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Table I

Characteristics of the Speulderbos and Freienwalde study sites. Precipitation and temperature are mean annual values for the period 1958–2002. The soil information has been aggregated from Tiktak et al. (1988); Tiktak and Bouten (1990) for the Speulderbos and from Riek and Stähr (2004) for Freienwalde.

Stand Coordinates Region Precipitation Temperature Soil type pH Soil deptha Soil texturea Soil layersa
(mm) (°C) (cm)
Speulderbos 52.25N; 5.68E Gelderland (NL) 888.9 9.6 Ortic podsol 4.0 309 Silty sand 16
Freienwalde 52.52N; 14.00E Brandenburg (GER) 523.4 8.8 Haplic podsol 3.9 304 Loamy sand 14

As parameterised in 4C.