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Microhabitat Conditions Influencing Ground Vegetation Dominants in an Ecotone between a Spruce (Picea abies (L.) H.Karst.) Forest and Clear-Cut Site during Ten Post-Logging Years

Nadezhda Genikova and Viktor Mamontov
Forests 14 (11) 2125 (2023)

Phytophthora species cause sudden and severe decline of naturally regenerated European beech (Fagus sylvatica) seedlings

Robert Jankowiak, Hanna Stępniewska, Piotr Bilański and Stephen Joshua Taerum
Plant Pathology 72 (4) 774 (2023)

Silvicultural management and altitude prevail on soil properties and fungal community in shaping understorey plant communities in a Mediterranean pine forest

Giada Centenaro, Sergio de Miguel, Laleh Amouzgar, Yasmine Piñuela, Deokjoo Son, José Antonio Bonet, Juan Martínez de Aragón, Svetlana Dashevskaya, Carles Castaño and Josu G. Alday
Science of The Total Environment 858 159860 (2023)

Molinia caerulea alters forest Quercus petraea seedling growth through reduced mycorrhization

Marine Fernandez, Philippe Malagoli, Lucie Vincenot, Antoine Vernay, Thierry Améglio, Philippe Balandier and Adam Martin
AoB PLANTS 15 (2) (2023)

Responses of Fine Roots at Different Soil Depths to Different Thinning Intensities in a Secondary Forest in the Qinling Mountains, China

Yue Pang, Jing Tian, Hang Yang, Kai Zhang and Dexiang Wang
Biology 11 (3) 351 (2022)

The FraDiv experiment: Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research meets reforestation practice

Katharina S. Haupt, Katharina Mausolf, Jessica Richter, Joachim Schrautzer and Alexandra Erfmeier
Ecological Indicators 144 109497 (2022)

Chemical interaction between Quercus pubescens and its companion species is not emphasized under drought stress

H. Hashoum, J. Gavinet, T. Gauquelin, et al.
European Journal of Forest Research 140 (2) 333 (2021)

Modelling natural regeneration of European beech in Saxony, Germany: identifying factors influencing the occurrence and density of regeneration

Maximilian Axer, Sven Martens, Robert Schlicht and Sven Wagner
European Journal of Forest Research 140 (4) 947 (2021)

Empirical survival model for European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings in response to interactive resource gradients and (a-) biotic conditions within an experimental canopy gap study

Jan F. Wilkens and Sven Wagner
Forest Ecology and Management 499 119627 (2021)

Chemical and morphological response of beech saplings (Fagus sylvatica L.) to an experimental soil drought gradient

Ulrich Zang, Michael Goisser, Nele Meyer, Karl-Heinz Häberle and Werner Borken
Forest Ecology and Management 498 119569 (2021)

Investigating the role of root exudates in the interaction between oak seedlings and purple moor grass in temperate forest

Marine Fernandez, Philippe Malagoli, Christiane Gallet, Catherine Fernandez, Antoine Vernay, Thierry Améglio and Philippe Balandier
Forest Ecology and Management 491 119175 (2021)

Species-specific effects of the herbaceous layer on recruitment of woody species under different shading and precipitation conditions

Nicolás Velasco and Pablo I. Becerra
Forest Ecology and Management 460 117864 (2020)

Understory vegetation response to mountain pine beetle disturbance in northern Colorado lodgepole pine forests

Gregory S. Pappas, Daniel B. Tinker and Monique E. Rocca
Plant Ecology 221 (12) 1293 (2020)

Importance of stand structure and neighborhood in European beech regeneration

Povilas Žemaitis, Wojciech Gil and Zbigniew Borowski
Forest Ecology and Management 448 57 (2019)

Advanced Aboveground Spatial Analysis as Proxy for the Competitive Environment Affecting Sapling Development

Peter Annighöfer, Dominik Seidel, Andreas Mölder and Christian Ammer
Frontiers in Plant Science 10 (2019)

Soil conditions and sheltering techniques improve active restoration of degraded Nothofagus pumilio forest in Southern Patagonia

Patricio Valenzuela, Eduardo C. Arellano, James Burger, Juan A. Oliet and Maria F. Perez
Forest Ecology and Management 424 28 (2018)

Hydraulic Constraints to Whole-Tree Water Use and Respiration in Young Cryptomeria Trees under Competition

Juan Ferrio, Yoko Kurosawa, Mofei Wang and Shigeta Mori
Forests 9 (8) 449 (2018)

Carry-over benefit of high internal N pool on growth and function of oak seedlings (Quercus petraea) competing with Deschampsia cespitosa

Antoine Vernay, Philippe Malagoli, Marine Fernandez, et al.
Forest Ecology and Management 419-420 130 (2018)

Dynamics, Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests

Magnus Löf, Christian Ammer, Lluis Coll, et al.
Managing Forest Ecosystems, Dynamics, Silviculture and Management of Mixed Forests 31 103 (2018)

Biotic interactions in a Mediterranean oak forest: role of allelopathy along phenological development of woody species

H. Hashoum, M. Santonja, T. Gauquelin, et al.
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (4) 699 (2017)

Can bioplastic or woodchip groundcover replace herbicides or plastic mulching for valuable broadleaf plantations in Mediterranean areas?

Jaime Coello, Lluís Coll and Míriam Piqué
New Forests 48 (3) 415 (2017)

Effects of light availability on morphology, growth and biomass allocation of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus robur seedlings

Ignacio Sevillano, Ian Short, Jim Grant and Conor O’Reilly
Forest Ecology and Management 374 11 (2016)

Resilience of European beech forests (Fagus sylvatica L.) after fire in a global change context

Janet Maringer, Marco Conedera, Davide Ascoli, Dirk R. Schmatz and Thomas Wohlgemuth
International Journal of Wildland Fire 25 (6) 699 (2016)

Effect of stand, topographic, and climatic factors on the fuel complex characteristics of Aleppo (Pinus halepensis Mill.) and Calabrian (Pinus brutia Ten.) pine forests of Greece

Ioannis Mitsopoulos and Gavriil Xanthopoulos
Forest Ecology and Management 360 110 (2016)

Charcoal kiln sites, associated landscape attributes and historic forest conditions: DTM-based investigations in Hesse (Germany)

Marcus Schmidt, Andreas Mölder, Egbert Schönfelder, Falko Engel and Werner Fortmann-Valtink
Forest Ecosystems 3 (1) (2016)

Influence of weed composition, abundance, and spatial proximity on growth in young hybrid poplar plantations

David Henkel-Johnson, S. Ellen Macdonald, Edward W. Bork and Barb R. Thomas
Forest Ecology and Management 362 55 (2016)

Substrate influences ecophysiological performance of tree seedlings

Gisela Pröll, Peter Hietz, Christina M. Delaney, Klaus Katzensteiner and Marc Abrams
Tree Physiology 36 (1) 39 (2016)

Establishment success of trees planted in riparian buffer zones along an agricultural intensification gradient

B. Bourgeois, A. Vanasse, D. Rivest and M. Poulin
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 222 60 (2016)

Transpiration of four common understorey plant species according to drought intensity in temperate forests

Rémy Gobin, Nathalie Korboulewsky, Yann Dumas and Philippe Balandier
Annals of Forest Science 72 (8) 1053 (2015)

The influence of soil preparation on the development of ground vegetation in forest plantations on arable farmland and forest clear-cut areas

Vytautas Suchockas, Antanas Malinauskas, Gintautas Urbaitis and Alfas Pliūra
Zemdirbyste-Agriculture 101 (4) 395 (2014)

Application of post-emergence herbicides in the regeneration of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) forests

V. Vasic, B. Konstantinovic and S. Orlovic
Forestry 87 (3) 407 (2014)

Natural Regeneration of Trees in Three Types of Afforested Stands in the Taihang Mountains, China

Xitian Yang, Dongfeng Yan, Canran Liu and Lalit Kumar
PLoS ONE 9 (9) e108744 (2014)

Height competition between Quercus petraea and Fagus sylvatica natural regeneration in mixed and uneven-aged stands

Gauthier Ligot, Philippe Balandier, Adeline Fayolle, Philippe Lejeune and Hugues Claessens
Forest Ecology and Management 304 391 (2013)

Decrease in Available Soil Water Storage Capacity Reduces Vitality of Young Understorey European Beeches (Fagus sylvatica L.)—A Case Study from the Black Forest, Germany

Tamalika Chakraborty, Somidh Saha and Albert Reif
Plants 2 (4) 676 (2013)

Architecture, cover and light interception by bramble (Rubus fruticosus): a common understorey weed in temperate forests

P. Balandier, A. Marquier, E. Casella, et al.
Forestry 86 (1) 39 (2013)

Response of planted beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) saplings to herbaceous and small shrubs control on clearcuts

Ion Catalin Petriţan, Burghard von Lüpke and Any Mary Petriţan
Journal of Forest Research 17 (2) 164 (2012)

Economically profitable post fire restoration with black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) producing plantations

Juan Martínez de Aragón, Christine Fischer, José Antonio Bonet, et al.
New Forests 43 (5-6) 615 (2012)

Spectral responses to plant available soil moisture in a Californian grassland

Shishi Liu, Dar A. Roberts, Oliver A. Chadwick and Chris J. Still
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 19 31 (2012)

Biomass allocation to roots and shoots is more sensitive to shade and drought in European beech than in Norway spruce seedlings

Peter Schall, Christina Lödige, Michael Beck and Christian Ammer
Forest Ecology and Management 266 246 (2012)

Can we use shelterwoods in Mediterranean pine forests to promote oak seedling development?

Bernard Prévosto, Yogan Monnier, Christian Ripert and Catherine Fernandez
Forest Ecology and Management 262 (8) 1426 (2011)

Driving factors for natural tree rejuvenation in anthropogenic pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) forests of NE Germany

Frank Mirschel, Stefan Zerbe and Florian Jansen
Forest Ecology and Management 261 (3) 683 (2011)

Growth and morphology of three forest understorey species (Calluna vulgaris, Molinia caerulea and Pteridium aquilinum) according to light availability

Noémie Gaudio, Philippe Balandier, Yann Dumas and Christian Ginisty
Forest Ecology and Management 261 (3) 489 (2011)

Restocking with broadleaved species during the conversion of Tsuga heterophylla plantations to native woodland using natural regeneration

Ralph Harmer, Geoff Morgan and Kate Beauchamp
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (2) 161 (2011)

Predicting understory maximum shrubs cover using altitude and overstory basal area in different Mediterranean forests

Lluís Coll, José Ramón González-Olabarria, Blas Mola-Yudego, Timo Pukkala and Christian Messier
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (1) 55 (2011)

Light-mediated influence of three understorey species (Calluna vulgaris, Pteridium aquilinum, Molinia caerulea) on the growth of Pinus sylvestris seedlings

Noémie Gaudio, Philippe Balandier, Gwenaël Philippe, et al.
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (1) 77 (2011)

Tree regeneration and plant species diversity responses to vegetation control following a major windthrow in mixed broadleaved stands

Marine Dodet, Catherine Collet, Henri Frochot and Léon Wehrlen
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (1) 41 (2011)

Living without herbicides in Québec (Canada): historical context, current strategy, research and challenges in forest vegetation management

Nelson Thiffault and Vincent Roy
European Journal of Forest Research 130 (1) 117 (2011)

Root distribution of under-planted European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) below the canopy of a mature Norway spruce stand as a function of light

Čater Matjaž and Simončič Primož
European Journal of Forest Research 129 (4) 531 (2010)

Sugar maple and yellow birch regeneration in response to canopy opening, liming and vegetation control in a temperate deciduous forest of Quebec

Dodick Gasser, Christian Messier, Marilou Beaudet and Martin J. Lechowicz
Forest Ecology and Management 259 (10) 2006 (2010)

Root spatial distribution and biomass partitioning in Quercus robur L. seedlings: the effects of mounding site preparation in oak plantations

Andreas Bolte and Magnus Löf
European Journal of Forest Research 129 (4) 603 (2010)

Understory vegetation as environmental factors indicator in forest ecosystems

A. Mataji, P. Moarefvand, S. Babaie Kafaki and M. Madanipour Kermanshahi
International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology 7 (4) 629 (2010)

Scale-specific determinants of a mixed beech and oak seedling–sapling bank under different environmental and biotic conditions

Antonio Gazol and Ricardo Ibáñez
Plant Ecology 211 (1) 37 (2010)

Survival, Growth and Vitality Effects of Man-Made Fagus orientalis Seedlings after Cleaning Sambucus ebulus in a Caspian Forest Site

Masoud Tabari
International Journal of Botany 4 (3) 331 (2008)

Effects of Artificial Regeneration Methods on Mortality, Growth and Shape of Oak Seedlings in a Central – European Oak-Hornbeam Stand

Tamás Tobisch
Acta Silvatica et Lignaria Hungarica 4 (1) 29 (2008)

Light-dependent development of two competitive species (Rubus idaeus, Cytisus scoparius) colonizing gaps in temperate forest

Noémie Gaudio, Philippe Balandier and André Marquier
Annals of Forest Science 65 (1) 104 (2008)

Herb-layer diversity in deciduous forests: Raised by tree richness or beaten by beech?

Andreas Mölder, Markus Bernhardt-Römermann and Wolfgang Schmidt
Forest Ecology and Management 256 (3) 272 (2008)

Compared effects of competition by grasses (Graminoids) and broom (Cytisus scoparius) on growth and functional traits of beech saplings (Fagus sylvatica)

Damien Provendier and Philippe Balandier
Annals of Forest Science 65 (5) 510 (2008)

Patterns of Land-use Abandonment Control Tree-recruitment and Forest Dynamics in Mediterranean Mountains

Sandrine Chauchard, Christopher Carcaillet and Frédéric Guibal
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Effects of Artificial Regeneration Methods on Mortality, Growth and Shape of Oak Seedlings in a Central European Oak-Hornbeam Stand

Tamás Tobisch
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Influence of nurse birch and Scots pine seedlings on early aerial development of European beech seedlings in an open-field plantation of Central France

B. Prevosto and P. Balandier
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The role of below-ground competition during early stages of secondary succession: the case of 3-year-old Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings in an abandoned grassland

Catherine Picon-Cochard, Lluis Coll and Philippe Balandier
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Effect of vegetation control on the survival and growth of Scots pine and Norway spruce planted on former agricultural land

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Designing forest vegetation management strategies based on the mechanisms and dynamics of crop tree competition by neighbouring vegetation

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Growth, mortality, and morphological response of European beech and downy oak along a light gradient in sub-Mediterranean forest

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Interacting effects of irradiance and water stress on dry weight and biomass partitioning in Fagus sylvatica seedlings

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Restoration of Boreal and Temperate Forests

Philippe Balandier, Bernard Prevosto and Jean-Luc Guitton
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Dimensional relationships of naturally established European beech trees beneath Scots pine and Silver birch canopy

Bernard Prévosto and Thomas Curt
Forest Ecology and Management 194 (1-3) 335 (2004)