorado, Ulises Diéguez-Aranda, et al.
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Dynamic growth model for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) plantations in Galicia (north-western Spain)

Ulises Diéguez-Aranda, Fernando Castedo Dorado, Juan Gabriel Álvarez González and Alberto Rojo Alboreca
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Extended length rotation to integrate timber and pine nut production with the conservation of structural diversity in aPinus pinea(L.) forest

Fernando Montes, María J. Hernández, Rafael Calama and Isabel Cañellas
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Modelling dominant height growth and site index curves for rebollo oak (Quercus pyrenaicaWilld.)

Patricia Adame, Isabel Cañellas, Sonia Roig and Miren Del Río
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An ecoregional model for estimating volume, biomass and carbon pools in maritime pine stands in Galicia (northwestern Spain)

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Site quality of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) stands in Galicia (northwest Spain)

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Site index curves and growth model for Mediterranean maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) in Spain

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Changes in trends of the height growth of spruce and pine derived from continuous measurements in forest management plans of Kostelec nad Černými lesy and on pilot research plots in the Czech Republic

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Interregional nonlinear height–diameter model with random coefficients for stone pine in Spain

Rafael Calama and Gregorio Montero
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 34 (1) 150 (2004)