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Oak regeneration facing deer browsing: Can competition between saplings offset the diversion effect? A simulation experiment

Julien Barrere, Gauthier Ligot, Vincent Boulanger, Catherine Collet, Benoît Courbaud, François de Coligny, Anders Mårell, Sonia Saïd and Philippe Balandier
Ecological Modelling 489 110608 (2024)

Herbivores regulate native–alien plants dynamics in sub‐Antarctic beech (Nothofagus antarctica) forests of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Rosina Soler, Gimena Bustamante, Verónica Cruz‐Alonso, Bernd Lenzner and Franz Essl
Applied Vegetation Science 26 (2) (2023)

Improving methods to predict aboveground biomass of Pinus sylvestris in urban forest using UFB model, LiDAR and digital hemispherical photography

Ihor Kozak, Mikhail Popov, Igor Semko, Myroslava Mylenka and Iryna Kozak-Balaniuk
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 79 127793 (2023)

Effects of single tree selection cutting on vascular plant species diversity components in temperate forests of Hyrcanian region

Ameneh Khanalizadeh, Javad Eshaghi Rad, Ghavamodin Zahedi Amiri, Habib Zare, Peter Schall and Manfred Josef Lexer
Flora 305 152341 (2023)

The relationship between plant diversity and aboveground biomass in managed and unmanaged temperate forests

Ameneh Khanalizadeh, Javad Eshaghi Rad, Ghavamodin Zahedi Amiri, Habib Zare, Peter Schall and Manfred J. Lexer
European Journal of Forest Research 142 (5) 1167 (2023)

Modelling fuel loads of understorey vegetation and forest floor components in pine stands in NW Spain

José A. Vega, Stéfano Arellano-Pérez, Juan Gabriel Álvarez-González, Cristina Fernández, Enrique Jiménez, Pedro Cuiñas, José María Fernández-Alonso, Daniel J. Vega-Nieva, Fernando Castedo-Dorado, Cecilia Alonso-Rego, Teresa Fontúrbel and Ana Daría Ruiz-González
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Tamm review: Forest understorey and overstorey interactions: So much more than just light interception by trees

Philippe Balandier, Anders Mårell, Bernard Prévosto and Lucie Vincenot
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Regeneration and growth of tree seedlings and saplings in created gaps of different sizes in a subtropical secondary forest in southern China

Feng Liu, Chang Tan, Zhigao Yang, Jianjun Li, Huashun Xiao and Yao Tong
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Natural Regeneration of Scots Pine Requires the Application of Silvicultural Treatments such as Overstorey Density Regulation and Soil Preparation

Franka Huth, Alexandra Wehnert and Sven Wagner
Forests 13 (6) 817 (2022)

Evaluating structural and compositional canopy characteristics to predict the light‐demand signature of the forest understorey in mixed, semi‐natural temperate forests

Leen Depauw, Michael P. Perring, Dries Landuyt, Sybryn L. Maes, Haben Blondeel, Emiel De Lombaerde, Guntis Brūmelis, Jörg Brunet, Déborah Closset‐Kopp, Guillaume Decocq, Jan Den Ouden, Werner Härdtle, Radim Hédl, Thilo Heinken, Steffi Heinrichs, Bogdan Jaroszewicz, Martin Kopecký, Ilze Liepiņa, Martin Macek, František Máliš, Wolfgang Schmidt, Simon M. Smart, Karol Ujházy, Monika Wulf, Kris Verheyen and Viktoria Wagner
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Lichen communities on Populus tremula are affected by the density of Picea abies

Aleksi Nirhamo, Juha Pykälä, Panu Halme, Atte Komonen and Rob Marrs
Applied Vegetation Science 24 (2) (2021)

Assessing Forest Structural and Topographic Effects on Habitat Productivity for the Endangered Apennine Brown Bear

Angela Anna Rositi, Giovanna Jona Lasinio and Paolo Ciucci
Forests 12 (7) 916 (2021)

Methodology based on volumetric biomass density to estimate solar radiation transmission through tree stands

Józef Suliński, Przemysław Sypka and Rafał Starzak
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Species interactions under climate change in mixed stands of Scots pine and pedunculate oak

M. Bouwman, D.I. Forrester, J. den Ouden, G.-J. Nabuurs and G.M.J. Mohren
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Root Foraging Precision of Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel Subjected to Contrasting Light Spectra

Chunxia He, Jun Gao, Yan Zhao and Jing Liu
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Dynamics of canopy development of Cunninghamia lanceolata mid-age plantation in relation to foliar nitrogen and soil quality influenced by stand density

Taimoor Hassan Farooq, Wende Yan, Xiaoyong Chen, et al.
Global Ecology and Conservation 24 e01209 (2020)

Stand attributes or soil micro-environment exert greater influence than management type on understory plant diversity in even-aged oak high forests

Liping Wei, Frédéric Archaux, Florian Hulin, Isabelle Bilger and Frédéric Gosselin
Forest Ecology and Management 460 117897 (2020)

Microclimate in Mediterranean pine forests: What is the influence of the shrub layer?

Bernard Prévosto, Manon Helluy, Jordane Gavinet, Catherine Fernandez and Philippe Balandier
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 282-283 107856 (2020)

Plant Community Response to Forest Fuel Management in Patagonian Pine Plantations

María Melisa Rago, María Florencia Urretavizcaya, Natalia Soledad Lederer and Guillermo Emilio Defossé
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 3 (2020)

Advance Regeneration of Norway Spruce and Scots Pine in Hemiboreal Forests in Latvia

Solveiga Luguza, Guntars Snepsts, Janis Donis, et al.
Forests 11 (2) 215 (2020)

Mixing effect on stand yield of Pinus tabulaeformis and Quercus liaotungensis is modulated by site quality and stand density in the Loess Plateau, China

Xiao-zhou Yang, Qiu-yue He and Wen-hui Zhang
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Changing land use and increasing abundance of deer cause natural regeneration failure of oaks: Six decades of landscape-scale evidence

Linda K. Petersson, Per Milberg, Johan Bergstedt, et al.
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Transmitted light as a tool to monitor tree leaf phenology and development applied to Quercus petraea

Thomas Perot, Philippe Balandier, Camille Couteau, et al.
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The effect of deer browsing and understory light availability on stump mortality and sprout growth capacity in sessile oak

Anders Mårell, Jean-Pierre Hamard, Thomas Pérot, Sandrine Perret and Nathalie Korboulewsky
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Artificial neural network models predicting the leaf area index: a case study in pure even-aged Crimean pine forests from Turkey

İlker Ercanlı, Alkan Günlü, Muammer Şenyurt and Sedat Keleş
Forest Ecosystems 5 (1) (2018)

Alexandre Marchal, Carl D. Schlichting, Rémy Gobin, Philippe Balandier, Frédéric Millier, Facundo Muñoz, Luc E. Pâques and Leopoldo Sánchez

Comparing different methods for determining forest evapotranspiration and its components at multiple temporal scales

Qiang Tie, Hongchang Hu, Fuqiang Tian and N. Michele Holbrook
Science of The Total Environment 633 12 (2018)

LAI estimation by direct and indirect methods in Scots pine stands in Northern Steppe of Ukraine

Viktoriia LOVYNSKA, Petro LAKYDA, Svitlana SYTNYK, Mykola KHARYTONOV and Iryna PIESTOVA
Journal of Forest Science 64 (12) 514 (2018)

Disponibilidad de luz bajo dosel en rodales de Abies religiosa

Pedro Antonio Plateros-Gastélum, Valentín José Reyes-Hernández, Alejandro Velázquez-Martínez, Patricia Hernández de la Rosa and Gisela Virginia Campos-Ángeles
Madera y Bosques 24 (3) (2018)

Modeling and predicting solar radiation transmittance in mixed forests at a within-stand scale from tree species basal area

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Tree light capture and spatial variability of understory light increase with species mixing and tree size heterogeneity

Gauthier Ligot, Aitor Ameztegui, Benoît Courbaud, Lluís Coll and Dan Kneeshaw
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 46 (7) 968 (2016)

Assumptions for Fourier-based modelling of diurnal temperature variations in the top soil layer under Istebna spruce stands

Przemysław Sypka, Jarosław Kucza and Rafał Starzak
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Diversity, functional structure and functional redundancy of woodland plant communities: How do mixed tree species plantations compare with monocultures?

N. Barsoum, L. Coote, A.E. Eycott, et al.
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Transmissivity of solar radiation within a <i>Picea sitchensis</i> stand under various sky conditions

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Reconstruction of past landscape openness using the Landscape Reconstruction Algorithm (LRA) applied on three local pollen sites in a southern Swedish biodiversity hotspot

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Interannual variability in competitive effects in mixed and monospecific forests of Mediterranean stone pine

Javier de-Dios-García, Marta Pardos and Rafael Calama
Forest Ecology and Management 358 230 (2015)

Transmissivity of solar radiation within a <i>Picea sitchensis</i> stand under various sky conditions

S. Dengel, J. Grace and A. MacArthur
Biogeosciences Discussions 12 (4) 3825 (2015)

Implementing Continuous Cover Forestry in Planted Forests: Experience with Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis) in the British Isles

William Mason
Forests 6 (4) 879 (2015)

The relationship of stand structure with canopy transmittance: Simple models and practical methods for managing understory light conditions in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.)-dominated forests

William C. Parker
The Forestry Chronicle 90 (04) 489 (2014)

Light limitation and litter of an invasive clonal plant, Wedelia trilobata, inhibit its seedling recruitment

Shan-Shan Qi, Zhi-Cong Dai, Shi-Li Miao, et al.
Annals of Botany 114 (2) 425 (2014)

Linking rainforest ecophysiology and microclimate through fusion of airborne LiDAR and hyperspectral imagery

Eben N. Broadbent, Angélica M. Almeyda Zambrano, Gregory P. Asner, Christopher B. Field, Brad E. Rosenheim, Ty Kennedy-Bowdoin, David E. Knapp, David Burke, Christian Giardina and Susan Cordell
Ecosphere 5 (5) 1 (2014)

Tree species diversity and abundance as indicators of understory diversity in French mountain forests: Variations of the relationship in geographical and ecological space

Christophe Zilliox and Frédéric Gosselin
Forest Ecology and Management 321 105 (2014)

Does forest management abandonment matter more than habitat characteristics for ground beetles?

Maude Toïgo, Yoan Paillet, Thierry Noblecourt, et al.
Biological Conservation 157 215 (2013)

Unravelling the influence of light, litter and understorey vegetation on Pinus pinea natural regeneration

B. Adili, M. H. El Aouni and P. Balandier
Forestry 86 (3) 297 (2013)

Analysing species-specific light transmission and related crown characteristics of Pinus sylvestris and Betula pendula using a shoot-level 3D model

Anna Lintunen, Pekka Kaitaniemi, Jari Perttunen and Risto Sievänen
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Spatial pattern of trees influences species productivity in a mature oak–pine mixed forest

Marie Ange Ngo Bieng, Thomas Perot, François de Coligny and François Goreaud
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Modeling of light transmission under heterogeneous forest canopy: an appraisal of the effect of the precision level of crown description

David Da Silva, Philippe Balandier, Frédéric Boudon, André Marquier and Christophe Godin
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Relationships between forest structure, understorey light and regeneration in complex Douglas-fir dominated stands in south-eastern British Columbia

Kyle D. Lochhead and Philip G. Comeau
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Influence of stand, site and meteorological variables on the maximum leaf area index of beech, oak and Scots pine

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Understory light predictions in mixed conifer mountain forests: Role of aspect-induced variation in crown geometry and openness

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Growth of understorey Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) saplings in response to light in mixed temperate forest

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Managing understory light conditions in boreal mixedwoods through variation in the intensity and spatial pattern of harvest: A modelling approach

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Polish beech-larch stands: their structure, productivity and processes of generation

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Modelling understorey light for seedling regeneration in continuous cover forestry canopies

S. Bertin, S. Palmroth, H. S. Kim, et al.
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Growth and morphology of three forest understorey species (Calluna vulgaris, Molinia caerulea and Pteridium aquilinum) according to light availability

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A fast and reliable method for the delineation of tree crown outlines for the computation of crown openness values and other crown parameters

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Canopy effects on vegetation caused by harvesting and regeneration treatments

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Simulation of strip-gap arrangement in cedar plantations to regulate the light environment and competition between dwarf bamboo and beech seedlings

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Improving biodiversity indicators of sustainable forest management: Tree genus abundance rather than tree genus richness and dominance for understory vegetation in French lowland oak hornbeam forests

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Relationships between canopy transmittance and stand parameters in Sitka spruce and Scots pine stands in Britain

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The effects of a regeneration felling on photosynthetic photon flux density and regeneration growth in a Nothofagus pumilio forest

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Regeneration failure of Pinus halepensis Mill.: The role of autotoxicity and some abiotic environmental parameters

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Crown openness as influenced by tree and site characteristics for yellow birch, sugar maple, and eastern hemlock

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Influence of nurse birch and Scots pine seedlings on early aerial development of European beech seedlings in an open-field plantation of Central France

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Characterisation, prediction and relationships between different wavebands of solar radiation transmitted in the understorey of even-aged oak (Quercus petraea, Q. robur) stands

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Broom (Cytisus scoparius) colonization after grazing abandonment in the French Massif Central: impact on vegetation composition and resource availability

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Comparison of optical and digital techniques for light microclimate assessment in the Paneveggio Forest, Trentino, Italy

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Canopy structure and spatial heterogeneity of understory light in an abandoned Holm oak woodland

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