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Table I

Mean biomass and P content of the seedling components (shoot, root and total, n = 5). Different letters indicate significant differences between the two treatments for the same harvest period. Different numbers indicate significant differences between harvest periods for the same treatment (P < 0.05). For the whole seedling (total), values in bold indicate significant differences from the initial value (0 d).

Shoot Root Total
Biomass (g seedling−1)
0 d 0.028
61 d 0.271a 0.311a 0.141a 0.121a 0.411a 0.441a
95 d 0.3112a 0.701b 0.1612a 0.242b 0.4712a 0.942b
130 d 0.352a 2.162b 0.192a 0.553b 0.532a 2.713b

P content (mg seedling−1)
0 d 0.21
61 d 0.142a 0.331a 0.081a 0.091a 0.221a 0.431a
95 d 0.1112a 0.791b 0.081a 0.232b 0.201a 1.012b
130 d 0.101a 1.682b 0.071a 0.363b 0.181a 2.033b

Ms: mineral soil, MS+FF: mineral soil+forest floor.

Number of days after planting.