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Table III

Main characteristics of the climate change scenario realisations and the historic climate for the Speulderbos (NL) and Freienwalde (GER). The Dutch climate data were provided by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute and downscaled at Wageningen University and the German data set is from the German Weather Service and downscaled at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Temperature and precipitation are mean annual values from 1958–2002 for the historic climate and from 2000–2044 for the climate change scenario realisations. The column ‘CO2’ provides the rise in atmospheric CO2-concentration associated with the respective climate change scenario realisation or the historic climate.

Location Scenario Temperature Precipitation CO2 Type
(°C) (mm)
Speulderbos H 9.6 888.9 Mauna Loaa Historic
Speulderbos G 10.6 903.2 B1b Scenario
Speulderbos G+ 10.8 882.6 B1b Scenario
Speulderbos W 11.1 917.8 A2b Scenario
Speulderbos W+ 11.5 877.8 A2b Scenario
Freienwalde FRWH 8.8 523.4 Mauna Loaa Historic
Freienwalde FRW1 10.1 523.3 A1Bb Scenario
Freienwalde FRW2 10.1 522.2 A1Bb Scenario
Freienwalde/ Speulderbos FRW3/ FRW3* 10.1 518.6 A1Bb/A2b Scenario

Associated rise in atmospheric CO2-concentration according to the Mauna Loa observatory.


Associated rise in atmospheric CO2-concentration according to SRES storylines (Nakicenovic et al., 2000).