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Ann. For. Sci.
Volume 67, Number 7, October-November 2010
Article Number 706
Number of page(s) 14
Published online 19 August 2010

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Table S1

Features of different prewhitened chronologies. (a) Different growth descriptors considering all trees in the plot. (b) Volume increment chronologies of each (b) basal area group and (c) cohort.

Table S2

Pearson’s correlations between upper plot (UP) and lower plot (LP) proewhitened chronologies representing (a) differnet growth descriptors and volume increment of (b) basal area group and (c) age cohorts. All correlations had P < 0.001. See text for acronyms explanation. Calculation period: 1974–2006. All correlations significant with P < 0.001.

thumbnail Figure S1

Density (left) and basal area (right) distribution in 5 cm diameter classes at (a) Upper plot and (b) Lower plot.

thumbnail Figure S2

Height-DBH curve representative of both plots.

thumbnail Figure S3

Mean BAI 11-y splines comparison between Manziana Turkey oak high forest and LP45.

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