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Table I

Decay class system for coarse woody debris elements.

Snag Log Stump
1 Complete or partial bark, Bark intact, small branches Bark intact, texture intact,
most of the branches intact, present, shape round, wood original surface cut and
hard wood texture intact, log elevated on original color
support point or slightly

2 Partial/almost Trace of bark, no twigs Bark almost intact, texture
absent bark, no shape round, wood hard, texture in partly soft (in the outermost
twigs, hard wood large pieces, log sagging near part), original surface
the ground cut and original color,

3 No bark, no twigs, No bark, no twigs, shape Trace of bark, texture in
wood hard to soft round to oval, wood hard to soft, large pieces, surface cut
(soft sapwood  <  70%) texture with blocky pieces, all original but decay spread
of log on the ground in most of the stump,
color becoming brown

4 No bark, no twigs, No bark, no twigs, oval shape, Bark absent, texture soft
wood hard to soft soft and powdery wood structure, and powdery, surface cut almost
(soft sapwood  >  70%) log completely sagging absent ad color brown
on the ground