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Ann. For. Sci.
Volume 67, Number 6, September 2010
Article Number 612
Number of page(s) 9
Published online 08 July 2010

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Supplementary Table SI

Comparative characteristics of the studied populations. Seed classification follows current legislation: selected (stands for seed production), qualified and tested seed (seed orchards, SO). Regions of provenance follow current delimitation by the Forestry Services in Portugal and ‘external’ denotes seed sources localized outside the limits of provenance regions. T = annual mean temperature (°C); P = annual cumulative precipitation (mm). Emberger’s pluviothermal index Q3 = 3.43P / (Mm) and bioclimatic classification, where M = mean maximal temperature for the hottest month and m = mean minimal temperature for the coldest month (°C). Climatic data represent 30-year means.

Supplementary Table SII

Total height (m), diameter at breast height (DBH, cm), stem form (notation scale) and survival rate of the 30 populations, analyzed in Escaroupim site. BLUP values (and expected gain, G, n.e. denoting non-estimable gain) for each population and assigned rank number (R, 1 = highest estimate by trait).

Supplementary Table SIII

Analogous to Supplementary Table SII, for Leiria site.

Supplementary Table SIV

Analogous to Supplementary Table SII, for Malcata site.

Supplementary Table SV

Analogous to Supplementary Table SII, for Montalegre site.

Supplementary Table SVI

Analogous to Supplementary Table SII, for Viseu site.

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